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Hey friends,

I am Shani Singh and I am 6 feet tall and I have a fair skin with well built muscles.

So today I am going to tell you how I lost my virginity and how was it a beautiful experience in my life.

Let’s start,

I was working in a call center, Mohali. Basically I am from Chandigarh and I have had 3 girlfriends total in my life.I have never had sex from the first two, oral only and my third girlfriend’s name was Ankita.She used to work on that call center and she was noticing me ,so I also started noticing her and I gave her a smile and she smiled back.

As I got on the floor ,she helped me with certain high end tasks which I was unable to perform in call center so we became good friends and after a month or so she proposed me.I was being proposed second time in my life (I rejected the 1st one,stupid me) .I said yes and we began our relationship while my friends knew about it ,one of my friends told me that she is a whore and I should stay away from her.I was hurt but I thought of investigating and found out that he was right so I turned into a bad boy and started my sex relationship with her. I was not loving her and was with her only for sex. We used to go to the park together and I used to seduce her and we smooched many times .She had her trust on me and I thought of going a step further so I arranged a room and told her that I want to spend my day and nights with her.

We went on that room had snacks, chatted for a while and while she was watching TV I suddenly kept my hand on her boobs and started pressing them.She said it was so soon and I started kissing her,not letting her utter a single word. This went on for almost 5 minutes and my lips were all wet. I started kissing her neck, licking her ear lobes and she closed her eyes and became horney !.I slowly pressed her Boobs and I requested her to open her shirt. She was eager to hear that and she did as I told.

I unhooked her bra and I was all over pressing her boobs like there is no tomorrow. Then I went a step further and started kissing her stomach and then her stomach button she sighed in pleasure “uffffaahh” she was quiet as she wanted to let me do anything and be my slave. I opened her jeans and panty slowly, to let the moment flow. Here pussy was clean shaved and a little dark.

I started sucking the hell out of her pussy and she came on my mouth. I could not control and I asked her to suck my dick,she denied ? but then I don’t want to spoil the moment for her and I inserted my dick in her pussy. She wasn’t virgin but I like her the way she was ,nude ,curved , pointed boobs, brown nipples ,shaved pussy, and there I was after 15 minute of pounding in doggy style I cummed.

I was like “aaaaah” fuck.

It was the best feeling ever.

Since after having such a good time I had almost forgot about her. Asi told earlier that I had performed a check on her via my wide circle of friends, I found out that she had many affairs before and always like to have sex . it was like she was hungry for sex and she wanted more and more. So as I investigated, I came to know that she has intimated with her closest friend, a fat looking, medium dark and ugly guy who remains in his attitude.

He also worked in call center and I after a day or so of confirmation, went to his fat friend, Ajay and asked him about her, he told that they are just friends so I left the call center and started ignoring her and one day I made a plan to follow her. Me and my friend followed their auto and we saw that they stopped somewhere near phase 11 (not sure) Mohali. It was a room where the went into and I smelled something fishy is going on here.

Since I found a good point to apply on then from a place behind the thick wall ,I saw that she closed the curtains and locked the door.I was damn sure something is not right and I called her and she said she can not talk right now because she is in the call center and her timings had altered. So I started peeling from her window and there was a small space between the two curtains so I could see them. The man was naked and I could only see his thighs and he was sitting on a red chair, there I saw Ankita fully naked and sitting on his lap.

He started pounding her and I thought of filming it but there was still some morals left in me so I put my phone back in the pocket and started glaring towards it. It was a kind of sensual sex and I liked it suddenly I noticed my duck got hard and my friend insisted to let him see but I didn’t let him see, I don’t know why, I didn’t want to buy then I heard a noise and suddenly that low built plastic chair cracked and Ajay got up and she started sticking his ugly dark cock .WTF, she never ducked mine!!!! I was really hurt and I saw that she started fingering while sticking his chick and she came on the floor.

I want to tell you guys that she squirts and squirts really hard and she sprays all her juices on the floor as she did on my mouth(this time it seems ugly but at that time it felt like heaven) aaah old memories :'( . then they went to the need and I was unable to see them. suddenly I pounded the door and she hastingly opened the door .She was out of breadth and I told her that now we are breaking up so dont ever contact me again.

I will share my experiences in next story,if someone wants to have sex in Chandigarh, contact me on

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