Maitri Relaxed Me A Lot

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I Do not like to travel alone on the train, because there is it like a chaos, and every other gentleman wants to rub against you and some oldies may go further and start touching you here and there pretending to be gentle. But there is no way you can avoid travelling by train. So it happened that I had to travel from Delhi to Kolkata By Train and had not very good experience. When I reached Kolkata, I wished to take some rest and so hired a taxi and reached at my uncles house. He is a friend of my father and we stayed in neighbourhood during my school days.

I was welcomed and after having lunch I slept for almost two hours and got up in the evening. Uncles daughter Maitri was eagerly waiting for me. She was not at home when I reached as she had gone to college. In the evening we chatted a lot and it is then that I asked her if she is having a boy friend and she denied. I smiled and said, “You are such a cute looking girl and you do not have a boy friend ? If I were a boy, I would have…” She looked at me intensely and said, “Didi, you are so naughty.”

In the evening Maitri and me went to the local area market and purchased some fruits and while on our way home, I again enquired about boy friends and sex and she denied flatly. At night we were to sleep in the her room and she wished to show me some projects of her college and her dance photos. And while browsing her computer, I asked if she has some porn and she laughed and nodded her head in positive and I said, “Let’s watch some”.

She got up and closed the door from inside and made the sound thin and started a porn. Interestingly there was a lesbian scene and I loved that. Maitri was sitting by my side and she was excited and I held her hand and started rubbing it a little and then looked at her and she looked at me, without thinking for a second thought, I brought her head forward and kissed on her lips. She did not say anything and remained like that and then I kissed her rather passionately and she also reciprocated.

I was in a skirt and top and she was in her half pant and tops and I started squeezing her tiny breasts from above her tops and she started moaning and I lowered my mouth and made her tops wet by my saliva and biting her tits. She was now breathing faster and deeper and I pulled her top and she was not wearing a bra and her breasts were very firm about 30 size ones and I started licking on them and biting her nipples. And she was becoming uncontrollable.

I pushed her on the bed and pulled her pant down and looked at her clean pussy. She had shaved it. She later informed. I planted a kiss on her pussy and she pushed my head inbetween her thighs and I started sucking and licking her pussy and it took me only a few minutes when she started flooding her pussy with her love fluid. I licked her pussy and she pushed me and went rushing to the bathroom. In some time she returned to the room.

“Didi, I never had such a nice orgasm.” She said. I said, “So how many times have you tried it?” She confessed that she had done it with many of her school mates and she loved it. I pulled her by hand on to the bed and then planted a kiss. She was instantly charged and she also kissed me passionately. She pulled my tops apart and started playing with my breasts. They are my erogenous zone and whenever someone touches them I simply become her. So she started sucking on my breasts and then teasing my nipples. I was aroused but I was calm and wanted to experience it fully. I had not done sex in last more than three months and after 24 hours of train journey it was feeling much relaxing.

She pulled my skirt and panty down and bowed down to kiss my pussy. I pulled her over me and we started sucking and licking each others pussy in 69 position. She was moaning and me too. She was bent over me and her pussy was getting wet and wet. I put my whole mouth over her pussy and started teasing her clitoris and she almost squirted and moved away from me but contiued sucking on my pussy. I was wet too. She was biting my clitoris and I also was ont he verge of a climax. I stopped her.

We both went to the bathroom and fingered each others pussy and in some time we dropped a lot of fluid on the bathroom floor. We took bath together and came back to the room. It was about 1 at night and we were too tired so went to bed and slept. The next morning we did the same before Maitri left for her college.

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