Pain And Pleasure At The Same Time

Hi friends ….. This is Vishal again.I had posted before a story about my fun with my previous girl friend. After our breakup I was just alone and searching for sex like a mad dog and finally I got my heroine. If someone wants to spent a nice time with me then mail me on [email protected]

The story started after when I was transferred to patna (bihar).In patna I had rented a room in a society in a vip area. As I am a working guy, I had to go to office in the morning and will to return in the afternoon. So I have no time to search for a sex partner.

One day after coming from office I was very tired and had a headache, so I decided to go to the terrace to take some free air and this idea have changed my life. I had got a vision of my heroine sneha (name changed) was applying some oil on her leg joint. Sneha was the neighbor of age 32 years who was staying since 2 years in the next apartment to me. When she was applying oil on her legs I could see her sexy, big and white thighs which was making my 6 inch long and 3 inch thick dick hard. At that time the devil inside me told that she is the one for whom I was searching since 4 years.

So after seeing her sexy milky thighs and blue panty I had masturbated 3 times in that night. From the next day onwards I was just searching for the opportunity when she will be alone and I will get a chance to talk with her. And finally the day came on one Sunday when she was taking some vegetables to the 1st floor where she was staying. As the bag was heavy she was searching for some help and suddenly I came down and offered my help to her to which she was agreed and we both moved towards her flat. When going upstairs I could see her nice and round buttocks going up and down

I was so excited at that time. After reaching her flat she smiled and said “Thanks.” from that day onwards I used to stare at her and when she caught me staring at her she just used to smile. This was carried on for 1 month and one day we met by chance in the learn where her little son sonu was playing and we talked for hours and we became friends.

One day I was alone in home due to fever and she saw me from her balcony and I signaled her whether she want a cup of tea with me and then she came to my room. During the tea we discussed about each other and our likes and dislikes and all of sudden I got an arousement in my boxers which she noticed and asked me to control myself. I felt little awkward and then she went to her apartment. In the evening I said sorry to her and she gave a beautiful smile.

After this three weeks passed and one day she came to my room and said “Can I leave my son here for a day” as her family was going for a relative’s marriage and I agreed to her and she left. After an hour my door bell rang and when I opened it she was there. I inquired about the matter and she told that she had got a headache which afterwards I came to know was her monthly period.

She then asked me for bathroom because in rush she had forgotten to take the keys of her house from her hubby. Then she went to my bathroom and took a shower and told me that she had putted her sari on her apartment roof and can I get it for her?? To which I said yes and I went to her roof and I got her little wet sari, bra, panty. Then she took it and she came out if the bathroom after wearing it. She was looking so hot.

She then went to her son and then slept him in an hour. I then asked her for a lunch and I prepared a nice lunch for her to which she appreciated and all of sudden I asked her if she have got a period due to a pungent smell which was coming from my bathroom. She said sorry to this and I said its ok I know the problems even if you want to dry your half wet sari under my fan you can do it. She agreed to it and when she opened her sari my dick just popped out of my boxer, which she noticed and gave a silly smile.

Then I went near her and placed a kiss on her cheek as I was out of control to which she resisted but I was so much aroused that I had putted my lips on her neck and I kissed her like a mad dog. Finally after some time she surrendered and I pulled down her petticoat and panty in a single attempt. Her red vagina was in front of me and I was smelling a little.

I then putted my finger on her vagina and started to stimulate her clitoris to which she moaned a little and without pulling out my hand from her clitoris I kissed her lips which went for minutes and then she told please dont do anything as it was her period but I was so much aroused that I have not listened to her words and I had thrown her on my sofa.

Then I slowly moved my finger to her asshole and tried to put my fingers inside it and after five try I put three fingers in it which was suitable for my dick. During this act she was moaning and shouting like hell. Then I rubbed my dick on asshole by applying some Vaseline to it and I inserted my half of the dick inside. She was in pain.

Then I slowly rubbed her clitoris with my finger, her boob nipples with another hand and her asshole with my dick. She may have felt a heavenly pleasure.

After 15 minutes I collapsed and was laying on her for another 15 minutes. Then I said sorry to her to which she told that she have experienced a pain and pleasure feeling same time during her periods which was so amazing for her. I was so much happy to her statement and after that I never got a chance to fuck her.

So I request all ladies, please don’t put any secret desire in your heart. I am starving and you r also. Please be my dream queen, I am waiting for you. Anyone near kolkata, bhubaneswar, patna and rest of odisha and bihar can call me for their secret desire. I will be so glad to fulfill your desires. Mail me if you are ready for secret fun on [email protected]

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