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Hi to each and every iss readers this is my first incident of sexual experience which turned my life to know about the sex world where the women and ladies expect from other boys and men.If you like to catch me then mail me at [email protected] .

Girls and ladies are not the one with a flesh of body to give sex for satisfy the men.They too have feelings who like to get satisfied not only by sex but they expect to share their feelings to someone who can make them comfortable by accompanying them.

Coming to the story am Ashwin aged 22 years who has joined in a mnc in Hyderabad. My body stats are 6 ft height 64 kg weight with an athletic body and my penis has a decent size of 6 inches. As you all know lots of beautiful girls will be working in a mnc so you can have a lot of site seeing inside our campus.By seeing them we will get hard on our pants.But I had not got the real action of sex I was dying to lose my virginity to someone. So I decided to join an escort.

After a long search I finally found an male escort agency and contacted them.They told me to pay membership fee and blah blah blah.I completed all the formalities said by them.I was waiting to get a virgin girl like me to fuck hardly.

According to the proverb “Man proposes but god disposes” life is not we expect rather than its very interesting. I got a mail from the escort agency about the client details. I was more excited to lose my virginity to someone who is new to me. The meeting of the client was on Thursday morning 9 am I had office but I was thinking how to get leave from my superior. Guys, getting a single day leave on a mnc company is the worst thing in the world. Anyway my superior granted me permission for one day leave to me on Wednesday. I was so happy on Wednesday after I reached my home I was counting every minute. At night I was not able to sleep lots of things are going on my mind different types of girls are coming on my dream.

The next day Thursday sun had risen I wake up early at morning 5 am and took shower bath and got ready before 7 am. I dressed casually and perfumed myself to impress the client and then ihad a light breakfast.

Then I started at 8 am and reached the place at 8.25 am said by the escort agency. It was a pleasant day climate was so good I felt more excited and little bit nervous. There came a lady in her costly bmw x3 series car I was completely freezed. The car stopped before me and the lady got out of the car everything to me was very slow in motion. She came near me and spoke to me but I was unable to speak after seeing the princess of beauty before me. She asked me to get in her car then we moved to the pick n move mall which is in jubilee hills. While we are going she put her hands on my thighs and asked why you are so silent baby. I broke my silence and said I had seen a lot of beautiful girls but no one is as beautiful as you.She started smiling and teased me you naughty guy.

I slowly touched her bare thighs while driving she hissed hmm. Sorry guys and girls I forgot to say about her.Her name is shriti jha(name changed) aged 28 years. Her height is 5.8 ft and weight is 52 kgs. Her assets size is 32-28-32 perfect shaped boobs which is cone shaped and well fitted in to her bra. Her hip is so curvy and her ass is perfectly rounded one after seeing her ass everyone will first think to fuck in her ass only including me. She was wearing a micro mini skirt and top where her half of the milky boobs are revealed to my eyes. She had a perfect thighs which had waxed perfectly her thighs was glowing. She parked her car in the parking lot of the mall.

We both went inside the mall holding our hands most of the boys and men were staring at her I felt angry on those but at the same time I was happy that she is with me and I am gonna have her in bed. She asked me what you are thinking baby I replied her I like to smooch your lips. She said after finishing our shopping am all yours. I was in cloud nine first she took me to the lingerie shop to buy bra and panties for her. I was feeling crazy on my mind she started selecting some different types and asked me for suggestion. I had selected one of the sexiest pair for her. She praised me for my selection I was blushed and asked her to wear the pair in trial room.

But she hesitated and told me that we can check in our home but I begged her to check it out at last she accepted and wore the set in trial room. She called me to come inside the trial room to check everything is perfect for her.

After seeing her in that sexy lingerie my brother started rising she asked me is it looking good for me I didn’t speak a single word I just grabbed her hip and pushed near me my chest and her boobs started crushing I started kissing her lips romantically. We were kissing for almost 10 mins after that someone had knocked our door then only we both came to our senses and came out of the trial room.

Then I gave the money for the lingerie but she didnt allow me to pay she gave her card. Now we both were very much horny we both straight away went to the parking lot. She started driving the car I was teasing her by touching her panties she said no dont do this someone will watch us but I was out of my senses we had struck in the traffic I dont like to waste the time so I removed her panties inside the micro skirt and threw it in the back seat. She took straight away to her house I can see the pre cum in her shorts after removing the panty. She guided me to the bedroom I took her in my arms after reaching I rolled her on the bed and jumped on her. I was a lion and she is a deer to me.I started hunting her our sexual desires started.

We both started exploring each other’s body I was licking her ear lobes she was holding my cock on my pants. Within seconds we both removed each other’s dresses we both were completely nude. Our bare bodies are touching each other’s private parts. I was lying down she was above me her boobs are crushing on my chest and my cock is hitting her pussy she directly took my cock and inserted it in to her pussy.

Due to the cum it was easy for my cock to go smoothly I was fucking her for 10 mins first time I was feeling the pleasure of sex. It was so hot while fucking after a hard fuck I felt like cumming.I said her so she removed my cock from her pussy and took my cock in her mouth omg! I can feel the chillness of her mouth and lips. She pulled the foreskin of my cock and started giving a unbelievable blowjob no one had got a blowjob like me because it was more pleasurable for me.

After a perfect blow job I started licking her pussy which was dripping both of our juices she cummed a hot juices in my mouth I drank the sweet juice which came from my princess pussy.

Then the whole day we were fucking in different sexual positions there may be a lot of sexual positions but nothing is equal to missionary position.

After a hours of fucking we both went to bathroom to take shower there she hugged me and started crying I asked her hadn’t I satisfied you sexually. She said no baby am sexually satisfied but am living alone without anyone’s support at that time only I started thinking girls are not only in need of sex but they someone to share everything.

I convinced her by saying am always here to share your happiness sorrow and pain.She hugged me happily then at night we went to hotel to have our dinner then she gave me 20k and dropped me at the place where she picked me at the morning. All your feedbacks are welcomed on [email protected]

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