How I Met My Princess – Part 1

Hi, I am dr..Madhura an ayurvedic doctor and I am 34 years old. This an attempt to share my real life experience with my fellow lesbian or bisexual women. I am not a good writer kindly excuse me for any mistakes.I have visited this site quite a few times and I wanted to share my story. But couldn’t do it for some reasons. Now I am here to share a tale of passionate love with my princess.

After my marriage, I and my husband moved to Dubai. We stayed there for 4 years in these four years I wasn’t working at all. Because of some reasons, me and husband separated and I came back to my place.

I wanted to work after my divorce, I wanted to become independent financially and socially. So I decided to set up my own clinic in the nearby city. Everything went well and finally, I was on my own. I was living in my own flat and started to earn some money in the clinic. In initial days there were very few patients and I was busy making friends and I was focused to know people around my area. Hardly three to four patients per day and I were spending a lot of time asking about them, their family and trying to be as friendly as possible. This is usual practice to a new doctor. But one fine day I saw a gorgeous- cute- young girl in my clinic from there a new spark in my life started to unfold.

It was around 2.30 pm I saw a beautiful girl walking towards my clinic. She was walking with her head down and looked uncomfortable. She was wearing college uniform and had a bag hanging at the right side of her shoulder. At first sight, I was clear that she is an orthodox type than modern. With very little makeup she looked natural and attractive. She came inside and I told her to sit. She was talking in very low tone and I can barely hear her. She wanted some medicines. She was too shy, to be honest, she was not looking at my face properly while talking. As I was asking a lot of things about her and her studies she was answering with adjusting her veil and bag. I told her to visit me if any problems during periods and gave her my visiting card. She smiled and ran from there to catch her bus which is about to leave. After that day I was s constantly thinking about her, some desire started to germinate inside my heart. I liked her innocence and her looks. I wanted to meet her once again.

After almost 2 months she was again at my clinic and I was so happy to see her back. By the time of 2 months, I have fantasized everything about her. Literally, I have fallen in love with her. She had some minor health problem. I told her to wait in check up room as I was prescribing some medicine for another patient so that I didn’t want anyone bothering me while having chat with her. I entered check up the room and she was sitting on check in bed. I told her to lay down so that I can examine her. She did and she was looking so cute in that leggings and top I still remember that moment… I lifted her top little upper to examine her abdomen. She felt shy as I was a boy. She was not looking at me. She was looking at somewhere else. I kept talking while I pressed her tummy. May this was her first touch I don’t know. She reacted like someone is touching her first time. Her milky white skin and cute deep naval made me go mad about her.. I was almost sweating to see her cutie naval.Tightly hugged leggings were exposing the shape of her thighs.

To be frank I wanted her to lay down upside down so that I can see the shape of her buttocks. But I did not ask her to do so. But I wanted her to know my intention or at least she get a clue. At this moment I have decided to have her in my bed to show her how much I love her beauty.I have decided to enjoy every bit of her innocence and shyness. I have decided to see her naked in front of me and she is trying hard to keep her eyes away from mine. I was gazing at her lips, her chest everywhere while I was talking to her. I gave her some medicine and we started talking. She was little more friendly this time and I said “I don’t have any friends here, can you be my friend?” she nodded and said “Yes!” with her trademark cute smile. I told her to call me if any help needed in studies as she was a biology student.That night I got a text message, that is actually a forwarded message. Since it’s a new number I replied “Who is this?” she replied “Me, Swathi” wow! I was on cloud 9 at that moment.

From that day we started to talk in text messages every night even on her exam days. It had become a routine to talk to each other and she was very much comfortable with me in 30 days. In between, she visited my clinic simply to meet me. I started showing some more friendliness.I was caring her and started to call her “Princess” in text messages. That was the moment where our friendship started to drift towards love or attraction. She liked my kindness, importance that I have given to her and all the praise I was showering on her beauty and her attitude. I have felt the perfect chemistry between me and her. That’s the important point in any relationship. We were discussing our likes, dislikes, personal things. I have even gifted her few things including beauty products and waxing instrument. I thought she know that we are more than just friends. Sometimes I said I like someone and I do not know whether that person likes me or not, she tactfully avoided that question even without asking any details. At this stage, it was confirmed that she know my intentions but I was not sure about her feelings.

One Sunday evening I called her to my clinic. I lied that it was my birthday and I want her to meet and wish me. She could not say no. She came at around four. She was wearing red leggings and green top without a veil. Her dress is little tighter and she was looking awesome, I can see her curves, ups, and downs of her body quite clearly. I was little nervous looking at her body. She came with a small gift and wished me. I smiled at her and called her to check up room to sit and have a chat as my clinic is half closed. She nodded and started walking towards the room, I can see her bubble buttocks doing pendulum motion and rubbing with each other. Wow…What a beauty she is… She sat on the bed and I was sitting on the chair. I was in full mood to propose her or to do something foolishly romantic.I started with praising her beauty which she enjoys all the time. But this time I added the flavor of some romance in it. I said, “You are looking gorgeous”, intentionally looking at her lips and said I want to bite you if u

You let me… You are so cute Swati. She was really shy and she smiled and trying to avoid eye contact with me. I stood up and went close to her, she is sitting at the edge of the bed and I stood in front of her. It was quite unusual but I gathered all the courage I started slowly. First I started to check her earrings. Actually, earring was a just a reason I slowly touched her ears. Those young ears and beautiful hair around it made her look really gorgeous. She did not resist my touch and she was not willing for an eye contact either. I kept talking and touching her ear and hair with one hand and other on her lap. I twisted her cheeks saying ” little princess, you are so cute.Love you darling” actually she did not receive the message what I really meant. Now I placed my hand on her hip and kept her busy with the conversation. I slowly started to move my hand towards her breasts. But she resisted it with little adjust of her posture but she did not show any uneasiness in her face.

I could not control my feelings anymore. I went really close to her now. Now I caught her eye contact for the first time. I said ” swati..We can be more than just friends. I like you and we need to move forward to the next level of our friendship” I finished my words with rubbing her lips with my finger. She resisted a bit and she was in a strange situation and confused about how to reply. She stood up on the floor and said she wants to go home because it is too late. I agreed and dropped her to the bus stand she was not at all angry with me. That night I apologized for it she replied ” its ok, I am sorry for coming out suddenly” wow. That is a green signal! I replied “Are you agreed to what I said?” she replied ” maybe not, because I do not know what are you expecting from me and I am afraid” I politely explained everything and lastly I asked ” can you come to my flat tomorrow morning? So that I can spend quality time with my princess” she agreed to come.

It was around 10.30 am she came wearing her college uniform. I gave her juice and we were talking. I can see the anxiety in her face. But I was happy that she came prepared for everything. I took her to the bedroom and talking to her suddenly I hugged her tight and said “I really love you my sweet heart. Do not be shy and it is just me and you” I rubbed her lips and pressed my lips on her rosy young lips” it was s soft. At this moment she completely lost her balance and surrendered herself to me. I sucked her lips and played a lot with my tongue. I was enjoying her softness.

I broke off with the kiss and made her stand in front me as I was sitting on the bed. I said ” Swati, I love your beauty. I want to see what I have seen in my dreams, I want to see you without clothes can you show me your beauty my princess?” she looked at me with pure innocence and shyness. I could see her face getting red. I said ” common Swati, it is just you and me.Will you disappoint me?” she placed her hand on her top and started to lift her top. My heart was beating really fast thinking that in few seconds I am gong to see this beautiful girl naked. She removed her top and leggings. Wow! She was wearing skin colored panty and white bra. Her milky white thighs, deep naval, curvy hips and fully waxed legs made me go crazy. I said” go on” she placed her hand on hooks of her bra. She loosened her bra and it went down. My breath almost stopped seeing her young and tender breasts with brown nipple. Seeing my expression she lowered her panty in no time and she was standing naked in front of me. The view of her pussy was awesome, it is crushed between her thighs with a little hair down there it looked fantastic! I asked her to turn around and wow! What a wonderful buttocks she got.. It was bubbly and soft. I stood up and started to walk towards her.

I will continue my story in next part because I need a lot of energy and time for telling remaining things in detail. I appreciate your comments in my inbox [email protected]. Kindly boys do not bother me. This section is not meant for you people. Bye bye.

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