Massaging Neighbor Aunty Lead To Nice Fuck

Hello friends and fans of this wonderful site. I am a great fan of this wonderful site and use to read stories almost daily for last few years. The story which I am going to narrate is not actually a story but a real incident which happened between and a neighbour aunty of mine in the month of April. The entire characters name has been changed here due to obvious reason but the place and incident is real.

Before we come to the story let me introduce myself, I am Harsh from Mumbai, 26 years old, an average guy with average look and average build up, having a great stamina to satisfy and lady. I am currently living alone in rented flat in Mumbai and working in a MNC. I am not an expert writer so please don’t look at the mistakes. Ok guys hold your dick and pals be ready to finger your pussy as I am sure and bet you that you will surely stroking your dick and girls will finger their pussies after reading this incident. The story begins in the month of September when I shifted to my flat. This story is quite so kindly bear with me.

Earlier I was living with my friends in a shared flat. But due to some problems I had to change to my flat which was a 3 storied building. In the ground floor some family was there and in the second floor 2 bachelors were staying and I had the first floor. I was not in the mood to have a roommate due to my earlier experience. When I was shifted to my new flat it was not provided with lights and the fans.

After shifting to my new room I have to fix the lights and the fans but I didn’t have the stool for doing so. I searched for the same from the other two flats person from my building but nothing was there with them also. I was looking for stool to fix light and fan.

Then I went to the flat to building next building next to mine in ground floor. I rang the bell it was the time of evening, after sometime a beautiful lady came to open the door. She was quite beautiful. I asked her if she has stool. She replied in positive and asked me if I am new here. I replied her that I have shifted to that building (pointing my finger) first floor today itself and need the stool for fixing lights and fan. I took the same and went to my flat and fixed the lights and fans and went back to return the stool after half an hour. I thanked her for helping me.

She just smiled and asked me to come inside I said ok but she insisted me to have a cup of tea, initially I resisted saying her that don’t trouble herself because of me. She said she was making for her if I would come then she would have company. I couldn’t say no and went inside. She said to sit in the sofa and make myself comfortable. And the conversation started. Her name was Rosy.

Rosy- So, you shifted recently?

Me- Yes aunty today itself.

Rosy- Alone or with roomamate?

Me- No aunty, no roommate now. I was living with them but things didn’t worked so I am staying alone now.

Rosy- Oh I see.

She went to kitchen and bring the tea and we had it while talking generally about life, job etc. I came to know that she is a housewife and her husband works in some bank in sales department and have to travel a lot. After finishing the tea I left for my flat. After this we met several time market and locality as we were the neighbour and the distance between our flats were also very less. We become like friends and exchanged our no.

One Sunday she invited me for lunch as her husband was also the. I went for the lunch met her husband he was good person but little money minded and always talk about business. Now it’s time to give full introduction about Rosy aunty. She was quite fair, her age would be around 40 years (I don’t know exactly), well maintained and doesn’t look like that age.

She was married some years ago and do not have children. Her figure must be- 36-30-36. I didn’t have any bad intension for her till now. All this went for some months. One day in the month of April I came from the office early in the evening. I was feeling bore so thought to visit Rosy Aunty. I went and rang her door bell. After some time she opened the door she was wearing green coloured saree with matching blouse. I thought I have disturbed her, she might be sleeping.

Me- hello Aunty.

Rosy- Hello Harsh, come.

Me- Sorry aunty, I have disturbed you. You must be sleeping.

Rosy- No no, Its ok. I was feeling some pain in my body so I was just lying in the room.

Me- what happened all well?

Rosy- yeah all good just a little pain in legs and the body.

Me- have you gone to doctor? Where is uncle?

Rosy- It’s just a little pain will go after some. Uncle has gone to some conference and will be back by Wednesday.

Me- Oh.

We went talking but she was feeling the pain. I asked her aunty you are not feeling well go and take some rest. She said she is alright. I forced her to take some rest. She finally went to her bedroom. I started watching TV. After some time I went to her bedroom. Her pain was still there. I said her aunty you are not feeling really well. Let me give you massage to your leg. She denied that she will be alright in some time. I said aunty I am a good massager you will feel good.

After so much of thinking she said to do it. I asked her if she has if she has massage oil she said no. Then I asked her if she has mustard oil she replied in the kitchen. I went to kitchen and boiled the mustard oil for some time and came to the bedroom. I asked her to lie on the bed. She lied in the bed by her stomach. I slowly lifted her green saree and peicot till her knee and started massaging her left leg. Her legs were so fair with little hairs. Wow it was a beautiful sight to watch those milky legs with little black hairs. Now I turned to right legs. She told me that she is feeling good plz continue. Her saree and peticot was making some hurdle to proceed. I asked her the same.

She removed her saree and peticot in one go. I was amazed to see her milky silky legs and her ass. I was losing my control now. She was wearing green cotton v shaped panties (I don’t know the type though). My dick started to rise in my underwear. Why not it such a beautiful lady with such a figure lying in front of you that half nude it’s natural to get a hard on. She was feeling good and her pain was going slowly. Then I started to massage her thigh and after doing her legs I went to her back. I have not touched her ass till now.

Then I started to massage her hands now. She was enjoying it and started to moan slowly. My condition was also not good, I was feeling my dick was rising inside my underwear to its full. I asked her to lay by her so that I can massage her stomach. I started to apply oil to her stomach and vest. Her navel was so lickable I was tempted to lick the navel but I controlled myself anyhow.

Now I asked her to raise her hand so that I can massage her hand. She raise her hand her eyes were closed and she was moaning slowly and enjoying the massage. Her breathing was increased and so was mine. I coul Although the fan was on I saw her armpits were wet due to the sweat it was so erotic sight to have a look at. Now it was enough I lost my control. I asked her –

Me- Aunty you want me to give you full body massage, your whole body will be relaxed.

Rosy- do whatever you want I am feeling magical.

It was a green signal for me I removed her green blouse; she raised little bit to help me to remove her blouse and lay raising her hand. Her armpits were full of hairs and sweat and glistening with the wetness of sweat. Just went to inhale the magical aroma of her armpits. The aroma sweat and her deo was making it more lickable. She was laying in the bed in her green bra and panties fully drenched with the sweat and oil. Her body was glistening in the light. I couldn’t control anymore and started to lick her armpits now it was so yummy to lick those hairy armpits full of sweat and black hairs. Her moaning started to increase now ummhhh uuuhh

I removed her bra now she was fully in mood and cooperating me fully. I removed my t shirt a underwear, my dick was fully arose and leaking the precum. She was now in just her green panties the wet spot were clearly visible at her pussy area. I licked her both armpits and came down to her boobs her boobs were tight enough to her age with long erected nipple and brownish areola. I stared to kiss her neck her ear and came down to her boobs. I took her right nipple in my mouth and started to press hard her left boob. She was moaning loud and I was over her my whole wait was over her now and she was hugging me tightly.

Then I went above to her lips, those rosy pink lips we smooched each other she was playing with my hairs. And I was kissing her hard and playing with her boobs. Our tongue were fighting with each other we our exchanging our saliva after kissing and smooching her for almost 15-20 minutes I came down to her down of her boobs and started licking her lower -abdomen and finally to her navel. Her navel was deep enough that my whole tongue was inside it.

With one hand I was rubbing her pussy over her panties. Her full panties was fully drenched with her love juice. I came down to to her thighs and started licking there with my tongue simultaneously rubbing her panties. She was moaning mmhh yeahhhh baby lick me yeahhhh ittss feeelll sooo gooodd. I thing she has got 2-3 orgams in between as her panties was totally drenched with her love juice.

Rosy- ohhh aaaaaa eeeeuun aaaahh lickk mmeee eat mee

Now I removed her panties oh my god what a sight it was her pussy was fully of those curly black pubic hairs I was not able to see the hole due to those dense forest of her pubic hairs. This sight was so nice that I couldn’t forget the sight for my whole life. Although I don’t have any problem with clean shaved armpits and pussy but love the armpits full of black curly hairs which give the natural look and makes me rawer to have them.

I went down to her pussy what the smell it was it was the most intoxicating smell, mixture of her sweat her love juice her urine I net you guys no fragrance in the world is more intoxicating than this natural smell of a mature woman’s pussy.

Now it was very problematic for me to control anymore I put my head down to the most heavenly body part of a women. She was uncontrollable now she was moaning so loud that someone has heard her sound outside. I put my tongue to her hairy pussy it was so warm and wet. I was licking each and every corner of her black pussy. I literally chewed her pubic hairs. After 10-15 minutes licking she has another orgasm. I drank all the juice discharged from her pussy. She was like lying like dead body in the bed now. She was breathing very hard. After 10 minutes she came to normal. She had a very satisfactory smile on her face. She was satisfied but my dick was still hard now.

Rosy- it was amazing.

Me- you liked it aunty?

Rosy- don’t call me aunty call me rosy

Me- ok Rosy, you liked it?

Rosy- I loved it baby. My hubby never licked my pussy and armpits. I was not aware of the enjoyment this licking gives. After so many years I have had back to back orgasm.

Me- But I am still not done, look it this (Pointing towards my dick)

Rosy- Oh my god! I was so engrossed that I didn’t have a look at your dick. It’s so big. My husband has half of it. It must be 7-8 inches.

Me- I have never measured it but it has enough stamina to satisfy any lady.

Rosy- I can see it.

Me- Suck it Rosy baby.

Rosy- I have never sucked a dick my hubby doesn’t like oral.

Me- Please suck it. It’s dyeing to go in some hole now.

I was lying next to her she slowly took my erected dick in her hand and started to stroke it up and down. She changed her position and took my dick in her mouth. Oh my god I can’t describe the pleasure of having those rosy pink lips rolled over to the tips of my dick.

Rosy- aahhh hhhu hhmm

Me- ahhhnn uiiiss yesss babyyy aaaahh sssuuckk iiitt haard aaaahh

We were in 69 positions I was licking her pussy and asshole by putting my tongue deep in her pussy and asshole and she was sucking my dick from tip to my balls rolling her tongue all over the shaft. After 20 minute I felt that I was about to cum.

Me- yeaaa I am Cumming.

But she doesn’t listen to me and we cum simultaneously in each other mouth and cleaned each other privates. We were quite tired and drenched in sweat fully now as it was the month of april. We relaxed some time in each other arms hugging cuddling each other arms.

We were talking

Rosy- I loved it.

Me- me too Rosy

Me- tell me one thing?

Rosy- what?

Me-I thing you have never shaved your armpits and pussy?

Rosy- why are you asking so, you don’t like it?

I kissed her lips, neck and her those sweaty armpits again and said-

Me-I love the hairy women and I am crazy about armpits and pussy. Licking those hairy, sweaty armpits and hairy pussy was amazing.

Rosy- I have no sex life foe last 8 years. I have not been fucked for so long as uncle is not taking care of this thats why I have stopped looking and shaving my pussy and armpits.Me- and don’t shave them for the future also.

Now it was the time for the main pleasure. She started to stroke my dick and sometime took into the mouth and made it hard again. She came to missionary position I was above her. I positioned my dick to her pussy and started to rub on her pussy. She was telling to put into her pussy.

Rosy- ab mat tadpao dal do.

I tried to insert my fully erected dick but it was slipping she took my dick in her hand and put in the opening of her pussy by asiding her pubic hairs and asked me to push. I pushed a little, her pussy was really tight as it was not fucked for a long time. As my dick entered a little she screamed in pain and suddenly shouted in loud voice. I took her lips into mines and pushed my full dick in her pussy in one go. She was like unhh aaaahhs aaahh uiiiii. Tears rolled down from her eyes and licked them those.

After some time I started to insert my dick in her pussy in slow motion and slowly her pain subsidised. And she started to enjoy by making strokes with me. My dick was ramping her tight pussy lips were busy in kissing her and hands were simultaneously pressing her boobs very hard she was enjoying each and every act of mine. I fucked her in that position for another 10 minutes and then changed to doggy style. Her boobs were hanging and i was fucking her from behind. She was making all kind of the noise aaahh uiiiinn hhaann aaoorrr jjjoor sssee

Rosy- fuck me. Chod mujhe madarchod. Fad de meri chut kai salo ki pyas bujha deeeee aaaahhhh jor see cccchhod. Teerraa lund baahhut aaacchhaa hhh cchhodd mujheeee.

I was very excited to hear those words from her I started to fuck hard. She had her orgasm in between as her pussy was more lubricated now.

After fucking her for half an hour she cummed 3 times already. Now I was also about to cum. After 10-12 strokes I cummed in her pussy. We lied besides each other. We were left with no energy. She was very satisfied then. After some time we went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves. And came to bedroom. We ordered some food from outside and after that we had 5 more round in that night. After that we used to fuck each other whenever her hubby is out of station till last month.

But last month Rosy shifted to some other city as her husband got transferred. I am missing her and sweet pussy badly. Now I am alone looking for someone. Guys let me know how my story was. Give your feedback and suggestions to my mail id- [email protected]. Any lady, girls, widowed, housewives or unsatisfied women (age no bar) , Specially from Mumbai want to chat or have any secret relationships ( I am living single so no problem of place) or for any type of massage (as I am good at it) can also contact me at- [email protected]. Please give me suggestions and feedback so that I can write more stories in future. Till then bye bye!!!!!

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