Landlord Begged To Fuck His Wife – Part 2

Next morning I went to landlords house and as usual his wife brought me coffee and as we were talking I suggested him to contact a sperm donor who could fertilise his wife but he said that’s too risky as by any means if someone came to know about this than he will loose his dignity as well as property.

So I said apart from that there is no way and thanked him for the coffee and as I left the house, he called me and put his hands in my shoulders and pleaded me with a very soft voice that he wanted a favour from me and I told I will definitely do if I can and asked him what should I do? He said in a low tune that will you please fuck my wife and fertilise her!!! I was shocked as what was he telling and told him that No No I can’t do that because she is like a bhabi and for god sake looking at your innocent daughter nobody would do such thing.

But he begged me that if he didn’t get the property they would not able to pay the loan that they took to build the rented house and his daughter might leave the school and her future would be spoilt. But I told him that there would be no guarantee that she might concive a boy baby, but he said he was ready to take that chance and I asked him whether his wife would agree to it??

He said she will understand the situation but still I was not fully convinced and as I was walking to my room, the landlord kept folding his hands and also went to catch my legs but I stopped him and went to my room and locked the door, I was shocked that what just happened and washed my face and after half an hour I heard the door bell and I thought it would be my landlord but when I opened “it was landlords wife and she asked me whether she could come in?

I asked to come in, she came in and asked sorry for her husbands behaviour few minutes ago. I said it ok he was doing it for a good cause, She said he is a good man and always care about his family so it is my duty also to help my family so…

I asked her in confusion so what??!! She just turned around and locked the door and turned towards me and she just removed her pallu and folded hands. I was in a shock and her nipples were visible from her blouse and she had a chubby belly and her ass was round and curry and her Mangal sutra was hanging between her cleavage and my manhood just awoke up and I was hard on my 8 inch cook

I just went near her and starting smooching her and she was responding well with tears in her eyes and I whispered in her ears “let’s make baby my bitch” and lifted her took her to the bedroom and made her sleep and I was being polite at unhooking her blouse so she said that 7 years my husband was very polite in bed and iam bored of so can you be more hardcore with me and she bit her lips saying that, that turned me on …..

She started moaning very loud and breathe very heavily by lifting her upper body and I started sucking her cleavage above her blouse and that moment she started pressing my shoulders very tightly and I removed my shirt and she came on top of me and started sucking my nipple and she removed her blouse and bra and asked whether I wanted to bite her brown nipple while pressing her boobs, I said give me those nippy and she bent and pressed her boobs to my face and I started sucking her boobs and biting her nipples like there was no tomorrow and after 5 minutes I told her that “baby I can’t control anymore I want to come inside you,

She moved her hands to my pants and removed it and even my underwear came down and she saw my dick and said that “my husband has only 4 inch long and it was more than enough to satisfy me but this is a 8 inch cock how am I going to survive after this??! And she started giving blow job to me and after few minutes I came in her mouth and she drank every drop of it, than I got up and pushed her to bed and removed her panty and her pussy was really closed and her cunt lips were fat like a virgin,

I told her to spread her legs and she moved her legs and I started sucking her pussy really aggressively and her reacted like she was really surprised that a women can get so much pleasure, later on I said now I am gona fuck you and I started rubbing my cock to her cunt lips and she started biting her lips and said please don’t tease me just insert that monster inside me please!!!

I obeyed her and starting pushing my cock but it was really tight and I had to spread her legs little more and she was just floating in the pleasure of my meat in her pussy and I started stroking her and she caught the bedsheet really tight and closing her eyes and moaning…ohh my god!!! Please don’t stop, ahhh ahhh ahhh you fuck better than my husband ever did, please make me your slut please, please deposit your cum inside me and she was shouting it very loud and I was on my peak of excitement and I heard the door open but I was too busy to concentrate on it and I told her that I will come in 1 minute and as I was ramming her very fast and than I saw her daughter standing right in front of us!!!

I didn’t know whether to stop or continue so I looked at landlord wife and she was also confused and sweating seeing her daughter looking at her mother get banged by someone else, the daughter asked innocently that ” What are you doing mummy??

So her mother told her to go and play downstairs while I was still ramming her, but the daughter refused and sat on the chair and started watching us, I asked landlords wife what should I do in eyes?? So she said she is too young to understand all this and should continue fucking and as she said I started ramming her again with great spead and she was looking at her daughter and biting lips and than I came inside her my full load was in her pussy and I fell onto her and after few minutes I made her to sit in doggy style and again came inside her.

After 15 minutes and later She started ridding me and we came together, and we had a shower together while her daughter was watching cartoons and I fucked in the shower too and later she wore her saree and took her daughter and told her daughter to say bye to me and she waved at me and both mother and daughter left my home and from there on after dinner I use to fuck her daily and the landlord use to help us by taking care of there daughter and wash dishes so that it would not disturb us during the sex session and landlords wife got pregnant after 2 months and doctors confirmed it was a boy!!!! Give ur comments on [email protected] the story will continue folks and please give your reviews if I get more reviews, I will post the new encounters quickly and girl can flirt with me please mail me.

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