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This story is about a famous director Leo who helps out a cute 19 yr old girl named Amelia 😉 an become a star in Bollywood.


Down that muddy line, poor Amelia was walking that night think about her bleak future. She was done with petty stage acts and small commercials, she wanted to go up there – where the spotlight would always be on her. Being fed up of her middle class background, she wanted to go high, really high; and she knew her beauty was the way. She reached her home and dozed off that night. But when she woke up, she got the call she was waiting for a lifetime. It was director Leo’s assistant asking her to come to Leo mansion for an audition that evening . It was too good to be true. All throughout that day, she found herself in the beauty parlour waxing her smooth milky legs and arms, trimming those eyebrows, making those pouty lips look red and sexy. Finally it was 7pm, she rushed to Leo mansion in a cab and rang the doorbell. A tall well built 45 yr old man opened the door, it was none other than Mr.Leo himself. He looked like a giant compared to Amelia’s petite nature.



Amelia: Mr.Leo..sir…i can’t believe its really you!!!

Leo pauses for a moment stunned by this cute girl in a sexy red one piece micro mini dress showing her smooth sexy thighs and legs.

Leo: wow, you must be Amelia, your so much hotter than in the commercial


Amelia: ohh you saw my commercial

Leo: yes, and thought you’d be perfect for a role in my next movie. Pls come in


Amelia: wow sir, this all sounds like a dream

Leo pinches her smooth arms


Amelia: Ouch.. Sir

Leo: see its not a dream

Amelia: (giggles)


Leo: Amelia this role could be a challenging one, you play as a bar dancer… So i need to see your moves


Amelia: ohh, ive just seen few song videos like that sir, Haven’t really tried such moves


Leo: oh thats fine, you can try as much as you want here 😉 its just you and me in this mansion… No one is gonna disturb us.

Amelia was a bit nervous when she heard they were alone, considering the fact that the mansion was in the middle of nowhere.

Amelia (nervously): ok sir… Ill try


Leo happily sits on his couch wearing only a royal red night robe and starts playing Sheela ki Jawani song in his sound system.

Amelia starts dancing, but it looks very amateurish and innocent.

Leo: you’re good, but be a little more seductive, little more naughty 😛


Amelia: hehe, I’m not sure about that but ill try sir

Leo: let me help you out

Leo starts dancing with her and takes the opportunity to feel her tender body.

Feels her smooth arms, her tender thighs… He then swiftly slides his hand up her dress and squeezes her ass cheek.

Amelia in a reflex manner turns and slaps Leo.


Amelia: oh I’m soo sorry sir, sorry I’m not that type of girl…

Leo: smiles, its ok Amelia I guess ill just find another girl for the role

Amelia sadly turns towards the door


Leo: but just know that your career in Bollywood is over, if I spread a bad news about you, no director will ever take you… So say goodbye to stardom 🙂


Amelia stands facing away from Leo, tears flowing from her cheeks… But she has no other choice.

Leo goes behind her


Leo: its ok baby, ill make you a star, gift you expensive dresses and cars etc

You just have to do something simple:


Be My Bitch 🙂 ( saying this he licks her soft cheek from behind)

Amelia is disgusted but has no other choice

Now Leo goes back to his couch.


Leo: ok babe lets continue the audition, but now dance without your panties

Amelia nervously removes her panty


And starts dancing to the song

As she shakes her body, Leo gets glimpses of her cute pussy and smooth round ass cheeks


She turns away and shakes her ass helplessly, exposing her bare ass to stranger she just met.

Leo can’t take it anymore


He swiftly goes straight to her ass from behind, kneels and buries his face between her ass cheeks

Amelia is stunned, feeling something moist touching her ass hole and pussy.


Leo licks and kisses her whole ass cheeks, licks her smooth thighs and caresses her legs like a hungry dog.


He rips off her dress makes a stand again a wall, spreads her legs and starts eating her tender pussy. Amelia tries hard to control herself, she fights between sobbing and moaning.


Leo kisses her cute navel and playfully bites her smooth waist.

He stands up and lets her robe fall down.


Amelia is stunned looking at this mature man stark naked in front her showing his 7″ stiff thick cock.


He just pounces on her and starts devouring her boobs, sucking her tender pink nipples… He then looks and her innocent face and sweet lips. He hugs her tight and kisses her sugary lips.

She resists opening her mouth, buy after a while she gives up and he gets to taste her moist sweet tongue. He makes out with her for a long time, feeling her up, squeezing her soft ass cheeks while kissing. He then lifts her up in his arms takes her to his bedroom and throws her on his bed.


I climb on top of her chest and rams his cock into her mouth. Leo’s is in seventh heaven as he feels his cock being surrounded and caressed by her moist tongue and mouth.

She starts getting breathless and gags.


Leo gets really turned on, he turns her around makes her sit on fours. Spanks her smooth ass cheeks and spits on her cute pink hole. He slowly eases in his cock and Amelia gasps. He starts fucking her hard and fast in doggy style. Amelia after all this ordeal loses her resistance and starts giving out moans while fucking. Excited by hearing cute Amelia moaning, Leo starts fucking harder. All throughout the night he fucks her in different positions and cums all over her tender smooth body.


The next day morning Leo wakes up next to cute Amelia lying stark naked on his bed looking at him with her innocent eyes. Leo cuddles up Amelia and gently kisses her lips “I’m sorry baby, I guess I was a bit too harsh yesterday, ill make you a star… But let’s have some fun along that journey 😉 ”


Amelia shows no response and asks him where the shower is, as she wants to take a bath. Leo points her towards the bathroom, and he seeing her walking naked… He can never take his eyes off her cute smooth ass cheeks.


Just as shes about to enter the bathroom Amelia gently smiles and says “Are you joining me or not?”


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