Love With My Mami In Chennai

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I am Arjun from Chennai …Finished my UG ..Searching for my job..This incident happened just 3 day before…The heroine of the story is my sangeetha mami ..My mom’s brothers wife ..Her structure is 36-34-38 ..A perfect south Indian homely woman…This is a real life incident …I had a huge crush on her from my 10 std ..When she gets married to my uncle..But I don’t have enough courage to proceed further except watching her assets …Years passed..She gv birth to baby ..She too lives in Chennai 5 km from my home….

Then my uncle got job in Saudi Arabia …At the same time I finished my UG ..My uncle told to mom to take care of his wife and sons … And left to abroad …I am in cloud 9 that I can at least have a chance to seduce and enjoy her ..Day one itself my mami called my mom and asked her to send me to her home because she feel fear …My mom told me this ..Bt 1st I acted like refuse and shouted my mom ..Then after that I said ok ..I bathed in the evening..To look fresh ..

I went to her home at 7 …Knocked the door she opened…Woow she was in her red cudi ..Greeted me with smile …And thanked me for coming to her home .Her kid was went to tuition ..Now a days they started to send tuition in 1st grade itself …She gave me juice and started to talk about my career I didn’t listening her I just admiring her beauty ..Woow what a boobs she has…Her lips driven me crazy ..She noticed it and called my name …Now I back to scenes ..I blushed …

Then we talked normal stuff her kid return from tuition .We had dinner and went to sleep at 9 pm …Her house consist of two room but one room doesn’t have ac .Due to hot in Chennai she said you can sleep in ac room she and her kid slept in bed I slept in mat in ground …

At night in dim light I stated to see her she was in her white nighty flowers on it …Her thalii (that women wear after their marriage in neck) was in outside her nighty near her boobs…I got mood ..Her kid is lying in wall corner ..She is on tail corner ..Because her kid will roll I sleep..From ground I stated to place my leg on bed ..Were her leg was I stated to rub lightly …Current flowed in my body …Within minutes..She opened her eyes ..I acted like sleeping ..She took her legs away and slept…I got disappointed and slept ..

Next day morning it was Friday I went to home my mami called me that she feels bored buy some new movie…I brought conjuring movie ..In Chennai we can get new movie dvd on the release date itself ..I went to her home at 6.30..She was in her gray nighty ..With jasmin flower on head dye to its Friday ..She curiously asked wt movie did you buy I said conjuring ..She said I want watch horror movie already I fear for ghost ..I said dont fear we can watch I am there na…She accepted my offer I switched off all the lights she has 50 ” tv with 5.1 surroundings..I stated to play the movie she brought popcorn ..We sat next to each other in sofa…When suddenly ghost appears she hold my hand tightly I stated to enjoy her …I too wanted lay hug her in ghost scenes …I can feel her soft breast touching my chest …That jasmine smell makes me more mood ..

I started to tough and feel her breast with my forefinger slowly I moved my forefinger to her nipples started to rub it ..Her nipples became hard I can feel over her nighty she didn’t oppose me ..I can feel her heavy breath..She too stated too enjoy it ..I got courage and kissed on her cheeks…She smiled and the suddenly I lip locked and stated to press her 36 breast madly she too responded nicely we were in exchanging our saliva madly then suddenly door bell rang..

We came to normal and she open the door it was her kid return from tuition I cursed the kid ..He started to watch pogo .She smiled at me went to kitchen ..I followed her back and started to hug from behind she said her kid will see us I dint care about her words I started to kiss her neck and hitting my cock on her ass ..Wooow what a feel …What a soft asss…

Then she pushed me and angrily said wait till the kid sleep.I said oook oook and said her to take bath and wore slik saree and clean shave on her private parts ..She smiled and said ok..And asked me to brought condom..I left her home I drank two beer for extra power and brought condom reached her home at 9 PM opened the door my eyes got treat in she was in her white silk mallu saree..I asked her did her kid slept..She said yes …

Suddenly I hugged her started to kiss her on lips and started to move to her bed room by this same position.. We kissed like madly .. And started to press her breast ..Remover her pallu ..Kissed and bit her nipple she moaned ahhh ahhh do it slowly ..I unhooked her blouse ..And removed her black bra by kissing her lips .Wooow what a soft breast her nipple got harder I stated to suck it …She stated to moan .. Ahh haaaa ahh and stated to lift her saree licked her ties …And rubbed her love hole over her underwear ..She was in heaven ..Removed her underwear …Rubbed her pussy with my fingers her love juice stated to flow I inserted my middle finger stated to finger fuck …In love pain she bit my lips …

I started to move towards her love hole kissed there she was shocked how can you keep your mouth on that ..I said her mami its a art …Mama didn’t do it to you …She said ..Your mama only kiss and fuck her finish in 5 min and he will sleep …Ook mami I will do it just enjoy I stated to lick her pussy like dog …And slowly inserted my tongue in it …She was in heaven her love juice started to flow she is shouting in love pain …. Ahhh arjun …. Ittsss sooo niicce daaa …. Ahahaaa ..Then I said her to lick my cock ….But she refused it ..And I wore condom stated to insert my pennies in her love hole … After 4 to 5 stocks she started to scream…. Ahhhh haaa ahh haaa haaa … After 15 min I cummed …She cummed twice in that 15 min … I did 5 shots that night …In different style … Still now daily I am fucking her..In diff style

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