I Satisfied My Neighbor Didi

Hey guys myself Stiffer(name changed obviously) I’m reading stories at ISS since last year..It’s my first story.let me tell you about myself

I’m 18 year old wheatish handsome looking guy with 6ft height.Any girls or Bhabhis who wants fun or to get satisfied by me.And it will be a secret ,can contact me at [email protected]

Let’s come to the story. I live in an apartment in Mumbai.I have a s crush on my neighbor.She lives on my floor only.Her age is 35 but she looks like 26 or 27.She is damn hot.I wanted to fuck her when I had shifted here in my 8th std-. I love her boobs. Her sizes are

36-32-38. As she’s my neighbor,I have to call her Didi.Her name is An chal(name changed). Whenever we meet in the lift I just used to stare at her perfect huge boobs.She use to catch me .I used to say hi Didi.Then in 2012 she got married.I was really upset.Now she’ll move to her hubby’s place.By the way she used to live with her mother.My mom and Didi are good friends,So i used to visit her home atleast once in a month.But one day she bought a new home in our adjacent building.I was really very happy.

Then It was more good news for me that she gifted the new home to her mom and she shifted with her hubby in my building..I was so happy.Since years I’m masterbating for my dream girl..I just wanted to fuck her hard no matter what.S o I made a plan.I took her WhatsApp no. From my mom’s phone and messaged her.She replied after an hour.

Anchal: A Me: M

A- who’s this?

M-This is stiffer

A-ohh hi handsome. how you are doing

M-(I said in my mind that I’m doing without you) I replied that I’m great and wt abt you gorgeous

A- I’m also cool (then she sent a sticker of a kiss)

Listen im a lil busy I’ll ttyl

M-bye with a kiss sticker

So here I understood that she’s too interested in me..coz her husband works till late in office and leaves home early in the morning.so I knew that she is really horny

Then next day anchal n me met in the lift, she was wearing a tight white top and black skirt. she was looking so good.My 6.5 inch dick started to grow like a hard rock.She gave me a naughty smile.I said that you are looking adorable then I was continuously staring at her boobs whose cleavage was visible.I just wanted to grab her and start sucking her milky boobs.Then she said what are staring.I replied nothing Didi.

I really got scared.Then I apologized.As her hubby returns home late she said come to my place in the evening your mom will go out for a meeting today .I was really scared What will happen today.When I returned from college Then I reached my floor and I rang her door bell.ohh my god she was looking damn sexy my friends.She was wearing a shirt who’s 1 button was opened and her black bra and cleavage was visible.I instantly got a hard on anybody could see it.

She noticed it She understood what I want.She invited me to come inside.Then I sat on sofa thinking how to seduce her.When she went to the kitchen to get water the her big ass caught my eyes.They were moving in rhythm.After having water She sat beside me and started chatting with me that I know you were staring at my boobs .I said no Didi it’s not like that.she said even I like you handsome.come on you are an 18 year grown up young good looking guy.many girls would like to have sex with you in college right and you might have a gf.I replied no.I said I was waiting for you.She then placed her hand on my thighs.I was on cloud 9.

Then she moved towards me and I placed a kiss on her Red hot lips.Then she was responding well.Then we had a French kiss lip lock for 15 min .We both were sucking each others lips.I inserted my hand inside her shirt.My god what a feeling it was I could feel her bra.I started pressing her boobs she was moaning.

Then I removed her shirt and she took out her pant.she was now only in her black bra and panty.I started sucking her boobs over bra.She stared touching my penis over my jeans.I Removed my T-shirt and unhook her bra then grabbed her big boobs in my mouth and started sucking like a hungry baby.she started moaning loudly.She caught my hair and pushed me more on her boobs.Then she unzipped my pants and started stroking my dick over my underwear.She removed my underwear and my 6.5inch hard cock was ready to get in her mouth.She kissed my dick and it sent a current in my body.

Then she took it in her mouth and gave me a blowjob.I was in heaven.Anchal took it deep inside her mouth and she was sucking like a pro.When I was about to cum I told her then she drank my whole cum.Then it was my turn to give oral.Its my favorite part guys.I luv to suck pussies.Im good at it.Then removed her panty And I started teasing her by kissing her pussy lips,then i inserted my tongue in her pussy.She was screaming in pleasure.

After 10min her pussy juice spilled on my face. I drank all the love juice.Then I penetrated my cock in the love hole.Initially she was screaming but after 8to 9 shots she started enjoying the after around 20 min I was about to cum then I removed my dick and put it in her mouth she sucked it well.Now it was time of her hubby to come home.Then I wore all my clothes again sucked her nipples and then left

We often have sex nowadays whenever we get chance She gets satisfied only by me-stiffler.

Any girls or aunties who want secret fun can mail me at [email protected] will be your world class experience trust me by

Love you

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