How I Got A Chick In A Resort

Hello, readers.I recently started to view this site and enjoying a lot by seeing how they meet up and end up with sex.It’s really an amazing site to read sex story for time pass. Myself ****** from Bangalore.I am 6ft tall and my age is 22.I am doing my final year be. I have lot of friends and enjoy lot like others…..

Coming to sex story…It was my friend birthday, so he planned to give a party in a resort.It was for 8 members.I woke early morning and took shorts, t-shirts, and other stuffs and packed my bag and left home and I booked an Ola and reached resort at 9.30am……My few friends were waiting at the entrance and picked me…It was the coolest party ever in my life.The resort was amazing.Greenery and cool wind it was good to get rid of Bangalore traffic stuffs…

I was feeling hot and we started playing the games like football, basketball, and I went for cycle riding…Damn god I was seeing damn hot ladies every then and now…With their tight clothes and shorts…I was enjoying a lot.Then I went to bar to buy beers and I was wearing a sun glasses so that I can stare at that bombs.I was in heaven..By seeing their cleavages…..We had lunch and we celebrated his birthday by cutting cakes and decided to go for a poool..There were 2 pools…1 pool is above 5ft and more..1 pool below 4.5 ft….All were usually in 4.5ft pool as they don’t know swimming.

We went to the pool where there were hot bombs…..I was get my boner hard by seeing those wet ass and boobs I was enjoying….I could not control I thought of masturbating their itself but I controlled and went to the washroom and jerked off…Literally, I was masturbating by seeing porns as usual…But this time in other place by imagining these booties and boobs I was masturbating.I was breathing heavily…And finally released the load…

Evening, there was rain dance around 5.30pm.I went with all my friends and dancing with only shorts and bare body…I was noticing a lady staring at me…She was making an eye contact…And she was dancing, her boobs were shaking up and down which can be noticed through her wet dress.She was average looking but she was perfect by her asset….Those boobs and ass were making me to see her again and again. Anyway, she was also staring at me so I walked towards her.

Me: hello.She: yes how can I help u.Me: nothing u were staring at me have u seen me before anywhere.She:(with some smile) no.Me : then?.She: I am busy now I had to leave.

We can exchange numbers.

Me: ok fine.

I took her number and she gave me smile and left…That night I could not control I was literally thinking of her and I only texted her in WhatsApp…After 1.5 or 2 hours she replyed me….I was happy to see her replay…We texted normally 2to 3 days then she started naughty messages..After a week she stared sending her cleavages….Then after 3 weeks she started sending her full nude pics…I was not able to control I started masturbating daily by only seeing her nude pics……She said to send my nude photos and I said that I cant..

She directly gave an option like if I send her my nude photos and she would give a blow job…Ok I then sent my photos and said not to share any where…..She whatsapped me her address with exact location and said me to come to more morning at 10.00…..I saw it was 12km from my home Kankapura main road..It was apartment….

First I know there will be more than blowjob for sure and buy condoms and kept it ready…. Then I reached their and I rang bell.She welcomed me by giving hug..It was my first hug with a lady seriously…I was in heaven….Then I said her that I am bit nervous..She said to relax and went to room to bring something……I was very confused because of a new place and blood was very hot and running fast..I could feel it…She came with juice and talked with me sweetly..She said about her husband and daughter..Her husband was business man and he was more in to money….He lost his interest in sex after her daughters birth..And she need it hardly….And she was saying it sadly…I could see tat in her eyes…

Then I came to know she want sex very badly…I said her tat I was virgin and she said she would teach every thing…We undressed each other and went to room..We were kissing softly than she forced me lick her pussy…I was first time licking tat thing and I bit and sucked her boobs like small kid..I was feeling happy…Then she gave me blow job I was in heaven…I was already about cum…And splashed in her mouth only….Then relaxed and started fucking her slowly in and out…Very slowly and started increasing my speed she was emotional and crying…..And making some slow noises like ah ahh ah ahh…..

Then I fucked and drilled her both hole and relaxed again and started fucking with my full energy and rhythm…..She was almost mad….Ah ah ah ahh haaa haaaaaa haaaaa…Room filled with noises…Then she came heavily I could feel it…..Then we both bathed in shower and she gave a nice blowjob again..And I bit her erected nipples.And washed each other..I can feel her satisfaction…I came to new world….Then from that day we used to have sex for 2 to 3 days in a week.I enjoyed it more and satisfied her….Now have shifted her house to Delhi..And I am missing her….She said that she already found a guy in Delhi and she is happy now…Thanks for reading my sex story, u can comment me..And my mail id…… [email protected]

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