Humble Beginnings : Ente Sheela Chechi

Iss has given me a lot of moments so I decided that its only fair that I contribute some of mine here.So lets cut to the chase.I am a young promiscuous male basically from Kerala(hence my love for aunties).. You can call me john.My parents had a flourishing business so we were practically well off.My parents were workaholics and the firm was their second child.I stayed with my grandmother, her maid rema and rema’s daughter Sheela.

Rema and her family had been working with our family for many years, her husband Vijayan was our driver and they practically lived with us.Rema aunty was over 50 and was dark and skinny but she had a heart of gold and was like a mother to me.Her daughter Sheela or Sheela chechi(elder sister) was kind of like my big sister and best friend growing up.She was about 6 years older than me.We used to play together, dance together, she even used to bathe me.She was like an elder sister to me.

My parents decided to move to pune and wanted to take me along with them , I opposed but who listens to a kid whose just 9 years old.I wept a lot but still was taken away from sheela chechi and my granny.We used to live in yerwada.I took sometime getting used to not having sheela chechi around but as time passed I adjusted and had new friends and was quite happy.Years passed and I was in tenth standard , there were some changes I could notice in my body.I came to know about masturbation and was hooked.It was the age of dialups and we had to wait like forever to connect and would be literally praying to get some good speed.I began with pictures then slowly my friends introduced me to blue films.We used to oogle at our teachers and would never miss an opportunity to see their midriff in their saree.Sometimes we would get lucky and get to see their navel as well.Nothing gets me up like a navel show in a saree.I used to intentionally sit in side benches so as to get a proper view.My mother noticed these changes in me and she told my dad.They both decided that it would be best if I was sent back to kerala.

So I was shipped back to alleppy,vijyayan uncle came to meet me at the airpor t,he gave me a warm hug and told me that I’ve grown up a lot.I asked about sheela chechi and he said that she stopped her studies after 10th and they are looking for grooms to get her married off.We got home, I ran to my granny and gave her a big hu g,she was so happy to see me.Then I went into the kitchen to see sheela chechi and man I was so stunned.Puberty had hit sheela chechi like an atom bomb.She was pretty decent eariler but now she was a proper belle.She was dusky in colur and with her features she was so sexy.

I was literally stunned.She was wearing a churidhar without dupatta and as soon as she saw me ran towards me and gave me a hug.I was in utter surprise,had no clue what to do, her tankers were pressing against my chest and I could feel them, she had an intoxicating smell, her skin was so smooth.I got in to my senses and I hugged her in return as well and really felt her, I had a boner and it was quite prominent, but I continued it anyway.She broke off the hug and was very excited to see me, she was pinching me on my cheeks saying that I’ve grown big.I was still in utter shock but still said that she was really beautiful.She really enjoyed the compliment and was hitting me for saying that, she asked me a lot of questions and said she had a lot planned for us to do.Just then rema aunty came in with my favourite payasam but sheela chechi took it from her and said that she will feed me…She was feeding me the payasam and I was ogling at her boobs the whole time.She was going on about what had happened while I was admiring her for the work of art she is.She had firm boulders for tits,busty midriff and a curvy ass.Her clevage was visible and was really making me uncomfortable.I had to relieve myself.I asked her about the toile t,she took me to my room asked me to freshen up and meet her downstairs and went off.As she left I got a good look at that ass.I went into the bathroom and had a blast,I had never come so much before.

I freshened myself and got down,sheela chechi and I began chatting , we talked a lot ,about friends ,family ,school.After sometime we realised that it was night,rema aunty called us for dinner.We had dinner and I went to sleep as sheela chechi had some work to do and I was tired.I let another one go thinking of sheela chechi.In the morning I was woken up by her ,she asked me to get ready and pulled out my bedsheet.I was sleeping in my undies as it was warm and humid in kerala.She saw my early morning wood and gave out a big laugh and said that I’ve got a good one.She also appreciated my body as well.I did not know how to respond and covered myself with the bedsheet and went back to sleeping.She asked me to get up and said that all this while she was waiting for me to come and now all I do is sleep.I insisted that I want to sleep more.

She said ok and said she will also sleep with me as she had no other thing to do.She got into my bed and hugged me from behind.She was so warm and I was feeling her whole body on my back.My erection became stronger ,before I could say anything she said that I’m warm and she likes to hug me.I decided to take a chance and turned over and now we were face to face and I hugged her ,she did let out a light moan as I wound my hands around her ,and I pushed her closer ,she was literally feeling my penis over her groin.We both began sweating and we got warmer.I slowly started to reach for her midriff but she had broken off the hug ,got up and said now come lets go as u are really up now.

I got dressed , had breakfast and went with my uncle to take admission at the local school , all the while I was thinking about that hug.We came back by noon and post lunch I was talking with sheela chechi and suddenly I asked her about marriage.She said that her parents are on the lookout for grooms.She then told me that she had an affair with someone in our village and her parents came to know about it.It was the reason for this groom hunt.I asked her about him , she said that they were classmates and was her best friend once I left , they loved each other but due to family pressure he was shipped off to the gulf and they were not in contact.She was pretty emotional and I comforted her.Just then her mother called her and she went off.I went off to my room and decided to watch some porn which I had brought from pune.I put it on the vcr and was very much involved in it.Just as I was getting my mood on and stoking my cock.There as a knock on the door.

I sitched off the vcr and straightened my pants and went for the door.It was sheela chechi,she was done with her chores.She came in and noticed my face and my boner.She knew what I was upto.She asked me why I was so horny all the time.I laughed, she said that shes going to the temple so wash up and accompany her.I took a bath got ready and went down.I was in for quite a shock,sheela chechi was dressed in a saree, she was gorgeous, she had the right amount of flesh at her midriff, her blouse was as if it was about to burst and if u looked closely u could see her cute navel.

I began sweating,she asked me why I was looking at her like this and said we are getting late.We went to the temple and afterwards while walking back she asked me how she looks, I said that she was looking like the goddess herself.She smiled and asked me why is it that I have a boner on seeing her.I decided to come clean and tell her everything, about my masturbation,teachers,auntys, porn and all other interests.She was listening patiently and finally said that its normal for me to have them at this stage and everyone has them.I asked whether she has them,she said yes.She said its practically normal.And she also asked me whether I liked her midriff.I said I was in love with them,she asked me whether I would like to touch them, I grabbed her midriff at that instant,she said slowly,it pains.It was so darn good,it was firm yet soft,was warm.I had a good feel and she asked me to stop before anyone else sees us.I asked her if she liked it,she said don’t be so harsh,be soft.Her boyfriend also used to love catching her midriff.I asked whether she’s a virgin,to that she replied with a smile.She had lost her virginity at 18 yrs.I said that I was still a virgin and she said that your time will come till then u masturbate and enjoy.She asked me how I masturbate.

I told her that I have porn films with me,she hadnt seen one yet so she asked me whether I would show it to her.I readily agreed and we rushed back home.It was evening so we had our dinner and waited for everyone to sleep.She then came into my room.We locked the door and we played a softcore porn movie.Before the movie started she said to me to keep my hand to myself and that I should not touch her during the movie.It was a big let down for me but I agreed.Slowly it got to the good parts and both of us were very much involved,with the thought of sheela chechi near me it was pretty hard for me to control.I slowly leaned on her,she pushed me and said dont disturb.The intercourse seen had come up,I couldnt control any longer,I took out my cock and was playing with it.Sheela chechi saw my cock.My cock was just 5 inches but was thick.I was stroking it.And I caught her looking at it.

I asked her if she wants it.She began breathing deeply.She was in her churidhar,I could see her breasts moving up and down while breathing.I began to work my magic and continued stroking.Just then she got up and swithced off the vcr.But I still continued my stroking looking at her.She asked me to stop but I continued.She caught my cock all of a sudden asked me to stop.As soon as she caught my cock I cummed and sprayed into her churidhar.She was disgusted and left the room in a rush

To be continued…Give ur feedback@[email protected]This is my first time so I would appreciate any criticism

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