How I Lost Virginity To My Then Virgin Ex Girlfriend

Hey girls.. Rohan here with my second story which is about how I and my ex girlfriend Shivani lost virginity to each other. But first of all, I thank everyone for their valuable feedback on my mail id.

So coming to the story which is about 6 years ago and since one cannot forget his/ her first sex, I remember nearly all the details of that evening. My ex had recently shifted to a room from her hostel with three other girls. And since the owner of that flat lived in another city, I used to visit her very often. Even the boyfriend of other girls would come and spend all night there. Although, we had hardly got any chance to get intimate till that time (our relationship was of 2 years at that time) but we both wanted that desperately. So on my lucky day, there was me with her sitting on her bed with no one else in the flat.

We both were pretty excited as it was the first moment when we were alone in a room and knew that we were going to spend some quality time with each other, not necessarily sex. But to be on the safer side, I had bought a condom packet with me.

So, after some 5-10 mins of casual talks there we were kissing each other madly. ( Now guys, if you think it does not happen like this.. I suggest you to get a gf first, only then you would understand how it happens.) Now although we had kissed 4-5 times before but this was something different. I guess there was no fear of getting caught so we were feeling quite free, exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues. I slowly lied her down on bed and lied beside her still kissing her madly.

Slowly I started fondling her boobs from over her blue top and as I started doing it, her breathing became heavier and she started kissing me more passionately. Now, I focussed on her neck and started kissing her and licking her on her neck which excited her more and she began shivering in pleasure.

Then I widened her legs and kept my hand on her pussy from over her white capry and started rubbing it. This kind of aroused her and she pushed me down and came on top of me and started kissing me wildly. Seeing her like this, I became hornier and slide my hands in her capry to feel her ass cheeks over her panty.

As soon as I did this, she broke the kiss and looked at me, grinned and again continued to kiss me. I thought this was a green signal and stated squeezing her ass from over her panty. After a few minutes, I slide my hands in her panty and started rubbing her ass crack with my fingers reaching her wet pussy and started fingering it.

Shivani: “aaahhh rohan… aaahhh…” as I fingered her pussy and pinched her pussy lips softly..

Now she got super horny and started kissing and licking all over my face as I continued fingering her pussy.

After a few minutes I got on top of her and lowered her capry. Her red panty was already soaked in her cum. I smelled it, which aroused me and caught it with my mouth and lowered it to see the first pussy live in front of me. Shivani was so horny that she had by now removed her top by herself and was just in a red bra now. Seeing her like that made me even more hornier and I signalled her to raise herself a bit so that I can unhook it. She obliged and I unhooked her bra. What an amazing pair of boobs with pink nipples. As I saw them, I feasted on them, sucking, licking one nipple and rubbing the other and which was giving her immense pleasure.

Ohhhh …. ahhhhh ….. ooohh … aaaahhh…. was all she could say.

After feasting on her boobs, I wanted to give my girl a blowjob (all credit goes to redtube ;)) and so I went down on her. Her pussy had a very little hair but I made my way using my fingers, opened her pussy lips and kissed it. This sent a shiver through her spine and she jumped in pleasure. Now I started licking her and sucking her like an ice cream bar.

Aaahh ….. aaaaahhh ….. aaaaah ….. her moaning got intensified. Her hands pressed my hands against her pussy, wanting more and more of tongue. As I licked her pussy, I fondled her boobs to increase the amount of pleasure for her.

I continued to lick her until she started begging me to fuck her as she could not control any further. Then I took off my clothes quickly and took out a 3 pc condom packet. As she read “manforce” on it, she blushed and closed her eyes. I took out one, and rolled it over my rock hard dick and came over her and kept my dick on her pussy entrance.

Now, I knew it would be a little hard for her as she was also a virgin so I started slowly..

“Take it out … plss … take it out”.. she shouted.

I took it out as I did not want it to be in a hurry. And like this it started very slowly and finally all of my dick disappeared in her pussy and her pain subsided. So so warm, I still cannot forget it. I had never imagined that I would feel so hot inside a pussy. I started with slow and deep thrusts.

Ahhhh … aaahhhh …. aaaahh… with each thrust she moaned..

Gradually, I increased my speed and started ramming her.. and as I rammed her, I could see her boobs bouncing which made me even hornier and I started rubbing her nipples while fucking her. The sound of me thumping her filled the entire room. I could feel my dick splashing into a pool of hot cum which was of my ex. She was sweating like hell, her body looked so hot that I could not stop licking her neck, her boobs. I cummed in 5 minutes and she also looked satisfied and tired. Although I was exhausted too, I kept kissing her and cuddling her before we both slept. That night we fucked 2 more times, one in missionary and other one in woman on top position.

So this was how I lost my virginity. Sorry for keeping it short and precise. Do not forget to mail me your feedback (positive and negative) on “[email protected]”.

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