How I Had Sex With My Teacher After 5 Years

Hi everyone, I am raj from hyderabad .I am 20 years old. Iam a fan of this site.As many people are sharing their experiences , I too want to share mine.This was not alike all sex stories.It was a real incident happened to me.So , I will not follow the same pattern of the story writing. My parents live at mumbai I came to study in hyd under the guidance of a servant (he was like my uncle). One day we came to know that a new teacher had come to take that subject.

After seeing her my cock got raised up to 15cm. Then onwards I am watching her in a silent manner.Then we finally came to the10th class. That was our last farewell. I am straight forward guy.So I decided to approach her directly. I got that idea because. When I came to know when I enquired she was watching cocks eagerly.

Then I went to my home.Then from school friends I somehow got her number.Then onwards I use to call her and talk with her. Slowly we became close and I thought to visit her house.Then I went one day I rang her house bell. Then sex goddess opened the door she was in yellow saree. Then welcomed me and asked about my studies and blah blah….

Let me discribe her. Her age was 30 years. Her seize is 38 30 40. She was beautiful woman. I didnt see ever.Her busty structure would attract any man. Her big ass is enough to make one to want her. Her dressing style is extraordinary. Her pussy juice fragrance is enough to make a man to make to cum. I used have of visiting her every because her husband went to abroad.She didnt have children.Her breasts structure make any man to fascinate to her. And her ass seize is so big that no man can resist without fucking them.

Coming to her pussy its lips was pinkish in color and her juices fragrance was very awesome. Its really a great boon to fuck her. Her face and her boobs structure is enough to make cum. Coming to the story . Then coming to the story. She said that she was going for bath. I dont know how to masturbate till the date she explained. Then I sat on chair and listening to the songs.

Then I heard water sound. Then I peeped through the key hole. Then I saw she started to remove her saree. Then my heart beat increased.I saw her breast which were hanging a very little bit. Then finally pussy with pinkish lips. Then she started to bath. While apply she showed her ass first. Then she started to wash her body. The water was flowing through her pussy lips.

Then I thought that if I would b there. I will not let any drop to fall from her pussy. When she had kept the shower pipe near her then I heard a low voice ahah… Then she started to clean herself. Mean while, I sat on chair. Then she went into room to change her self. This time I peeped through the window.

Then she sat in nude on her bed. Then she kept one of her finger on her pussy then I saw a thick liquid. When she kept her finger on her pussy.She moaned ahahah ahahah …..Then a thick liquid came out of her pussy to which applied to her lips.Seeing all this I thought I may cum there on spot. Then I again sat on the chair. Then I changed my plan. Then I went to my home .

Again I used to go to her home as it was only my summer holidays.One I said I want to use to wash room .She said ok.Then I found a white color panty with yellow stains. The panty also is very hot.It was her cumm stains.I cant describe the feeling when I touched my cock to it. It was very awesome.Then I started to lick to smell that panty

Then again I rubbed the panty to cock to my surprise I dont happened I suddenly felt that something is coming out of my cock.So, without my knowledge I cumed on her panty. Then I came out of th washroom.After I saw she was angry( not that angry in all stories that would lead to sex on spot).She asked me nothing .I felt relief .

But after one week…

Then she asked me why are you staring at me.I said nothing .Then she forced to me to say the truth. Then I said the truth to her. Then she slapped me and to get lost.Then 2nd day again I went to her and said still I love her.Then she said she will give the police complaint.Immediately I ran away from there. Then it continued 4 two weeks.Then again I went to her house.Then

She: whats your prob?

Me: I love you.

She: why do you love me, tell me.

Me: I love you especially your approach to anything. And your way thinking. I love the most is the harshness in your talking with others. A part of them then I said a part of them they were many.

She: what was that?

Me: I cant .

She: I order you to say.

Me: I love after bathing when you went to your room and sat nude and applied to your lips.

Finally I like wat ever thing you do.

She: again slapped me. She bet me very hard. As it didnt respond me anything. Then finally

She: you cant to talk to a woman like this.

Me: mam I really love you .

She: you boys only talk words for the flesh you want. There are words no love. We stupid believe

That it was true. You stupid men.

Me( in angry): I was not one of them.

When I am leaving the place.

She caught my hand asked me do you really love me? Then I said no(crying)!

She: where were you gng? I had a question for you to answer.


She: then why had bet your classmate for me? And why you had aurgument with your science sir (the reason that he was harrassing me).And why you use to follow sometimes.?

Me: I did because I love you. I know that you are woman . My friends also had secret relationship with many woman.But iam not like them . I want real love and affect not only for the sake of sex.

She: then find a girl of your age why me?

Me: I had no problem with your age , jst I need your love thats it nothing more than that.

She: do you love me still? Tell me.

Me: yes.

She: but I had an husband. What do you say about that?

Me: I know he left you alone and went to dubhai. I also over heard your discussion with sunitha mam.

She: do you show me your sympathy.

Me: no I just want to you show my love, which you cannot see now.

Saying that I was about to leave that place.

She: why are you leaving?

Me: I am sorry. I dont want to hurt you madam.

She: dont cl me mam. Call me *******.

Me: I was blurred for some time.

She: you love me na .

Me :yes.

Next part will be published based up on your comments please forgive my mistakes and give me your feedback.But remember it was not easy to write these feelings in words. I respect every author of this site who were writing their experience as best as they can to reach audience . And I welcome audience to comment on this story.Any aunties can mail me [email protected]

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