I Fucked My Slutty Mother

Hello horny people, this is my first post here and I’m so excited about it. Because this happened few years ago but I never had a chance to share this with anyone through the internet. Yea that means some people know about this thing between me and my mom (and my other family members as well, I’ll tell you those stories later).

If you are extremely horny and just want to read the fucking part and jerk off, then please skip this story, because I’m trying to write this with details and also this is a prologue to my future posts as well, okay? If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to mail me.

I’m a sex freak and I got some weird fantasies about sex but it will going to catch your attention via mails because I’ve got enough pussies here. So females also can mail me and I won’t bite and I’m [email protected]

Okay, getting back to the story now. I’m Dinesh (true name of course, but you can’t find me, so stop thinking about the name now) 21 years old, doing my higher education. I’m almost 6 feet tall and have a skinny body. I’m sorry if I make any mistakes in my writing, because my sexy mom is right here, next to me, reminding of what happened that day.

My family has 5 members, me – Dinesh – (21), my mother – Sangeetha – (44), my father – Palitha – (46), my elder sister – Piyumi – (22) and my younger brother – Dilshan . And we have an old maid (56 0r 57) too as you can see there is a big gap between me and my brother.

Dad told me that my mom had difficulties having a baby after my birth, but somehow my brother was born later and due to his birth my mom had lost the ability to have a baby after that. They’ve done some kind of operation (or something like that) too.

Anyways we’re a high class family and my Dad is a Software Engineer and also he works as a Project Coordinator, which means he has to go here and there for his duty, even abroad, so most of the time he is out. Now you guys know the background of my family, let me tell you some things about each one.

My dad, Palitha is his name, has a good fat cock but he got nothing to do about these stories. So keep him away, Okay? My sister, Piyumi, is totally a slutty bitch. She’s doing her MBBS now and I really know she fucks each and every cock she finds. She’s beautiful of course and has a sexy figure.

Big round boobs and a creamy well shaped ass mmm and she has long sexy legs (god, I love to lick ’em and Dilshan is my little bro, has a cute little cock and a good butt, but he is not into these sex stuff and finally, my mother.

Oh yes, I know I didn’t tell anything about her. Well, she’s in her forties, 43 actually usual lady with a very fair complexion, long black hair, big eyes, long – smooth legs and shaved armpits.

She has really big boobs they’re massive and so fleshy and has huge brown areolas covering her big nipples. She has a belly too, you know, typical Asian women and her ass is OMG!! It’s more than just big.

I love to see her ass and her figure is around. I think. Obviously I’ve never measured it (duh). She’s not a beauty queen or a sexy hot nymph but I must say that she is totally fuckable!

I really know that most of my friends are dying to have a taste of her old cunt and some of those lucky friends had fucked her too oh yeah and my mother is sluttier than my sister, you know. She’s a bitch not just a usual slutty bitch. She fucks most of my dad’s friends, and also most of our neighbours too.

I get to know this accidentally. That night I woke up around 2am to pee. After that I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep, so I went down (my room is at the 2nd floor, also my bro’s and sister’s rooms are in the same floor. My parents’ room is at the first floor to have a coffee or something when I was at the end of the staircase.

I saw the bulb is on in the master bedroom and the door was partially open. I was kind a confused, because my dad wasn’t home as usual. So I went near the door and looked inside. I was stunned and shocked to see my mom was sleeping naked on the bed with Mr. Siridasa who was a best mate of my dad.

And he was freaking naked too and both of them were sleeping and his hand was on my mom’s boob and I didn’t need any clue to know that they’ve had a great fuck just few hours ago because I was teenager at that time. I realize that I’m getting hard on and I jerk off right at the moment watching them.

Then I got back to my room and thought about what just happened and I realized that I really want to see how my sexy mother gets fucked by him. So I waited to hear something that night but I didn’t hear a thing at about 5 am I heard the main door opened and I knew Mr. Siridasa has gone.

Since then I used to watch her get fucked and each and every time my mom surprised me by fucking new cocks. I got to know about her routine and most of the time their bed room door was opened. I didn’t know why by then but now I know why, I’ll tell that later.

I used to watch from their bathroom, you know it has two doors, one opens to the room and the other opens to a hall near the kitchen. Couple of years passed and I never missed their shows and I even watched my dad fucks my sweet mom but I got a say that I’ve never wanted to fuck my mother or sniff her used panties. I was just watching the live porn, that’s all.

Now, this happened when I was schooling, actually I was teens then and of course I was horny 24/7. I had fucked many girls and prostitutes but still I was starving for sex. I guess it’s in my genes from my mom. That day I was waiting in my room getting ready to watch my usual live porn.

My mom had fucked Upali uncle 2 days before, who was our neighbour and older than 55 years. So I knew she will taste another cock that day. I was at the middle of the staircase and then I heard the signal which was a smooth knock on the main door and then I saw my mother is going to the door and opened it.

I was expecting Mr. Srimal who was a friend of my dad, but there was a stranger at the door, he was kind of young, maybe around 28-30 years. I thought my mom knows him. Mrs. Sangeetha? He asked and mom said ah-huh, and you must be the guy Mr. Upali told about yeah, I’m Rohan he replied.

Holly Fuck!! She’s fucking strangers too that idea was such a turn on to me. I never thought that she will act like a prostitute though come, let’s go said mom and she lead him to the bed room and as usual she kept the door open and when Rohan asked why, she said oh don’t worry babe, no one’s home.

Son is also sleeping now and then I heard some mumblings and the noise of the bed. That was the time for son to move. I went to their bathroom and started watching my mom gets fucked. He was eating her pussy. Her legs were wide apart.

She was caressing his head, pulling his face towards her wet cunt. I heard the slurpy sounds and my mom was moaning oh yes sweety lick it, it feels so good ahhmm yes suck it suck it shit you’re so good at this and rub the clit baby harder oooh yeah.

He was literally eating her juicy cunt and my mom was getting horny and kinky. She said baby, sniff my pussy her cunt wasn’t shaved you know. She had a little bush of pubic hair covering her pussy. Rohan started to sniff it and said Sangeetha, this shit smells so good.

You’re a dirty slut fuck yeah I am a dirty bitch Rohan. If not I won’t be fucking your cock for free, you know” my mom said. I was so turned on by their conversation and I was masturbating. Lick my ass now babe my mom said while lifting her sexy legs.

I knew that she loved to get her butt hole licked then I saw Rohan was licking my mom’s shit hole and I started to cum loads and loads of hot cum what? You all know it’s hard to hold on and after few minutes my mother took his dick into her slutty mouth and sucked it.

Then they started to fuck but I was kind of exhausted. So I didn’t give much attention to it. Then I heard both of them Cumming. My mother was moaning loud and was saying so many dirty words and yeah Rohan filled her hole with his jizz.

They were resting and his prick was still inside my mom’s cunt. I thought I should go and get some sleep, but then “you have to fuck me again babe, I love your cock” mom said. Oh I can fuck you all day long bitch, it’s too bad your husband can’t fuck you good, huh? He’s such a jerk, isn’t he.

Rohan replied by this saying I was shocked and got angry. My mom got angry too I guess don’t you dare to insult my husband Rohan, he is the best fucker and lover I’ve ever got and his cock is far better than your toy” She said in a harsh voice.

Then why do you fuck others? Rohan asked yeah mom, I want to know that too because I’m always horny, it’s not my husband’s fault. I love him to bits, you should know that boy, and I’ just satisfying my desires, I love to get laid and fuck any cock” my mom said.

I was excited by this conversation and my cock was hard again. I kept listening while slowly stroking it any cock? Rohan was curious yup, if my hubby had a brother, then I would fuck him daily” my mom said while giggling. I didn’t expect that from my mom actually.

I stopped stroking my cock damn, Upali was right; you’re a true slut. So will you fuck your Son too?” Rohan asked. I felt like he fucked my ass with that question. I felt numb and I took my hand off from my cock. I was waiting to hear her answer.

My mom Laughed and said enough talking now, I’m wet again. Why don’t you take my ass this time honey? Then I saw Rohan slides his hard prick through my mom’s butt crack and started to fuck her ass. But I was still dumbstruck and numb.

Bang! I realized she did not say No to his question. That means I can fuck her as well. This idea came into my head and I knew it was sinful. I was afraid and thought my cock will get limp instantly. But it didn’t. That idea made my cock get harder and it was oozing pre cum.

I have to fuck my slutty mother and my brain decided then I saw her under wears in the bathroom which were used and put there to wash. I grabbed a panty and start sniffing it. It made me mo wild and hard. I was not paying any attention to the room and they were fucking like hell.

I started to jerk off while sniffing my mom’s panty and cum in few seconds. Then I went out and got back to my room and spent a sleepless night. I heard Rohan was leaving around 6am, but I was not in a mood to watch. I was thinking.

I had a party next day and I got drunk like hell and I was totally wasted that day. I came home at about 5-6 pm and hit the bed. I woke up next day, tired and exhausted, and more than that I was horny like a dog because I couldn’t even masturbate yesterday

And still I was thinking about my mom and was comparing the ways to fuck her old hairy juicy cunt. I wanted her so bad, since I assumed that she will fuck me and I wanted to fuck my mom. I was wearing my boxers and my tool was getting hard by the thoughts of my mom.

I went down the stairs and it was about 9 am. I went to kitchen and got to know that our maid is out. This is your chance Dinesh, you’ve got to fuck her today right now my mind was ordering me. Then I went near her room, I was nervous and trembling.

It was a cold morning but I was sweating like hell. The door was partially open my parents never locked their door, you know and I heard the sound of the shower. She was bathing. I waited, waited and waited every single second made me hornier and nervous.

Then the shower stopped, I was looking through the opening of the door. Omg! Then I saw my sexy bitch stepping into the room. She was only wearing the towel from her breast to just above her knees. It covered her boobs and ass, but that view was enough for me.

My cock was oozing pre cum and I removed my pants and started to stroke my prick it was so hard. I’ve never measured it but it’s around 7-8 inches and its really fat, I’m so proud about my cock and I was ready to fuck my mom just when I try to open the door her phone started to ring.

It was on the bed and so I waited. She picked the phone and answered the call hello yes? Ooooh Rohan, sorry honey I couldn’t recognize you yes it was good no no okay, and? You mean tonight? Okay babe okay yes come around 1am okay? Giggled) miss your tool too bye.

So that fucker is going to fuck my mother tonight as well, I felt jealous then I realized it’s now or never. I step into the room; she was looking away and didn’t saw me. My cock was too hard and it was giving a pain too.

I jumped to her and grabbed her shoulders then I turn her around and started kissing her lips. It wasn’t a kissing actually, I was biting them. I was trembling then I push her on to the bed and throw away her towel.

All these things happened in a moment and my mother couldn’t even realize that she is naked in front of her horny son. Those big boobs were dancing in front of my eyes and before even she could regain her senses I shove my throbbing cock deep into her pussy.

Oh my god, it felt so great. That pussy want so tight but it gave the best pleasure that I’ve ever had. Satan was in my head that time thank you SatanJ). Only then she realized that her loving son is fucking her hairy pussy like a mad dog.

What the ooh no stop what Dinesh stop it oh my god I’m your mother stop it for god sake and she was uttering then she slapped my face ouch it was a hard one then I got angry too. I slapped her boob so hard and she let out a loud scream.

Then I crushed her mouth with one hand and kept slapping her boob with other hand and groaned shut the fuck up mom. You can’t get away and I kept fucking her cunt so hard and fast, going deeper and deeper with every stroke.

She was crying and still trying to get away, but she wasn’t strong enough. I was about to cum and I increased my speed and my mother started to cry harder too and then I cum and I filled her pussy with Loads of hot thick cream.

I regain my senses and realized what I’ve done. I withdraw my cock and it was limp then I ran up stairs leaving my mom naked on the bed and I saw my cum was oozing out of her hairy pussy.

That’s all guys, I know maybe it wasn’t such a turn on to you guys, but I’d love to know and hear from you. I’ll tell you what happened next ant how I fucked my sister and my brother yes, I’m bisexual and also how I fuck my mom with my friends and with my dad’s friends.

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