How I Made Love With My College Beauty

Hello, myself Nikhil from Kerala. I would like to share my experience of physical relationship which I had with many girls during my college time. I studied in Bangalore the lover’s paradise. Here I am going to tell you about my first love and sex I had with a girl from UP who was my classmate.let’s call her Deepa, In fact, she wasn’t my girlfriend. But I had an interest in her from the very beginning as she is stunningly hot. She was short but got good boobs in shape and big ass I’m not good in measuring size with my eyes and hands.

She had a boyfriend he was a Punjabi fortunately they maintained a long distance relationship. We used to sit together in the library for preparing our thesis and in our college, the library worked till 12 am.


We all were really tired of thesis job and needed a break. So I and my best friend Mr Gautham from Haryana he too was handsome and he was good at teasing girls and impressing them.we planned to see if things would work to impress our heroine and her best friend who was married but her husband was abroad.let’s call her Nayan.

So one evening in the library I and Gautham asked them what do They do after a library in the hostel they said we will go watch some movies and she asked us for some movie, for that Gautham said we don’t have family type movies now and he winked. They both started giggling. And I asked them to give your pen drive I will send you some movies and while transferring the movie I asked her do you want some x movies too. For that, she said you are a real funny guy and giggled. I copied some porn movies too on her pen drive.


In the night I phoned her and asked how did you like those movies.and she replied she was scared to play it so she put her earphone on and played she was so happy and relieved her tension it seems. Days went on and one day on nayan’s birthday they both invited me and Gautham for dinner. It was a bar attached place and we were sitting in a loan. And it was a dark place and covered with bushes so that nobody could see us.


We ordered a vodka and started gulping after 5pegs we were all in a fantasy world and started sharing our secrets. There I told Deepa that I love her. She wasn’t surprised and said you are mad Nikhil.after dinner and few more pegs of vodka. We were walking towards our hostel and while going to the hostel I was holding Deepa on her waist and she was totally out of control. And on the road, there were no streetlights and it was away from town. Suddenly I grabbed her head and started kissing her soft lips.she started responding and I could feel the taste of vodka from her mouth. We were standing still and Gautham and Nayan saw us kissing. Initially, they hesitated but by seeing us taking so much time to come back to reality they too started kissing.Nayan too was hot in next story I will tell u how I made love with Nayan when Deepa was away.


When me Deepa stopped kissing and pressing boobs. We saw Gautham and Nayan enjoying. We wanted to kiss again but in the darkness, we saw the hostel security coming towards us. He saw us so we had to run and catch the second gate because we were sure he wouldn’t recognize us in the darkness in that distance.It was a wonderful that night. We did have phone sex that day in the night we took them for dinner and we were on our bikes. We took the bikes behind the bushes and. Without getting down from the bikes we started kissing and somehow I managed to insert my fingers into her vagina inside her jeans. Suddenly we saw a light in front of us that was coming from an auto-rickshaw in front of us. We kick started our bikes fast and left that place immediately. We still wonder how that auto came in that place. Later deep and Nayan told us hamare Jaisa koy aye honge.


There we decided we need a better place and left for Mysore next day we reached there and went to a decent hotel and checked in. I and Gautham took separate rooms. The moment We reached the room me and Deepa started kissing passionately. And I removed her jeans and top. tore her bra..started fondling her boobs without stopping our kiss. Slowly removed her panty and that was they day when I saw a vagina for the first time in my life. I started licking and sucking her inner juices. She started calling my name and was moaning loudly. Then she grabbed my dick from my underwear. And started sucking and slurping I was in ecstasy and wanted to insert my dick inside her pink pussy.


I grabbed her buttocks and pulled towards me and separated her legs. When I placed my penis tip on her vagina wall she said ‘no Nikhil I have a boyfriend. I said it’s okay. We were in a hurry to explore these girls so I and Gautham had forgotten to get some condoms. Somehow I convinced Deepa and started foreplay again with fingering her. She was enjoying and I took the opportunity and slowly penetrated her. I banged her hard and she started crying and while crying I enjoyed biting her pink lips.we did intercourse thrice that night. In the morning before we left that place she gave me morning blow job. We are still in touch after our college. And she is married and a good friend of mine. Text time I will come up with girls whom I met after Deepa during college. I’m settled in Kerala. Anybody from Kerala or Bangalore, Mangalore contact.I’m interested in matured ladies and college girls. I’m 28year old now. my email is [email protected].

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