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Hi this is Vikram writing a story of my life after a long time. Back during school days, I was totally a nerd and know very less about sex. I did not know anything about it except the fact that it is between a boy and a girl. I had this teacher called Jisma James, she is a Malayali and she has a voluptuous body. He had the right assets that a girl must posses. She was fair skinned and also had a long hair. She teaches Biology. Not only teachers but also students had crush on her. It was during my 10th standard where our school separated boys and girls sections.

Being a nerdy boy, I was the teacher’s pet. She used to be caring towards me. She always wanted me to score full marks in her subject. Every day in her class, my friends used to go to first bench although we are all last benchers. I was not able to figure out the reason why they go to first bench for her class and stay at the last bench during other class hours. I asked my friend and he said you do not want to know about it and also made fun of me stating that I am a kid and knows nothing. I got furious and badly wanted to know the reason. I began to watch their activities during biology class hours and wanted to find the reason myself. So, this time I moved to second bench and was eaves dropping. I know that it is not right to do so, but I had no other choice. I over heard and found that they were talking about the hip, butt and boobs of Jisma James. I felt bad about that and so I wanted to tell her.But I had this inner feeling what would happen if I told her and she becomes furious on me.

Days passed by, she herself figured out that the guys were stalking at her. he started covering her hip with saree by putting a safety pin along with the blouse. I was happy to see that. Everyday I was curious to check whether her hips are covered and not visible which gave a bit relief.

One day, my parents left to our home town to attend a function, I was all alone in the home so I called my friend so that we could play some games in my place. He brought some of his friends along with him and said that lets watch some movies as he had few cds. We went to my bed room where I had computer and started playing the movie. To my surprise, it was a porn movie. I shouted at my friend and said it is wrong to watch nude films. He said that it is not wrong at all and just try watching this once you would know the feel. They forcefully made me watch that and I started to feel something weird under my pants. I enquired them about that and they said its natural and you will have to rub your penis to mastrubate. I felt very uncomfortable and did not do that. I left them to watch the movie alone and went to hall to watch something on TV.

The next day, Jisma James started teaching excretory system and I started to feel shy when she spoke about anus, penis and stuffs like that. So, I started to giggle. She caught me giggling and asked me the reason and I said nothing. She asked me to leave the class as she was not comfortable with teaching while me giggling about that. I decided to leave the class. After classes got over she asked me not to laugh in the class as she is not comfortable with that while teaching and I apologised for that.

The next day of the class began and the topic was reproductive system. I had to attend a competition so that I have to leave the class early and missed biology classes. I heard from my friends that she was searching for me while teaching the class. Since the portions was almost over, she began to revise during the class hours. She started questioning each of us and if we did not answer we will have to write impositions. Unfortunately, she asked me about reproductive systems and as I did not attend the classes I did not know the answer she got angry and shouted at me. I said sorry and told her the reason that I missed those classes because of which I did not know the answers. She told me to read the topic and get back to her if I had any doubts. I agreed to that, my friend went to the teachers table and started asking few doubts. He was standing behind her and she had his book to see where he has the doubt. He was peeping through her saree to see her clevage. He actually did not have any doubts and was pretending to ask one.

Exams were about to start in few days and I had lots of doubts in reproduction systems so I went to the staff room after classes and was waiting for her to clarify my doubts. Since classes got over almost all the teachers left, she came to her place and found me waiting.

JJ: Vikram what are you doing here?V: I want clarify doubts about reproductive systemsJJ: Okay, come on show me your book and where you have doubts in that topic?V: Here you go. (I was pointing to few paragraphs where I had doubts)

In the meanwhile, I started peeping into her saree as I stood from back as my friend did during class hours. I was able to see her milky skin clevage. I got a hard on my pants, I was not able to resist. I wanted to touch her and feel her. I leaned a bit and could not resist the smell of her perfume. It was mesmerising. I lost in thoughts and wanted to fuck her as I saw in the porn movie. While I started leaning, I went so closer to her neck and as she turned back I kissed her accidentally. She stared me and stood up. I said sorry and told her it was accidental. While she was getting up her elbow bruised against my penis. She felt that I am becoming horny and she got an arousal too after touching my penis.

She asked my what are you doing, I said nothing. All of a sudden I got closer to her and began to kiss her like an animal. I hugged her tight and she felt my penis against her body. I felt her boobs too and it was so soft. Then I began to kiss her neck and ear lobes. At first, she resisted and now she also started liking the feel. She pushed me and locked the staffroom door. She grabbed me towards her and unzipped my pants. She began to give me a blowjob and I began to moan (Ahh haa hmm) I was totally into heaven. Now it was my turn, I removed her saree, petticoat and blouse. She was in her bra and panty. I pressed her boobs and removed the bra with my teeth. I started licking her boobs and nipples. It was pink nipples and was hard. She began to moan ahh,,, hmmm,,, ohhh come on lick faster vikram this is so nice. I licked faster and removed her panty. I started rubbing her pussy and then started licking it. I inserted two fingers and finger fucked her. She wanted me to insert my penis. As she was virgin it was so tight and was painful for both of us. I fucked her hard and fast. She began to make some noise and shout my name. I became totally high and she reached her point. She cummed over my penis and I ejaculated into her.

I then kissed her and we slept in the staffroom table for few hours and she dropped me in my home after the sex session. After that day, we had sex once in her home and then she left the school that year. We are not in touch however one friend of mine told that she has married an army soldier and they are living in Mumbai. I am happy for her as she has got an exercised and fit penis to be inserted into her vagina 😉

I hope you all liked my story, for feedback, comments and any sort of fun or sex talk email me to [email protected]. I am 23 years old from Chennai and work in an MNC. Girls and Ladies feel free to email me and I can assure your anonymity, so that we can have fun talk if you wish to do.

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