Another Best Experience With Corporate Employee

Hi All, This is nashu working as software developer in MNC and also as gigolo for pleasure, as a develop I am getting the decent amount of salary for my parties but still I am feeling something missing in my life and found I am starving for sex.

So I Decided to become the gigolo to satisfy myself and also for the ladies who are working in the IT Companies(With lot of pressure and also lust) and also house wife’s of IT Employees and Businessman’s( Who will not satisfy the wife’s but they satisfy the clients and company). I hope you like this story also like previous ones and share please share your feedback at [email protected].

Let’s come to the story.

After submitting my previous story, one day when I am in office I received the mail from one of the Manager in MNC saying that “Nice story I really enjoyed and I want the same for me also, can you share the details”, then I replied to her mail then she asked me to come in hangouts and we chatted that night with all the interests she has and why she want to do sex with outside people, ba bla bla, then she said she was very desperate to have sex because she had sex with her husband 2years back and she don’t have the kids also because of this, later we stopped the chatting for that day and she confirmed that we will do sex but the details of time and place will share later and I said ok because I give more security and privacy for my clients.

Then one Friday evening I received the message in what’s app from her saying that meet me tomorrow in her home as her husband is going to his hometown for weekend and ask me to reach her flat at 10am sharp, and wake up and went to her house sharp 10 and on the way I bought olive oil to massage her (I know how to do massage and she was interested in massage also), once I reach her flat I called her to open the door.

When she opens the door I am stunned by seeing her face, what a beautiful face looking very pleasant and her structure is really sexy(34 32 36) and I am continuously seeing her by forgetting that I am in outside of the door. She pulled me inside and closed the door then I realize what happening, she gave a glass of water and we chit chatted for 30mins about my job and my experiences.

Then she asked me that can we start with massage then I said ok and ask her heat the oil little and then she went to bedroom for dress change, after changing the dress she called me from inside to come to bedroom then she was lying on the bed nudely by just wrapping the towel on her waist and turned backside and I went near to her taken the oil in to my hands and started the massaging her foot , when I am doing her message I am feeling the smoothness of her foot it like a baby foot so smooth it is and slowly I raised to thighs and then to buttocks.

When I am doing the buttocks came to know that she was not wear anything and while massaging the buttocks I am feeling like pressing the ball and then while I am doing that she was mooning like anything then I got erected and inserted my finger in to her pussy and started fingering while doing that she was mooning with pleasure like anything.

Then she turn to my side and pulled me to close to her and kissed me, while kissing she was sucking my lips and I am doing the same to her and her lips like a honey well how much you suck that much honey will come from her lips.

Then she started undressing me and made me nude in flash time after that pulled me to bed and sucking my peins like pro for a long time and I cummed twice in that time, then I pulled her to me and rolled over her and came top of her then I am sucking her round shaped boobs while doing that she was shouting saying that suck more suck more because from last 2 years no one has touched them except her while bathing at the same time I am fingering her pussy with my 2 fingers and she was become very hot and she was in full mood. She asked me to fuck then I kept a pillow below her back and wear the condom and inserted my 6 inches penis into her pussy it was very tight because of no use from long time.

While I am inserting it went only half then she was crying like anything for pain then I brought some hair oil and applied in her pussy and then inserted again now it went fully but she was crying for pain when I was doing to and fro, but after some time she was feeling very happy and moaning like anything with pleasure and it continued for 20 mins in missionary position then we came in doggy style and again fucked her for 10 mins and exhausted both of us at time and slept in bed for some time and we wake up at 12 pm and went for bath and ordered some food in online and had lunch and then again we started fucking for 2hrs this time then she got some escalation call from her office she has to leave.

Then she hugged me and said this was the best time she had after her marriage and took promise from as it is her first time doing like this and don’t tell to anyone. I promised her that it is not my profession it is just a part of my entertainment and I Deleted her number in my mobile infront of her only and she hugged me one more time and dropped me in my area and let to office, but later she will only called me asked me to message when ever I want and now we are chatting daily and planning for another session soon.

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