How I Met My Princess- Part 2

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My beautiful princess swathi is standing naked in front of me with the mixed flavor of shyness and submission. She had one hand covering her breasts and other one covering her pussy. I stood up holding a handmade crown made with flowers which I made prior to her visit. I walked towards her and placed it on her head and I tied a mala made with jasmine around her waist.

We made an eye contact. Her eyes were declaring her submission to me. Begging me to take her in my arms. Wow! She is looking like a princess!! A real Arabian princess! I went back and sat on the bed just to see her beauty with these ornaments. The bedroom is already filled with jasmine smell setting up the mood and her shyness is driving me crazy. She is standing with her legs close to each other. Her eyes glowing bright and her hair is on one side of the shoulder till her left breast. I found it very attractive, her free boobs are stiff and looked filled and the brown nipple is looking like the cherry on cream. Her milky white breasts looking like giving me the invitation. Her perfect belly fat and deep naval is a treat to watch. My eyes went further lower to see young silky little pubic hair and beautiful split between her thighs. Wow! I started sweating.

I can’t control anymore. I asked her to walk towards me… As she is walking, her breasts are bouncing and her thighs are rubbing her poor little pussy. She smiled as I gave the expression “Oh no!” looking at her pussy. I told her to walk back facing her buttocks towards me. As she is walking. Wow! Her buttocks are making pendulum motion. Hmmmm! Oh my god! She is a treasure of beauty. I felt like I conquered her! I stood up and held her hand and said,” you are the best thing happened in my life” and I pressed my lips on her young lips and she received it well and our kiss started getting intense as I was sucking and pulling her lips meeting her tongue with mine.

We went on to kiss for 5 minutes after she pushed me as I started chewing her lips. I smiled and hugged her and again I started licking her lips. As I licking her lips she closed her eyes and let her lips free. I got the permission and I sucked them into my mouth with a lot of pressure. I broke off with the kiss. Her lips looking swelled and drenched with my saliva… She gave a baby like innocent smile as she rubbing her lips. I kissed her ears and eyes and started running my lips over her neck.I hugged her tight…As I pressed her against me…

Jasmine flowers are poking her skin. I reached her beautiful breasts. I licked on her breasts I started sucking them without touching her… She is adjusting herself accordingly…I sucked and pulled her boobs. Her tender breasts are under the mercy of my mouth… I sucked them with a lot of passion and went down licking her stomach… Now I am on my knees.I slipped my wet tongue inside her belly button. It’s deep and I licked inside… She tried hard to push me back.But I continued to lick her belly… I smelled jasmine flowers and licked and kissed her thighs. Deliberately avoiding her cute little pussy. I licked her thighs close to her pussy but teased for a long time…

Finally, I touched tip my tongue between her splits. I licked it as she is standing…In one hand I am pressing her breasts and with another hand, I am pressing her bubble buttocks… Now I stood up and removed my top and bra and sat on the bed.I made her sit on my lap… And I started kissing her lips.Then I held my left breast and gave it in her mouth to suck…She looked at me and gave a shy expression. I said,” suck me, baby… I will see how you suck” she put her mouth on my big breast. I can feel the coldness of her saliva… She started sucking intensely. I hugged her tighter and tighter… She sucked my both breasts… And she is waiting for my command. I stood up and removed my pant and panty… She looked at my naked body. As her eyes went down I covered my pussy to tease her…

I winked at her and removed my hand to look at my intimate part. She is kind of moved by my little chubby body. I could sense that in her eyes I pushed her to lay down on the bed… I held her both legs together and pushed up towards her chest to see her pussy between her thighs… It is looking like a burger. A wet soft chocolate burger. I pressed my lips to her pussy lips and sucked it into my mouth…I sucked her soft pussy lips.Pulling it as I held it between my lips. Her untouched pussy is trying hard to resist my intense love making. I gave her pussy a bath with my saliva… I kissed, licked, sucked and pulled it for long long time. She is silently enjoying as I enjoyed every bit of her pussy. I inserted my forefinger and started fucking with it. As kissing her lips. She hugged me completely submitting herself to me… Now I made her lay down on her stomach.Her beautiful boobs pressed under her body… Now I grabbed her bubbly buttocks in my hands… Pressed them a lot and started to bit them..

I opened her as cheeks and licked her ass with the tip of the my-my tongue … Now I pulled her over me. She kissed me. She enjoyed sucking my big boobs… She held my breast with both hands while sucking it…As it is her first time she was not comfortable going down on my pussy.So I didn’t force her.. We enjoyed for a long time and slept hugging my beautiful princess…Her eyes were expressing the satisfaction and sense of solace in my arms.From this day she is my partner. We enjoyed one another’s company. We met several times in my flat and enjoyed the love and intimacy.Thank you.

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