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Hi, I am Rohit, 23-year-old computer engineering graduate from Karnataka. This is my fantasy story.

After finishing my graduation I was desperately searching for a job. I have uploaded my resume in all the job portals but with little or no success I had to leave my hometown and left for Bangalore in search of a job. I did not have money for the longer duration of stay in Bangalore and pressure to find a job was brewing on me. I booked a paying guest in j p Nagar for 3000 rupees per month which was a three sharing room. I was just left with 4000 rupees with me. I did not know anyone in Bangalore as it was my first visit to Bangalore. With limited money in hand, I had to find a job and settle within 30 days. I started visiting consultancies and medium scale companies on daily basis. This routine went on for more than 15 days and my pocket is getting empty day by day. I started getting frustrated with every day passed. One day I saw an advertisement in a job portal for my profile. I thought this might be the last chance I get, I have to perform well otherwise I have to go back home. I stayed in the room for two days and studied hard for the interview.

The interview was at btm layout. I cleared first two levels. The third round was supposed to be with managing director of the company. 5 members were selected for the interview. Afternoon around 3 pm my turn came. I went inside interview room with a lot of nervousness because this was a do or die situation for me. A man around 40-year-old sitting on the chair welcomed me with the smile and told me to sit. I thanked him and gave my resume to him. He was well dressed in blazer and tie. Neatly combed hair and he had a masculine look. He looked my profile for two minutes and I was waiting for his first question with fingers crossed. He first asked few personal questions like about my family and my place etc. I told everything about my financial conditions, my struggle in Bangalore, hoping to get a job out of sympathy. After 20 minutes of the interview. He finished the interview and told that they will call me if I am selected. I came back to my room and I was in a hope that I m going to get this job. Three days after the interview I got a call from md himself. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. I thought I am going to hear the good news after 20 days of struggle, but he said “Unfortunately we could not select you for the job as you do not have the reference from existing employees. But you do not worry, I have your resume I will help you. I have already forwarded to my friends. Considering your financial condition I will help you the best way I can” I was listening to him with disappointment and with little hope. He told me to call after three days.

I called his number on Sunday night and he asked me to wait for 7 more days.Hearing his word I lost all the hopes. I said, “I do not have money for paying guest, I am leaving to my home tomorrow evening if anything happens kindly call me and I will come back to Bangalore for interview,” he told me not to lose hope and he tried to motivate me. But nothing went inside my ears. I packed all my belongings and went to the railway station at around 4 pm. I got a call from md at around 5 pm and he told me to come and meet him outside his office and said, “You can stay in my flat if you do not have money for paying guest, but for that reason do not leave the city, you can stay till you get a job” I was little confused hearing this and I thought at least one person is there in this city for me I am not alone but at the same time one question was there in my mind that why such a big person is showing so much interest and concern to me. I cancelled my return plan and went to btm layout and I called him. He picked me up with his honda city car and we started our journey towards his flat.

It was a 2 bhk flat with well furnished and fully air conditioned flat. He was living alone. I thanked him for the help and he showed me the room for me and told me to get fresh. Around 9 pm we went outside for dinner it was a posh hotel. After having dinner we came back and we watched tv and chatting for a long time. He was talking a lot of things about his personal life right from his school days. I really liked his character, he was really a soft spoken, down to earth person. He was treating me like a guest. He told me not to worry about the job and said “You do not need to give any interview and you get out only on the first day of your work” that words relieved all the tension from me and I was happy for the first time in Bangalore.

While he was out for office I used to watch tv and sleeping all the time. After he came back home we use to chat and roam, it was fun. After few days it was hard for me to stay alone in the home all day alone and I was waiting for him to come home. Day by day I was getting comfortable with him and we were close to each other. Some sort of chemistry was growing between us. And on the 20th day of my stay in his flat one evening, he came with a good news for me that he fixed a job for me in a reputed company and my starting salary was 25000 rupees. I was so happy that I could not believe! He did what he promised! He gave me a place to live, he filled me with new hope, he treated me like a guest and got me a dream job. My respect for him was on top of mount Everest. Since my office is near 10 min distance from his flat he offered me to stay in his flat as long as I like. I agreed because I liked his company and I did not want to be alone again.

I started to work in my new job, not a hectic job at all. Since it is close to the flat I was going late and coming early to flat. I use to iron his clothes and make him coffee, after all, I am living for free in his flat I thought it is not a bad idea to help him in his works.Started with ironing his clothes gradually it went on and on. Within a month I was taking care of each and every bit of his daily works. Making his bed coffee, ironing his clothes, polishing his shoes, giving his clothes to the laundry and almost everything. Within a short period of time, I knew all his likes and dislikes. He was completely dependent on me. He always tried to stop me from doing all these for him but I insisted.He was so happy with me that he felt like a family with me. He started to call me “Rohi” and “Dear” sometimes “Darling” too. I am tired of getting compliments from him for my looks. Sometimes he says I am curvy like a girl, sometimes he praised my lips, sometimes my hips! I enjoyed all the time and replied ” please don’t lie” hoping that he will explain more to justify.

I enjoyed his compliments. Whenever he was roaming shirtless I could not made an eye contact with him. He looked strong and he was full hairy. I used to tease him “Black bear”, he reverted by calling me “Girl”. We were having a good time and we were completely depended on each other and slowly a strange chemistry is going between us. For me, he was emerging as a “Protector” for me. For him, I was like a “Caring” person. Everything between us changed when one morning I ironed his clothes and placed on his bed and I was ironing my shirt he came out of the bathroom with his towel around his waist and hugged me from behind. He was still wet and I could not move my hands too because he encircled my hands too. His grip was so tight that I could not move an inch. I struggled but surrendered. I smiled and said, “What?” he did not reply.I asked again “What happened?” with a smile.

He did not utter a word and instead, he was further tightening his grip. I said “Okay, I lost…You won” he smiled and loosened his grip. I ran to my room smiling with shyness. He followed me and hugged me from the front and said ” I love you, darling, I need you so badly I can’t control my feelings any dearer. I fell in love when I first saw you. I tried to hide my feelings just to win your heart, now I am sure that you like me too. If I am wrong and you don’t want me, you are free to live your life. You can go away from me. I will not feel bad…If you love me, then let us take our relationship to next level tonight” he paused. I was surprised and I did not reply anything he left for office and I was thinking that what should be my next step. If I say no, I will lose the best person, he is like my family. He does not have anything negative in his attitude or approach. He did a lot of favors for me and clearly, he is not an opportunist because he waited for so long to tell this. He just asked one thing from me it is my duty to fulfill what he wanted. I like it or not what will I lose if I fulfill his desires between four walls and of course I like him a lot and I am impressed by his personality.

I made my mind and I sent a text message to him, ” I have got job, dignity, respect everything because of you, it is my duty to serve you, dear. I love you too. I am waiting for you my black bear..Come soooon” I did not go to the office and I removed my body hair I was nervous thinking about the night. He came to the home at around 8 pm. I opened the door with a smile. That moment was special because there was love between us for the first time. He came to hug me but I took his bag and gave him a towel and pushed him to the bathroom.

Let us zoom into bedroom scene. He was waiting for me in his bedroom. I entered wearing black night shorts and a white thin t-shirt. I had already applied mild perfume. As I entered the room he, kind of delighted to see me. He is looking at me with a lot of passion. He stood up from his bed and came close to me and grabbed my hips and pulled me against him. I lost control and fell on his chest. He laughed and I enjoyed that. He hugged me tight and started to whisper in my ears, ” you are looking beautiful my dear. Exactly how I wanted you, from today you are my wife. You are hired! Will you accept this offer?” these word turned me on and I smiled and nodded grabbing his shirt. He raised my chin and pressed his lips against mine. That is our first kiss.

He pulled my lower lips holding between his lips. Sucked it inside his mouth. It was wonderful feeling I submitted myself to him..I was just holding my face at fixed position and he did all the work. My soft lips being sucked, pulled and chewed. He met my tongue with his and sucked it with a lot of passion in it. I was feeling weak in his arms. I could not stand anymore. I looked at his eyes and hugged him tightly. He acknowledged my love with a kiss on my head. He sat on the bed and told me to get naked. I was feeling very shy and I started removing my clothes. Till yesterday I was taking care of every work of his as his wife and now I am following his order like an obedient wife who just wants to see her husband happy. As I was removing my shirt he was rubbing my clean shaved soft thighs. I removed my shirt and he started to lower my shorts as I was not wearing underwear I was completely nude in front of him.

I am soft slim young boy completely naked in front of a strong masculine 40-year-old man. I felt like a lady. He pulled me over him and started to lick my whole body with lots of energy. He sucked my nipples and licked my naval and every inch of my body. I was holding his head and later I gave up and laid down completely submitting myself to him. This time when he licked around my belly I did not hold his head. I closed my eyes and grabbed bed sheet I was moaning… Ahhhhhh…..Ummmmmmm….. He turned me over and he started to lick and bite my soft bubble butt. It seems he enjoyed my butt and spent a lot of time pressing and biting it. Now he stood up and removed his shirt. Wow! His body full of hair made me hornier I hugged him and started to rub my face against his chest hair. He kind of surprised with this and stood still and allowed me to enjoy his hair. I was rubbing my lips passionately over his hair.

I was going mad at him. He lowered his shorts and underwear suddenly and I was shocked to see a huge thick black cock coming out of the dense bush. It was thick and blood veins are clearly visible all over it. Its head is thicker than rest of the part and little chocolate in color. It was so hard that I felt weakness in my knees and I went down and sat on my knees as he was standing. Now it is the time to show how much I love him. I grabbed his cock with my both hands and I was so happy that this huge cock is the only mine. Now I am not an ordinary person, I am the wife of managing director of a reputed company. Thinking that I made my lips wet with my saliva and pressed my lips on cock head with a lot of love. Then I slowly making the head wet with my wet lips running all over it like I am applying lipstick. Now I took some saliva in my tongue and lashed it against its head.

He did not expect this from me and he was enjoying a lot. Now I am just licking its head with my lips running base of its head towards its tip repeatedly at this moment I am not touching any part of his body. Just my lips and head of his hard cock. Every time I sucked, the angle of erection went increasing and almost reached 90 degrees. Now with the same posture, I ran my lips over another part of his cock. I went on to suck his balls too. Now I took the support of his strong muscular thighs and took his cock into my mouth. Sucking from base to top. I was enjoying the strength of his cock. I was showering the love as much as I could.

Now he laid on the bed and pulled me over. He is broad, strong and hairy, I am a soft and slim boy as his bride. He applied a slippery gel to my ass and inserted a finger and started to fuck with his finger slowly. I placed my head on his chest. He applied that gel to his cock and my breath stopped. He placed the head of his cock against my ass. I thought there is no chance of going it inside. I looked at his face he smiled and pushed his cock hard as I closed my eyes and I was ready to bare any pain for my “Black bear”. I started to kiss his lips as he was pushing. Suddenly the head of his cock slipped inside my ass. It was painful! He continued to push, within few seconds it is all inside my ass. He did not do anything he just took my face in his palm and said “Now yo are completely my wife… Love you sweet heart” and kissed my forehead.

He meant a lot of things in those words. I just closed my eyes and was relaxing on his broad chest. He started to pull his cock out of my ass with the same pace as it entered. He pulled back till its head and again pushed in. He did it for a long period and after increased the pace. He fucked me in three positions and me co-operated with equal interest and finally, he cummed inside my ass. I slept on his chest whole night.

After that day our life has changed, we were bathing together sleeping together while watching tv I was always on his lap. Locking lips every now and then. I used to prepare food for him, now I am the boss of the house.We have 3 times sex in a week.Thank you for reading. Kindly mail me on [email protected] for any feedback or comments.



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