Losing Virginity Of Sexy Banu Virginity To Brother

Hi readers this is Praveen (name changed). Since it is my 1st story bear with me for any drastic mistakes (comments are welcome at [email protected]).I am 30 yrs old this incident happened when I was 26yrs old and living in Bangalore with my family. You need to know my family to follow my story.

I was 12 yrs when my mother passed away out of serious illness my dad was forced to marry a widow with a girl child who was younger to me by 3 years. We lived in Mumbai and I loved my step mum Asha as she was really sweet to me but I did not like my step sister felt as if she is come to steal my happiness. Her name is Banu (name changed). She was 9 when they got married like all dads my dad grew fond of the newly got daughter he used to feed her take her on his lap but the same happened between Asha mummy and me. My dad was transferred from Mumbai to Bangalore he doesn’t like to rent a house so he bought one in the outer ring far away from city quite and calm. As days passed by Banu became a big girl and there were guys following her every where she goes and I never bothered when she used to complain about it during family dinner times. Inside I would think what an idiot would follow her and he should be having the worst taste. I hardly spoke to her now we finished schooling and I joined architecture and she had joined Btech in the same college. Though we went on the same bus I had told her not to reveal my identity. She had beautiful friends whom I used to admire. After college we used to walk back home I usually walk in front to avoid her and enjoy listening to guys teasing her.

Once my dad was assigned to take up an award from his work but for which they had to travel abroad the event was planned for two weeks just for husband and wife. I always read Indian Sex Stories and masturbate at night thinking about beautiful ladies in the neighbourhood and Banu’s friends in particular. One day week before my parents started I happened to read incest between a brother and a sister ending up in marriage. I thought to myself why not try Banu anyway she is not my maternal sister. I started to gaze at her secretly not her face but all other assets only when I realized everything was super perfect 34D, 28 and 36. Nice and curvy where all needed. My mouth started watering and wanting to taste the fruit from the tree. She usually wears a pyjama and t-shirt at home showing off her lovely juicy soft melons they looked very firm. She had a long wavy hair up to her bum.

Just two days before our parents left I saw her eating mid night snacks so I thought of using this space I kept my room door which is opposite of hers slightly open and switched on a prone sight and slightly increased the volume so that she gets the attention. Acted as if I was sleeping if she peeks in or watches it for sometime it would be easy for me to get her. But if she closes the door then it would be really difficult for me. That night I made my plan and kept door open and an exotic erotic sex video running she opened the door and I was lying on the bed half eye open. 1st she went off fast then she came back and looked at my room without peeping in she just slammed the door my plan shattered. But I never wanted to give up so next day I kept the volume little high and kept the door little more wide open. She stopped for a second with the different sounds coming from my room and looked in and switched on the bed lamp and found me asleep and looked into my screen for 5 mints by then I was gaining a tent between my legs. I was unable to control but had to take control of the situation so turned over and she ran out of my room like a beautiful stag.

It was time for my parents to leave but they had arranged for my maid to stay overnight since she was my driver’s wife he also stayed back I was heartbroken. That day Banu was wearing a tight black top and a sky blue jean she looked every bit a man wants to eat so am I not a man! I wanted to start from the next moment our parents left not to waste a single second. But this servant staying back will definitely be difficult. It was a Sunday and we went to see off our parents at the airport. On our way back I stopped at a bar to pick up some stuff for me. Since we don’t speak to each other she never asked anything about me buying. I was trying to keep a case of beer in the back seat using this chance I slipped on her and she gave a stern look and said be careful. I simply apologized with a smile.

We reached home and she went to her room to change I wanted to look at her beauty so peeked in the key hole but she had blocked it from inside. I came back to my room just then I heard the servant tell her that her kid is unwell and have to go home today night. Since it was morning 11 am and the servant would leave at about 2 pm to go the hospital and return in a day or two. She cooked lunch and she left I had lunch in my room she in hers but I tried playing the video again with loud volume to see her reaction. She never came out I left my laptop open and went to take a shower and masturbate since the video was too much and having Banu close by was too much heat for me. When I came out my laptop was missing and her room locked didn’t want to disturb the rising hot wave inside her. So tried to sleep thinking about the video were the girl was sucking the guy’s nipples slowly and softly. I imagined Banu do it for me and fell as sleep.

Evening at 4 o clock I woke up with a strange but amazing perfume that came from Banu’s room. She came out dressed my energy level went to zero seeing her beauty. She had a spotless shiny skin which was milky white and pink lips so juicy to be sucked wow what a goddess I thought to myself. She came to my room and said I am going out to meet a friend and would buy pizza on the way back for dinner do you need anything. I just nodded my head admiring her beauty and wondering who that friend would be! I prayed to all gods that it should not be a male friend. Then gathering my senses said garlic bread and don’t buy any dip but make the one you usually do at home. She gave a surprised look and replied oh you like my cooking. I said yeah I do why not. She hurried out my heart was pounding wanted to know who that friend was.

Can’t follow her because if she finds out everything will be wasted so after a long thinking called her up after an hour she picked up and I was able to hear multiple voices behind her. I just said plain garlic bread would do and a large pizza which we can share she said ok. She also solved my confusion by saying it is my friend Anjali’s birthday will be back soon. What a relief it was I went back to her room found my laptop on her bed just checked the history she had watched all my latest seen videos I was so happy that she is on fire. Went to her bathroom picked up her panty it smelt heavenly. Ran back to my room with the panty on my face masturbated again and released a good load on her panty.

Now had a nice shower and was waiting for her didn’t want it to be obvious so I was watching TV in the living room. Heard her bike sound and my heart beat became heavy. She walked in with a cover in which there were pizza and garlic bread. She asked me are you hungry or can you wait for some time till I change and make the dip. I was about to say I am starving my darling come I want to feed on you and get your salty dip. But simply replied it is ok will wait and continued with the movie. A half hour later she came down wearing shorts and a short t-shirt revealing her naval and it was a sleeveless t-shirt. I was on fire never seen her dressed like this. The combination was deadly black and sky blue shorts. One of my favourite combinations she ran to the kitchen with her boobs juggling I took a pillow to cover up my tent.

After 10 minutes she came out handed over three slices of pizza and garlic bread to me along with the dip made by her and ran back with the rest to her room. I did not hear her door close so I was sitting there thinking what my next move should be. I finished the dip for the pizza completely and carrying the garlic bread in hand left the TV running and walked as softly as I can towards her room, door was open she was having the dip on her tummy and watching a erotic video on my laptop that was the most beautiful situation that I did not anticipate. As soon as she saw me she tried to get up and cover up I said it is ok to sit down by then the dip poured into her naval and all around it. She just sat back on the sofa cum bed in her room I just said my dip got over hence came to borrow some from you but yours has taken a new container, if you don’t mind can I share your dip? She was surprised and shocked to hear what I said to her and especially like this. She simply nodded I took the chance and turned on her TV in the room and pulled a chair and sat near her took out a garlic bread stick and dipped it in the dip from the sexy container and took a bit she was just gazing at me with eyes wide open. I asked her do you have any boyfriends she said no why you asking. I said no just like that just to know you more. By now one stick got over she also became comfortable in me eating from her naval and started to finish her pizza along with me.

Her reply of no was a sound of relief but I replied I have a lot of girls who are fans of me but nothing serious as a relationship. She giggled and said “I know”, I asked her how she knows it and she replied “alllllll my friends are your fans your dressing style your perfumes etc etc” and started to laugh she looked even pretty when she laughed. I complimented her saying you also look beautiful I have never noticed your beauty until recently and your smile is amazing and it can take any guy off his feet. Her face turned pink and I wanted to bite her cheeks off. Suddenly she asked have you finished I must wash. I said wait for Banu little more to go. Gathering all strength under the sky asked her can I clean it up for you and there is very little left there. She said enough I will clean it myself. She got up to go to the wash room I almost kissed her face. I asked her what my laptop is doing here when did you get it here, you didn’t see any of my private pics right! She said no mine was not working hence took yours while you were in the shower. I said ok no problem, with a smile.

She looked at me and asked why you are so nice to me after so many years. You looked at me never spoke to me but why suddenly. I was dumb struck I didn’t know what to reply but just got up and said leave that behind consider that I am changed a person and want to be with you and want you as well saying this walked to my room. She suddenly called me hey Praveen! What do you mean by wanting me? I just gave a mischievous smile.

After 5 mints she knocked my door and asked can I come in? I replied yes please, the moment she came in I was able to see a lot of confusions on her face. She looked into my eyes and said you are not my maternal brother but for the world we are I don’t want to spoil it at the same time I too need you and want you to be by my side till death you can’t break my heart. Even if we are married our relationship should not change. Tomorrow and day after it is just you and me in the whole house so we are not going to college whatever you have been planning seem to be working but we will start all that tomorrow morning. Saying this she just slammed the door and left. I was left with confusion did I hear correctly what she just said is it not my part of the dialogue? I opened my door walked up to hers and knocked and asked did I hear you right! The reply was yes and this will not open now and it would only in the morning. I was so excited and thrilled I found it difficult to sleep kept walking up and down the room then finally tried to sleep.

It was 4 am I suddenly woke up with the fresh smell of good perfume but did not open my eyes. I felt something soft rubbing against my lips I thought I was dreaming but the brushing was so soft and felt someone sitting near me. I knew it was Banu I thought she was trying to kiss me I tried to see with half eye open. Wow, what a scene it was she was completely nude sitting next to me rubbing her soft nipples on my lips taking care not to wake me up. I wanted to grab them and suck them chew them and eat them but wanted to know what she was up to hence waited. She did it with both her nipples then looked at the tent between my legs and placed a kiss on it and started speaking to it. “Hey are you ready to venture into me don’t hurt me too much my pussy has not seen a snake do you understand what I mean yes it is virgin so be good to it.” Saying this she walked out of my room softly wow what a beautiful start of the morning.

Can anyone sleep after this after knowing Banu is ready for me and waiting for me I sprang out of bed brushed took a nice long shower and added my best perfume and my best t-shirt and shorts I opened my door at around 6.30 I found her room was still closed guess she went back to sleep I walked down to get some coffee to my surprise Banu was making breakfast lunch and dinner. She looked at me and said hey you are up good morning, with a beautiful smile. Here is your coffee will join you in half hour and by the way your perfume is awesome today. I just replied take your time Banu I will be in the living room waiting for you. We will have breakfast together.

But I felt as if she was little confused and shaken so I went into the kitchen with my coffee mug kept it near her she was facing the wall, I asked her can I touch you Banu she nodded I placed my hands on her shoulders and pressed them gently and slowly moved towards her and hugged her from behind she is 5’7 and I am 5’9 so the height is perfect for us. I placed a small kiss on her earlobe and said don’t worry let us not be in a hurry we will go slowly I know it is difficult but we will do only if you are comfortable and ok with. She suddenly turned towards me and placed a gentle kiss on my lips hugging my shoulders I too responded and it was a soft passionate kiss. We broke our kiss in less than a minute she did not look at me with her eyes closed just said thank you and turned towards the wall.

I walked back to the living room thinking that I should make this her best experience in her life time for such soft and gentle soul. As I was watching TV and having coffee she came out of the kitchen and said two minutes will get fresh and join you, only then I realized that she had woke up early or did not sleep at all to clean up the house change the curtains to dark coloured ones and make our food ready. She came down in her usual Pyjamas and T-shirt. I asked her Banu don’t you wear saree? She smiled and said later I will wear it.

We started to have breakfast she was very quiet so to break the silence I asked her ok what do we do after this! She smiled and replied you tell me is this your first time? I looked into her eyes and said not exactly I have had encounters. Encounters! like what was her reply and she straightened herself on the chair, seeing her anxiety I decide to build up a story thought I was a virgin myself. Yeah, My friend’s sister we just had oral sex I replied. She asked me what is that how do you do it. I smiled and replied will tell you and also show you all of it just relax now. She became quiet again and said ok ok. I did not want her to be quiet so my next question to her if it is ok can I have your stats please! She asked what is that now? I replied your assets sizes (thought I know it I wanted her to say) she just blushed and said you find out yourself. I looked at her and said how can I when I don’t get to see it or feel it? She again replied later, I asked her when later can I please see them now will not touch them without your acceptance. So she got up and pulled up her t-shirt half way my heart was up to my throat she pulled it down again and looked at me and asked what your stats is? Mine! I asked she replied yes yours. I asked do you want me to say or you want to see it, she was puzzled and said see it to believe it. I said “ok but see its full size I need some motivation”. What sort of motivation do you need? She asked I told her if you can show the upper stats then I can show my 80% stat and if you kiss me showing the upper stat then 90% and if I get to see the full stat then 95% and if I get a kiss and full stat 100%.She laughed out loud and said ok let us both do it together. I replied I am ok with it since the house was completely sealed and no one outside can see us we stripped ourselves in the living room. She looked and me and said wow such a big tool you have got! I replied it is only 80% up. She asked me why so! I replied motivation level is low from you. So she walked towards me sawing her round ass and kissed me on the lip this time it was a stronger one which lasted more than a minute.

I asked her can we finish the breakfast in a different way! Did she ask how? Come here lie down close your eyes I will feed you and you will eat, she replied ok. She was lying on the center table with her leg on a single piece sofa and blind folded. I ran up to the table brought the bread toast, honey, jam, butter, sausages, and omelets. I placed two omelets on each of her boobs. I poured the honey into her naval and placed the bread on her tummy. Put some butter on her right thigh and jam on the left. She was hairless neatly removed I placed some sausages between her legs and told her I will not take the dip now. I sat back on the couch and said my breakfast platter is ready so delicious.

Now I took the bread applied butter by rubbing on her thighs other jam by the same way gave her a bit by keeping one end in my mouth. Then I picked up the sausage in my mouth I have seen her dip n eat them in honey so I dipped it in her naval and rubbed it around her lips and she took a bit she ended up biting my lips. She doesn’t eat omelet so I started eating them from her boobs directly she was actually shivering in shyness and giggling asking me to stop. Once we finished the breakfast I unfolded here and asked her can I clean u today? She said yes with pleasure.

I started to lick her thighs first butter the jam butter and jam butter and jam till it was only her soft skin turning pink because of me sucking. Then I put her legs down and moved in between them and started to suck off the honey from the naval it was like a deep well and it kept coming I also felt a water fall between the legs I was unable to control my tongue in tasting them so as promised I need to get her permission so looked up she just said please clean me all over suck me dry. Wow what a wonderful permission given I went down and placed a kiss on her lovely pussy and started sucking the walls she was on cloud nine and she said suck me, darling, please suck me. I began to suck her and the virgin pussy tasted yummy and the breakfast was amazing.

I told her to let us have only foreplay today we will do the things later. She got up and pulled my hair and said enough of talking now tongue fuck me saying this she stretched her legs wide for me I saw the beautiful hymen inside shining I got back to work and suck her up like a small hungry baby. She was not able to withstand and came in waves and tasted amazing.

After she finished also I didn’t want to take rest I kept sucking her and blowing air inside her pussy. She was making a hell a lot of sounds which made me crazy so I just got up and started sucking her boobs biting them sucking them like crazy. She tried to get up but I nailed her to the table. Soon I needed some attention so sat on the couch she got up from the table like a wild tigress and came towards me walking in fours and came between my legs I gripped her with my legs around her waist and she kissed me madly. Then licked down to my nipples and started sucking them wow it was great and wonderful she sucked it as if there is no tomorrow. Then she moved down kissed my toy and took it in her mouth she was not too good in it but did a good job for a 1st timer.

The whole day we had oral sex where ever possible and with what we got in our hands honey ice cream fruits and vegetables. I took the whipped cream can from the fridge dressed her in it covering her nipples and her pussy and ate from them we also clicked a lot of photos not disclosing our faces. In the evening around 4 pm we were too tired so slept in each other’s arms nude cuddling and no space for air movement as well. I woke up again with chillness on my toy I saw that she had applied the cream on it and taking pics and they started giving me a wonderful blow job. I looked at her and asked hey sweetie can we have the real fun! She did not take her face off my toy and said aren’t we having now! I told her these are all only trailer main picture is much more. She understood that and said darling we are all dirty today tomorrow from the morning we will have 1st night. This made me even harder on my toy I push her head on it and made her give me a deep throat. I sprang out all my cum right into her throat and made her swallow all of it every bit of it she had no option than to take them I enjoy the way she drank it.

Next day was my most awaited day woke up early took a nice shower and wore a formal pant and shirt opened my door to see Bannu’s door locked I wanted to knock but was not sure if she was awake because of the tiredness we had as a result of yesterday. To my surprise, her door opened and there she stood in a beautiful baby pink saree. I went on my knee and asked her will you be mine completely forever? She smiled like an angel and said I am yours, my love. Got up lifted her in my arm and asked her are you hungry? She said very much I was to have you fully. So as planned yesterday we had arranged for fruits and juice inside her room what surprised me was she had even decorated the room with flowers roses and lilies my favourite combination.

I placed her on the bed and kissed her on the lip and made her stand up facing me and touched her tummy and moved towards the blouse and massaged the boobs over the blouse. She mourned heavily and held the back of my hair and pulled me towards her. I removed her saree pallu and turned her around and unhooked her blouse and removed it. Then went down and untied her skirt and removed all her dress and made her nude ad suck and licked her head to toe she was bathed in my saliva. I was able to smell my own saliva on her she got up and undressed me and made me naked. I asked her how do you want to loose it doggy or missionary position she came up to my ear and said both ways I was confused I asked her how can that happen she laughed and said if you want to take both off then both way then I understood that she wants me to invade both her holes.

I took her in the missionary position and rubbed my toy over her Clint and around the walls it was really wet and I applied olive oil on my tool she asked me what it is for I reply for lubrication and to reduce pain. She immediately closed her legs and said I want to have the pain and my lubrication is enough. So I wiped out the oil on a tissue paper and made it DRY completely DRY I did not know how it is going to be since I was also a virgin myself. I told her to let us preserve your virginity on the picture saying so I placed my virgin tool at the entrance of her virgin pussy and took a pic along with the hymen intact.

She said enough of the shooting now please fuck me now so I made my venture inside the tunnel it was warm wet tunnel it was hard for me to enter. I pushed and went in a bit and then tried my luck again and some more in by now little blood started to ooze out she was in pain but said please don’t stop push it in, you monster, push your monster tool in I am loving this pain hearing this I got even more horny and pushed it in and it went in completely she screamed in pain I kissed her and hugged her nailing her to the bed after some time started my pumping movement. Her wall was wet and warm inside my tool was venturing all of it. It was tight and dome kind of suction happening inside just like the way when she gave the blow job but this suction was passing every time I tried to pull it out by now suddenly I felt a tightness around my tool suction was stronger I was not in my senses I was concentrating on the suction and wall suddenly I realized that she was nearing her organism. Even I felt tightness and I shivered and started to unload a good load of cum inside her she came in waves we both actually screamed and mourned loud when we finished.

She whispered in my ear 1st organism of a nonvirgin pussy I smiled and said same here we laid there nude hugging each other and my tool still inside her pussy and dripping out white lava. She asked me are you hungry do you want to eat something I replied I just had a full meal she replied to me why wait have it fully you have one more hole to invade.

I looked into her hungry for more seductive eyes and asked darling can we get washed. She agreed to it half minded I helped her to the wash room and I cleaned up and helped to clean up the blood and my cum from her lovely recently devirginated pussy.

I lifted her back to bed since she was finding it difficult to walk. The moment we reached the bed I told her I need some motivation to heal up my poor injured tool she understood and came over me kissed me then licked me down sucked my nipples bit them gently and rolled her tongue over it and went down licking my body and reached to my poor injured toy which was 70% ready already. She took it in her mouth and sucked it slowly wow it was really smoothing and relaxing then she sucked my balls one after the other. I was making sounds like a girl and told her baby don’t stop you are too good please do it slowly on me darling. She did it for a good 15 minutes then suddenly jumped up on me and started to ride on me her boobs were jiggling in the air I cupped both of then pulled and pushed her using it like a jockey.

She was hot again and my tool was also ready. I pushed her down and fucked her from behind her pussy was still tighter and with the speed of me pumping her walls started to contract I understood and pulled it out and tried pushing into her asshole she screamed hey u monster you fucker you need to have a small tool for a small hole like this not a monster like this these words made me wild so I pushed further in she said yeah tear it fuck me tear me to make me non-reusable today. Wow, what a motivational speech I stood up and pushed it in it went half in I said baby it is too tight is it ok. She said to wait and reached out to the olive oil and said pour this on that monster tool of yours monster and tear me up. I obeyed my sexy master and poured a lot of quantity and pushed again this time I succeeded. She screamed and cried you monster take it out it is killing me I am going to faint, I ignored her plea and banged her hard again she cried tears were running down her pink face but I turned a deaf ear to her and started to bang her faster her asshole was even warmer and tight and welcoming. To take revenge for the scolding I got I banged her harder and harder for each bang she was screaming angry crying in pain.

I was standing with my legs on each side of her and holding her waist so that she doesn’t escape I fucked her like a real monster I enjoyed being her master now. I asked will you scold me again she said yes please enough it is paining I replied is that so then here comes push it, even more, deeper this time she was about to faint and I enjoyed for a good half hour and I was sweating inside the AC room. I push again and again now it was time for her to learn her lesson so I sat down not removing my tool from her ass made nail herself on my tool and used my jockey string her boobs to be precise her nipples each pull she would go up and down wow it was cool and this I call it sex xx xx xx. So turned her again on fours and pumped really hard and released a lot of load in her asshole which started to run on her back and into her pussy she was also enjoying it now.

Still, my cock was strong so I pushed it in her pussy fucked her again and released some there as well and laid near her in bed when I fucked her now she came twice within ten minutes gap. Now I turned and looked at her she was like a rugged torn cloth near me I was happy inside for showing my manhood to her and showing what is sex.

I was not satisfied with this either went to the fridge got hold of a carrot and a cucumber and when she saw me with it she looked up and asked are you hungry? I said yes hungry for more of you, she was surprised and asked What the fuck I laughed and went near her and lifted her waist and rubbed the carrot near her asshole and slightly pushed it in she said hey Praveen it is cold…………. I said enjoy it, baby, it will reduce your pain and make you ready for another round. I slowly rubbed the tender cucumber on her pussy and pushed it in her vagina now there are dual penetration she said ho my you have become a monster and tried to remove them I held her hand and pushed my cock into her mouth and she was forced to take it in deep throat and give me a blow job. Slowly her fight reduced I tried to reach out to her bum as she was standing in fours and moved the carrot in and out she started to mourn and increased her speed of the Blow Job. All her three holes were occupied and she was enjoying it and made her lie down and in missionary position and started to fuck her again like a mad person with the cucumber in her ass hole. She was more than satisfied so was I. Time was already 1 pm we really lost our strength and we had to have some fruit juice and fruits as brunch and slept naked cuddling each other with carrot and cucumber still in her pussy and asshole. Not only was that she sucking my tool in her mouth like a small kid. I tied up her hands and legs.

Till night I fucked her in all position possible never let her get down the bed she was unable to walk after that. We called up the servant and told her to come after a week and informed the college of our leave. We also planned for a group bang with her friends I almost got 6 virgin pussies that week shall explain all that in part two if reading this story made you horny all ladies are open to sharing your feelings and guys can also do so at [email protected].


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