Shikhar’s Adventures – Part 1

Hello guys and girls, my pen name is Shikhar and am here to narrate my adventures I’ve had so far, write your feedbacks at my email id [email protected] . Am 23 now and am from Udupi, Mangalore. Speaking about me, am well built, hits gym regularly.

This story is about that time when I was in 12th std. The girl in this story, Jazz! She is the babe of the college. Catholic by religion and me a hindu. But that nvr was a problem. Her stats are 34-28-34 and am 6′ tall with a 6.5′ tool.(honest measurements).

Coming to the story, we both were batchmates. I was in commerce and she was in science. I first saw her during our exams. Commerce ppl had exams in the morning and science ppl had inthe afternoon. I had friends in her class, so I had been there to wish them and then I saw this girl, and I lost it then and there.

Whoa… mind blown feeling. There she was, sitting at a corner table studying, in fact mugging up at that she can b4 the bell rings in the next 30 mins for exam. Her open hair and the way she put them back when a few strands of hair fell in front of her eyes, which blocked her view. That was really breathtaking for me…

I turned to my friend whom I knew very well from her class and asked him about her.

And he was like, “don’t even try, she’ll never fall”.

And I was like “cmon dude, try toh karne de!”

She was a hottie of the college and many guys had already tried hitting on her, but had got rejected.

And since then I was a regular at their class during breaks and after clg hours.

She introduced her to me one of those days and we started getting close.

And one thing led to another and one night b4 I went to sleep, I texted her good night, and soon after that I sent “and yes, I love you”.

She usually replied quickly but this time she took longer than usual. And that time WhatsApp was not in trend. It was just text msgs. And all I knew was the msg had got delivered.

I was praying with my heart in mouth, cuz if it was a no then it wouldn’t be the same btwn us again.

But to my surprise, after any 5-6 mins I received her msg, which said, ” Gnt.. yes love you too” with a kiss smiley.. I literally jumped outta my bed with joy.

It was our first date the next day. It was a holiday for some occasion, I don’t really remember why.. so I asked her if we could meet in private, she asked my why. I didn’t know what to tell, so I started thinking of something and she agreed saying, “fine, my place”.

I was nervous, and b4 I could ask her about her parents, she told me they will b out the whole day and will return only by late evening. I knew this was my chance.

The following day, I made sure everything was perfect. I bought some Roses and chocolates for her as I didn’t want to go empty handed in first date. I thought am being kinda filmy, but still carried on with it. I reached her house. It was an apartment, it was on 4th floor and I was scared if someone will see me going to her house. But luckily nobody was that free to notice me, or at least I didn’t feel anyone watching me go into the building. I rang the bell and she opened within seconds. I guess she was anyway waiting near the door.

Today she looked absolutely pretty… She was in just a tank top and a jeans shorts. Her stomach and belly button alone with her thighs were clearly visible… even I felt that day that her boobs were bigger than I thought. Her ass was perfect as always. She invited me inside when I was thinking about all these things.

“Come in, take a seat”, she said.

“Thanks”, I replied.

I sat in the sofa and she sat beside me, I gave her the Roses and chocolates. She accepted it with a beautiful smile, I saw a kind of cute expression too… May b she too thought I was kinda filmy.

We spoke for sometime about the last night’s conversation, and she told me she always had a crush on me and she loved the way I laughed openly with everyone. I imagined me laughing and I was like,”uh, hmm ….!”

Now she was sitting very close to me that I could see her cleavage clearly through her top.. I was trying hard to control myself and also the bulge in my pant. She noticed it and told me to feel comfortable, not to hide it. She started leaning towards me and I too did the same. We kissed. Her lips were so soft that I couldnt help myself from hugging her tightly. She was too involved that she too didn’t mind. I slowly started moving my hands up her thighs, over her stomach and cupped her boobs… She didnt respond… We were still kissing. Then I took my both hands around her waist, lifted her and made her sit facing me on my lap. Now it was time for me to up the temp..

I slipped my hands under her t shirt touched her bare stomach and went up to her boobs and pressed them hard. I was not nervous anymore as I was sure she’ll not object anymore. I was right. She didn’t.

We broke the kiss and the look in her eyes were so soo slutty that I couldn’t think of anything else. By now her hair was fully jumbled, few stands were on her face too… I could feel the heat from her pussy over my cock. I didn’t wait for her permission to remove her top and threw it aside. She was wearing a black bra and her fair skin tone of her body glowed in the dim light.

I wasnt comfortable in the couch so she took me to the master bedroom. It was her parents, switched on the AC.. She did all this in just bra and a shorts very short…omg… I removed my t shirt in one go. and I was removing my jeans and belt that she same and removed it and pulled it down. I too didn’t waste any more time getting her outta the shorts… yes, no prizes for guessing, she was wearing a black panty too… figure was soo perfect, I thought. Now we were just in our inner wear. I pushed her on the bed and directly attacked get thighs which I was eyeing since the time I walked inside.

Jazz: what are you waiting for?

Me: just enjoying your beauty in just the lowest clothing.

Jazz: *blushing* what are you planning for me?

Me: you will know pretty soon.

Saying this, I went closer to her and opened her thighs. Pussy was wet but I didn’t think about it. I was busy kissing her inner thighs and running my hands over her hairless milky thighs. I could get the strong scent of her pussy juices which were giving me a high…

I slowly inserted two of my thumbs from both sides of her panty and pulled them down. Zero hair growth. Clean shaved pussy. Everything looked like it was done just this morning. I guess she too was thinking about sex. I thought it was my lucky day.

Then you started playing with the outside of her pussy… She was crying internally to lick her pussy… At least to touch it with my fingers. But I continued teasing her. I took my hands to her boobs and stated pressing them with my head still between her thighs. She couldnt control any longer that she herself removed the bra and threw it so that I press it soon and start my work on her pussy… I cud smell her love hole even greater now as she was getting restless..

I pinched her nipples with thumb and forefinger and cupped her boobs with the rest palm. A moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and arched back lying on the bed.Every press on her boobs, her moans started getting louder. Then I decided not to make her suffer any longer and I finally opened the pussy lips and licked her pussy right at the centre of her inner pink hole … Omg … She held my head with a force and pushed it into her pussy with such a force that I almost lost my head there. She was way above her excited state and she was horny to the core ..

Then I started showing my magic in her pussy… my tongue was making her cry out in pleasure, so much so that as I increased the pace, she burst and squirted all over my face. I loved it. She said sorry and Also that she couldnt control. I said I love it. and I drank her cum… It was her turn now and made me lie on my back and started removing my underwear, my cock sprang it, I had never seen my cock so thick and filed with veins.

She was excited see my cock and held it and started pumping my meat. She licked my dick head which sent shivers down my spine. and she pulled the skin down and fully gulped my cock into her mouth, directly it touched back of her throat… She started so nicely that I was literally mouth fucking her. and that continued for someone. When I started feeling my balls start to fill up I asked her to stop.

I still had to fuck her brains out. So I asked her which her favourite position was she told it was missionary and I positioned her, spread her legs wide and tried entering her pussy. It was tight, so I asked her if it was her first, she said no. She had one forgettable experience with loser from her church who couldn’t even last 3mins. I smiled, I felt her pussy is still a virgin pussy as it was very tight. She was in pain too..

I finally managed to push my cock head inside. and I cud see her eyes firmly closed with I drop of tear in extreme ends of her eyes. I knew she was feeling it inside her real good. and then with couple of jerks I was finally inside her. Thanks to her wetness of her pussy and her saliva on my cock… I didn’t wait for any more instructions, I love dominating the missionary position, so I carried on with the mission. I started fucking her slowly and then it went on increasing the pace. It was literally a fuck fest for me. I was inside my dream girls pussy when her big boobs bounced inches away from my mouth. She was starting to moan a little loudly now. So I started smooching her while I fucked her well… She still screamed inside my mouth, it felt good.

I targeted her tongue so that I can control her moaning… which helped to an extent. But the fucking never stopped. My cock was so shinning wet and slippery that a wild idea came to my mind. I removed my cock from her pussy and inserted into her mouth again. Kinky sex… She was so horny that she didn’t mind that she was tasting her own pussy. She sucked it well. This went on for some more time. and I switched position to sitting cowboy. She started to take control and jumped on my lap with my cock inside her. Her boobs bounced so well… She took my hands and put it on her boobs to press them. She was looking like a sex starved bitch… I was loving it.

Then I lifted her in my arms bent a little and fucked her in the air. That was hitting her g spot nicely. Even I was about to cum… so I let her down and put my cock into her mouth and asked her to deep throat me. As soon as she did I downloaded my load in her mouth, down her throat… She was taken by surprise, but she loved every drop off it.Then v both fell on the bed naked and kissed her again.

We went to take Bath together. I was back up after 10 mins that I wanted one more round, but she said her pussy was sore. So I proposed entering her asshole… She agreed and we wet ourselves and started wet romance, kissing pressing, fingering pussy lips, etc.. I applied soap on her asshole and my cock. My cock had become a like sensitive by now, but that asshole encouraged me to expand that hole … I entered with difficultly as it was tighter than pussy.

Finally I entered and I felt awesome. I always wanted to fuck her perfect ass, which was a reality now. I was living the moment … I was double penetrating her with cock in her ass and 2 fingers in her pussy. She was in cloud nine.

And then I reached climax, removed my cock out and shot my second load on her back. and stated pressing her boobs from back.

This was the story of fucking my baby girl. Since then we have been having sex regularly.

Thank you for reading… all the girls, do write in to me at [email protected]

I’ll be at your service when you need me. Thanks once again.

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