I Fucked My Mother Hard Again

Hi, this sex story is a real love between me and my mom.I never thought that sex life with my step mom many people use to say the sex relationship with mom is wrong but I think love is common.

Let us go to the sex story, my name is Sunny from middle high-class family and my dad is a good man. About her, I am not supposed to say she is a bitch.She was educated women and she was also cultural type.About her figure she is 36 -24-35 great figure really and not too white and also black she is medium color.

The sex story started went I was studying 5th standard and my real mother dies, in my dad company my step mom is working as an accountant and she became close and later they married. When I was studying 5 standard.After the marriage she was a normal mom to me but she married my father due to money only because she is a poor.My father doesn’t know any matter about her. My father never touche her itself. After I grow up I became a more sex lover when I became 15. I use to jerk my cum in toilets too. One day as all sleep I went to the bathroom and started to jerk while I had noticed her bra and pantie in the toilet she forget to wash. I take the bra and pantie and smiled it. It’s like a venom spread in my heard. I became worse and I hold her pantie over my dick and started to jerk.

I just continued this habit long time. One day, I retuned from school and entered the house and searched for her. After I notice she is in the bedroom and changing her dress.I silently stand side and started to watch she just started now. She is in a nighty and she first lifts her nighty up and thought away and she saying hmm you became little slim and she also said you are too sexy di and no one has enjoyed me so sad he (my dad) is so aged.

She unhooked her bra. I can’t belive she is awesome with big tits which looked like juicy mangoes hanging over her chest. After she pulled her pantie down and she bends to take the pantie. I was so excited and my dick says to have the anal. But my mind stopped the thought. She noticed something she slowly turns. I ran away. From that movement, I start to imaging of fucking her but another side, this is impossible. I do the same sexy scene. But I want to see her from the front. So I hand an old nokia mobile with a camera and I split bubble in the bathroom and I cover with things.

While she wants to bath I enter before her and set the camera. After she takes bath and I off the camera and takes a look. I oped the video she first removes her dress’s.My dick is started to rise and I enjoy the play. She was really good with tits and her pussy but she had hair above her pussy.I just had the video and use to watch and jerk my cum. One day I desire to fuck my mom so I control my habit and stop my stocking.

One night my father stay in office for night duty so he didn’t come night. I thought I could have a fun night. We had our dinner together and she tells me to sleep. I always use to sleep in my room and I asked her permission to sleep with her she said yes. I became more exited and we to had one bed. In mid night I slowly wake up and check well she is in sleep or not. Then slowly pull her bed sheet and she is in nighty only I removed my dress I am naked. I slowly removed her nighty. But she had her inner ware.I slowly unhooked her bra, then I started to lick her boobs and kissed her tits. The most attractive thing is she had her birth mark over her boobs. After an 5 minutes play, I move to her pantie and I pulled down. I started to kiss and give some tongue work.


She started to moan. I stopped and my dick was in dull form and I tap one her pussy with my dick and I first time inserted my dick into a lady. She was silent but is heaven feeling to me but I was scared if I started to jerk I will stick. I went to the toilet and it was open and I saw her and jerk my tool hard with a feel of fucking her.


Next day morning my dad returned from office and said I had an official work in the us. He will return after two weeks only. My mom was sad me too, but with a mind to fuck my mother. After a sendoff at evening, we two were bored. The is current off because of rain so she asked me to play any movie on the laptop. I don’t have any move except the deadpool.So I started to play. As usually it all started funny, but the movement came hero started to fuck heroine. Her hand was over her pussy and she started to rub. I was surprised she is not here. She is somewhere in sex imagination. I called her mom where are you ?. She said nothing and she asked me did you watch any porn film. I said what-what.


She said Sunny if you been with girlfriend what you do. I sailed her and she said its okay, your mom is like a friend. Come on  share. I said what happen I will kiss her hard, she smiled. After a second a nude fucking scene came. She looked at me and me too. We moved close at single centimeter gap between our lips. I started to kiss her generally she also started to do and we two hugged hard. Suddenly dame fucking electricity current came back. Sha passed me away and she went out from my room. I started to scold current. Want if you come 1hr later you dame dog.

After that incident happens she did not talk to me for five days. And after that as usual while she changing her dress I started to watching secretly. I didn\’t know the door was automatically locked. She heard the sound and turned she was naked she want to hide her body with two hands but she unable and she had a tow back. With an angry, she beat me twice and she opened the door and passed me out.

After she came out from the room, she started to scold me hard. I went out from the house and returned after 8 pm. She tells me to talk some. I followed her and she and me where sitting in the sofa and she said Sunny I am your mom and I must be responsible for your behavior. You must see me as your own mom, not your girlfriend or any other stupid things. The thing that happens last is not real it was an accident. We had a kiss and is should not be possible with your mom just stop this sex view on me. At last, she stands up and said you are my son and I am your mom remember.

Next day, morning she was busy at the kitchen. My dick is full mood but I can\’t control. Now I asked her what are you doing mom. She said break fast da. You go and brush first. I stand behind her and suddenly hold her hip and started to tap my dick over her back. She was scared what I am doing and she said Sunny stop don\’t do I am your mom it\’s impossible. I removed my dress and turned her. And asked the mom who wants this by showing my pie.

She was trying to move but I hold her hands and make her touch my dick. She first tries to push me. I tear her dress and I said mom your boobs is really making me mad. She try to hide her boobs I make her spread her legs and had a little sweet massage to her pussy with my tongue. She slowly started to enjoy but her mind is trying to stop she passed me away and tried to run. I hold her and make her in dogy position and I inserted my full power she first cry. After a minute I started to pump she started to enjoy hmm. Ha aha ha ah ah Sunny faster fuck me hard Sunny yeah do it.

After five minutes I make her knee and opens her mouth and pulled my covering skin over my dick and I make her suck and give a blowjob. She first continued without a breath and my cum over her face. She was happy with that. She last hugged me tightly and said Sunny this matter should not tell to your father at any one including your friends. I said yes my sexy mom. We kissed again and we two had a bath together. Next day we behave like a husband and wife in the house we had sex before dad come.

On monday my dad had returned from the us and was happy to see us again. At that night I can\’t sleep and I went to my mom and dad room and I wake up my mom and asked her to have sex but she didn\’t accepted it. She begged to level me out. I said mom dad is in sleep she said he will wake up any time sorry honey tomorrow you take leave and we will have fund da. I lifted her nighty and licked her pussy and had some play in their she mad an shout. Dad had a wake-up and he did not open his eyes and asked my mom what happen she said nothing its mosquito. I was happy and I pulled my pants down and make her blowjob she did lying in bed itself.

I kissed her again and mom don\’t forget tomorrow. She smiled and tell me to go out. Next day my day doped my school so I can\’t had left. But in the night she uses to brush her teeth. While she bush I stand I hold her boobs and she was scare and she said what do you want I said sex. She said your dad is in the home we can\’t I said mom single fuck I will go in ten minutes she said no da tomorrow I asked how many tomorrows mom I want it now. She said pls leave me da while I started to press her boobs.Then I fingering her pussy she was smiled and saying I am all your my some tomorrow.

I pop my dick out from underwear and make her touch. She started to give a hand job and I knee her and pushed my 6-inch chocolate to her mouth she was happy to give a blow job.After minutes my dad called her. She put her dress back and left.I was so angry at my dad. Next day morning my dad left the house I take bath and freshly hugged my mom and she was so happy and she kissed me harder and dragged me to her room and her lie in bed and she rubs my dick with her paw. The I removed her dress and I give a tongue job. She pulled over me and hugged and kissed again and make my lye in bed and she pushed my dick into her pussy and she started to pump. She became out of control and saying fast faster and faster aaa…

She stands parallel to me and she started to fuck. I hold her boobs tightly her brest has started to leak some milk then she sucks her milk back by licking me. Then I hold her boobs toward my mouth and started to suck she was enjoying and I make her lye on the bed and speed her legs she was like a frog. I first split some silver in her pussy to work smooth and she holds my dick and pushes my fore skin covering my dick and she saw my rose top of the dick and she placed over her pussy.

I started to stock she was oh haha mama aa ja just keep going on Sunny yeah you are fucking your mom Sunny this is wrong. I asked you do you let me fuck you, hard mom. She smiled and hold my thighs tightly and deserve it. After 15 minutes I pull backed my dick out. She kept her into her pussy and said Sunny you dame motherfucker you cum into my pussy da. I said oh no sorry mommy what we going to do. She said its okay I will buy media to stop in online da. Want an another round, I smiled and started again.

We sleep after 5 pm my dad return from office and knocking our door. We wake up and we are nude she tell me to hide in the bathroom and she opens the door and came to the bathroom my father entered and called her she open bathroom door and by half closes, he asked where is Sunny she said he is in project work. I another side I am started to pump my tool in her anal. He said okay and leave. I pump hard she shouted slow honey. My father turned around and asked what we said honey walk slow its slipper they’re, he went out. She turned and asked you can\’t wait son I am talking to your dad. Smiled and kissed and hold her boobs and started to carry on my job.

After that, she gives me a life long sex experience to me. After I got married she avoids me and later she became old. Her pussy and her boobs are not good so I stopped fucking my mom. But I went with my wife’s little sister sarany. Thats all my sex story.

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