Licking A Stranger Girl – Part 1

Hi Readers, this is Nitin back with another experience. Thank you for all your responses. This story is about a reader who wished to spend some time with me and enjoy.

To start with the story, I received an email from this female named Sanika. She wrote that she liked my previous stories and would like to chat with me. I pinged her on hangouts and then we began chatting. Initially we talked about eachother. In the end she asked for my number. She told me that she would call me at night. At night I was waiting for her call, but the phone did not ring. The next day I pinged her on hangouts to ask if she wants to talk to me. I got no response.

After about a week, I got a call from an unknown number. It was Sanika. She immediately started sex chat. She told that she wants to masturbate and wanted me to make her cum. We had an amazing talk for almost 4hours. I cummed twice while talking. I don’t know how many times she must’ve cummed. She told that she would love to spend a weekend with me and asked me to meet her on Saturday evening.

We both reached the place decided on time. She sat in my car and directed me to her place. She used to stay with 2 other roomates but the other 2 were out of station for that weekend. While going she told me that I will have to do all that she says. I told her that as long as it does not include licking the floor or eating anyone’s poop or stained food, I was ok with it. She agreed and asked me to stop the car. She told me that she wants to drive the car. We switched places.

She was a beautiful girl, fair and tall. Did not have huge boobs, but were good enough. She was wearing Denims and a jacket. She sat on the driving seat and asked me to remove her jacket. I removed the chain slowly, touching her stomach and then her boobs. She pinched my hand and said, “Don’t you dare do that again”. I apologized to her. She was wearing a sleeveless top inside. She had a tattoo on her arm.

She told me to lick her armpit. I was shocked. “What!! Really?”. “YES do it softly. With your tongue”. She grabbed my head and placed it on her armpit. I started licking it. It was neatly shaved. The sweat smelled very good. I gently licked her left armpit. She shouted, “Spit on it. I want your saliva all over it”. I spit on her armpit and licked it. I tickled it with my tongue. She smiled. She was driving the car while I was doing all this. I tickled her more and spit and licked her armpit. Then she told me to do it to her other armpit. “Just lie on my lap and do it, I’ll drive with my left arm.” I laid on her lap and started licking her right armpit. It was weird but fun. I was constantly spitting making her right side completely wet. She was moaning and smiling.

We finally reached her room. She opened the door and asked me if I was thirsty. I said yes. She brought 2 big 5 liter bottles and said this is your water for the next 2 days. You have to finish it before you leave. It looked as if something was added in it. But then I had to drink it. I realized it was saliva. I spit it out. Sanika said that I have to drink it else she will punish me. I said “You had promised you won’t give me rubbish to eat.” She told me that I gave it to you for drinking not eating. I had to drink it. But it just came out of my mouth. She slapped me and sat on my lap. She kissed me and rubbed her boobs on my chest. She was an amazing kisser. When we finished kissing I saw that she had tied my hands.

Then she spit on my face and started licking it. “What the Fuck are you doing?” She said, “Shut up and open your mouth.” She spit inside my mouth. Kept on spitting her saliva. Then she put her tongue and licked my mouth. I tried to close my mouth but she put both her lips inside and kept spitting. She said I won’t let you close your mouth until you drink my saliva. I swallowed all the spit in my mouth.

She got down and told me be a good boy and I shall reward you with good sex else you will have to suffer. Saying this she went to the other room and closed the door. She came back in a sexy lingerie. My cock sprang up. Came close to me and said “I will do something to you. Watch, feel, learn and do it to me later.” I nodded. She climbed up on me and started licking my face again like a dog. Her spit was dripping down my face. I was enjoying it now. My hands were tied to the chair. She dig her face to my armpits and licked it. It was uncomfortable for her so she untied my hands. I voluntarily lifted my hands and let her suck my armpits. My upper body was full of her saliva.

Then she gave me the bottle containing her saliva to drink. I was thirsty so drank it, it didn’t feel that bad now. She smiled and said “I am happy you are drinking it.” Saying this she removed her panty and I could see her pussy. There were some pussy hair. But her pussy was looking so beautiful among the bushes. She went under the chair and slid open the base. My ass was open now. She laid under the chair over a couple of pillows and asked me to spread my legs. I did so. Then she started licking my ass hole. Aaaahh …. I moaned loudly. She was gentle and knew the right spots. What a magician she was. She put her tongue inside my hole and kept spitting on it and spread her saliva all over my ass. Then she licked the place between ass and cock. Heaven it was. None of the women I have been with, gave me this pleasure. She continued for around 20mins.

She got off me and told me to do the same to her. I first kissed her on lips and started licking her ear lobes. She shouted, “Make me wet with your saliva”. I gathered as much saliva as I can in my mouth and spit it out on her face and then started spreading it all over her face and neck. I licked her nose, her eyes and her ears.

I moved down to lick her boobs. She pushed me away and screamed at me, “Kutte, mene tere chest ko touch kiya? Jitna kaha gaya hai utna kar”. I obeyed. I lifted her hands and licked her armpits. Soaked up all the sweat and made it wet with my saliva. She was moaning and smiling with pleasure. Then I laid down on the pillow and started licking her ass hole. My mouth was getting dry so I told her that I will drink some water and come. She kicked me on my back and told me that I should not touch water. I can only drink the water in the bottle. I had already finished more than half of one of the 5 liter bottles. I drank more from it. It quenched my thirst but somehow was not as useful as pure water.

Then I laid down again and started licking Sanika’s ass. I was not finding the right spot initially. She pushed my face on her butt and kept pushing until I touched the best spot. I tried to put my tongue as much as possible inside her hole. I spit my saliva and pushed it inside her ass. I tried circling my tongue and many things. She was moaning very loudly. Saliva was dripping down her ass and my face. After half an hour I stopped and licked her pussy. She said stop it, but I am very good at licking pussy. She let me do it and came twice. I drank it all.

She then, got up and asked me to get the cake from the kitchen. When I came back from the kitchen she had gone to her bedroom. When I entered the bedroom I saw her lying on the bed, naked. Her nipples were erect and beautiful. She told me to cut pieces of the cake and spread it on her body and eat it. I cut the pieces and placed them all over her body starting from her pussy right upto her neck.

Then I started eating it off her body. She said, “you are such a selfish man, didn’t even ask if I was hungry”. I asked her and she said yes just give me whatever you take in your mouth. I lowered and open my mouth inside her mouth. She licked up my mouth from inside and swallowed the cake. I kept doing that.

When I reached her boobs I licked her nipples where I had placed lot of cake. Sucked her nipples. She was continuously moaning. Now after eating and sharing the cake with her she said “now lay on me and wipe off the remaining cake” I was now laying on her and rubbing my body over her. We were kissing while doing this. Finally she told me, put your cock inside my pussy. I happily put my rock hard cock inside her pussy and fucked her like an animal. The fucking and moaning continued for 40-45 mins after which we slept.

In the morning, she woke me up and even before I could open my eyes she stuffed her pussy on my mouth and pissed in my mouth. The hot drink went in my mouth.

As soon as I realized what was happening I puked the urine and shouted, “We had a DEAL”. She got frightened by my anger and said “OK, calm down. I won’t do it again. Chalo I’ll brush your teeth.” Saying this she lip locked me and put her tongue inside my mouth and started licking my mouth and teeth. She spit her saliva in my mouth and told me to spit it out on her pussy. This girl was really crazy!

Then she took me to the bathroom for a bath. The bath tub was ready. I sat there and then she started rubbing my chest with her soft hands and kissed my neck and ear lobes. Then she went under water and started giving me a blowjob. She could remain under water for a long time. For her comfort I raised my hip above water. Then she gave me a boob job. It was lovely. I came on her face. She licked it off her face.

Then she got out and drained all the water and poured 3 buckets of water which was ready. I guessed it. It was her saliva. GOD, she is a saliva manufacturing machine! She asked me to have a bath with this water. She gave me a bath washing each and every part of my body. In return I also cleaned her with her own saliva. We finally finished bathing.

That’s it for now. I will continue this encounter with the Weirdest girl in my life in my next story. Till then write to me on [email protected]. Send me your suggestions and comments.

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