Lonliness Took Me To Heaven

Hello, everyone, this is my first story on ISS.Though I have been reading the story since 10 grade.Well, I don’t know why I am writing…Maybe because I want to share with you all.Hold on your dicks.And ladies keep your fingers ready for your pussy with shooting loads of cum.

Without wasting much of your precious story I will start.The story starts when I first came to Mumbai as I was selected in mnc.First few days went on settling in the new flat in Goregaon area.We all roomies thought to hire a maid to cook food and wash utensils and also the floor. We interviewed a lot of maids but they were asking a lot of money which we were not ready to give so we asked an uncle to tell us about a maid.

So the next day in the morning we met the maid.The maid was an average Indian lady.Huge boobs and a large ass, she was not so attractive, but we liked her as she asked reasonable money.So we hired her for cooking and all the other stuff.She was regular on her duty and cooked a nice food, we all admired her for that.

The days were passing on, and I was feeling lonely and very horny as my girlfriend was far from Mumbai and we only had some sex chats only,,, I used to shag my load off and sleep.

But it was very frustrating and I needed some real thing some real sex.

We have Saturdays and Sundays off in mnc’s which u guys might be knowing.So on one such Saturday morning, the maid came as usual as she had the key to the main door which we have given her. She came in ..I was also there near the kitchen brushing my teeth what happened next was something that I didn’t think of.She bent down in front of me to pick up the flour from the floor. I saw that huge boobs that were ready to come outside from her blouse …..They were huge I mean really BBW size boobs.Nevertheless, I took control of myself but the disaster that was supposed to happen had already taken place she saw me staring at her …………

Obviously at her boobs and now there was nothing that I could do I was caught was red handed right in front of her well to my surprise it was amazing for me because she just gave me a smile and winked her eyes towards me. So I just left the place and ran away towards my room because I was just caught. This doesn’t just stop here there were again many such situations where I was caught I wanted to be caught. There was this evening one day when she came in the food I was there she started talking to me I was just asking her about her life how she was doing what her husband used to do the time when I asked her this thing she was depressed and she told me that her husband is alcoholic so I knew that it was this moment when I can take what I wanted but I wanted her to give me full permission of it so I had to that the plan for it slowly I came here to her she started believing me and used to tell me a lot of things about her life about how she was raising her children’s.

It was rather difficult for her being a single working woman and raising three children was very difficult for her. But I just wanted to fuck her. In any way, it would be possible so one day I took leave from my office sick leave and I was watching porn on my laptop watching all those XVideos. So you can think how horny I was that day. During this bell rang on my door and I knew that the angel of my dreams has come on the door I opened the door. She was amazed to see me it was that moment that I realized that I was in my underwears and there was a bulge that was very visible. I was very ashamed but the opportunity was gone I ran away towards my room and wore my boxers. And came out she was very amazed to see me. She said what were you doing are you masturbating……………,

I had no words I was feeling very depressed at that moment I was caught red handed she said it was normal for the boys of your age now I took a deep breath and knew that she could now help me she came near to me and told you can show me your dick ooohohohohoh I was amazed my heartbeat raised my penis was growing inside me. Now was the time. She brought her hand towards my penis took it from my boxers and give me a stroke she was stroking it slowly I was just standing in the verandah closing my eyes as if I was in heaven. It was after 5 minutes that I came to my senses and open my eyes she was there in front of me I kissed her on her cheek then her lips then her neck and continued it for 10 minutes she was totally mad of it and moaning.Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah …….. Took her inside the bedroom laid her down. And started to remove her clothes removed her saree first no she was lying in front of me just in petticoat and blouse.

Then I removed her blouse and giving her a suck on her boobs I was mad seeing those large melons hanging off her body I sucked her and sucked her. We were not saying anything just enjoying the moment that was a moment I was thinking of and now it was the time that I have to do I removed the bra and a pretty good slowly one by one and her panty also. She had her vagina shaved. Then I remove my clothes and there we were totally nude in front of each other she said me to stand up and she nailed down in front of me and started sucking my dick oh oh oh oh I was in heaven she stroke me and I came out in her mouth she smiled it to me then I started sucking her pussy and fingering her slowly. During this he had come 2 times then I took my huge penis and started inserting inside it was feeling very warm inside I slowly stroked her and slowly gaining on speed this continued for 10 minutes. From that day onwards whenever we had a chance we always used to fuck each other.

If you enjoy my story you can write to me on the below email id this will surely give me some courage to write some more to write more real incidents of my life. The horny girls and the lonely aunties can surely contact me if they want some love pleasure[email protected]

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