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Hi, I am Nithin from Kerala, I am working in an MNC in Kerala. From a very small age itself, I started fantasizing and masturbating and from that time itself, I was interested in aunties because of their structure. So please read my sex story.

Talking about myself, I am an average person with average height and weight and I am 25 years of old. This is a fantasy which I always wanted to have with an aunty whose is my aunt’s friend.

Her name is Rekha, age was around 35 and she had a nice structure. Her figure would be 36-32-36, this would be my guess as she is very busty and assy… I met her when I went to stay at my aunt’s house in Chennai on a vacation. She is a housewife and her husband is a manager in a well-reputed firm and they had two kids one of age 10 and other of age 7.

Since the kids are school going and her husband was busy all days, she would roam around in the city and visit friends most of the day. So likewise once I was there in Chennai for a vacation both the families happened to plan a dinner party in a hotel so I was also forced to go with them. I was not at all interested in going with them as my aunt’s friend and her family were strangers for me and as I am a shy type I was least interested. But once I reached there and I met her I was baffled by her beauty and structure and I was introduced to them by my aunt. So when I was introduced she all the way came towards me and hugged me pulled my cheeks. My face became red by her act and her boobs on my chest made my boy awake from his sleep.

So during dinner I was watching her sometimes without no one noticing me and after dinner, we left to our homes and I shagged thinking about her from that onwards she became my fantasy queen and I seduced and fucked her in my dreams zillion time.

As one day I was alone she came to our house, as no one was there I was reading some aunty stories in Indian sex story on my laptop and was shagging. I was about to reach climax and she rang the bell. I was soo frustrated and went to open the door without even thinking about my hard on. So when I opened the door I was surprised to see my fantasy queen in front of me. I was sweating a bit and she saw my tent in my shorts so should have understood what was going inside before her arrival as I said no one was there. She gave a wicked smile and left that day.

That night she somehow got my facebook id and messaged me and asked me directly what I was doing that day… I was shocked by her direct question and I said that I was taking exercise… And her response for that again shocked me. She asked whether you were exercising with your cock…. I didn’t respond for that because of fear and disconnected the chat.

Then after some days, I was roaming in a famous mall alone in Chennai and while I was walking somebody tapped on my shoulder from behind, and when I turned back and was surprised to see her. We wished each other and after some talk, she asked what are you doing alone, so I said I was feeling bored I just came here to spend some time. Then she also said the same then she suggested whether we can go for any movie, as I had no other plans we went for a movie.

We went for an animation movie as most of the others were full. As we entered the movie hall it was more like deserted as it was weekday there were no much people there and we settled in a corner seat. When we settled down she asked sorry for what she had asked that day and I said its ok aunty and I said I was doing what she has said, as I was in fear to say that I disconnected the chat. When the movie started she slowly kept her hand on my lap and she lied on my shoulder as if we were lovers and I was having a different feeling. I held her hand and asked her what are you doing aunt and just asked me to keep quiet and watch the movie.

Her breathing started to increase as I can notice that by seeing her chest moving very fast. She was wearing a salwar that day. She then slowly moved her hands towards my cock. It has already become rock hard and she started to press it and hold it very hard. My breath has also started to increase and I couldn’t concentrate on the film anymore. She was so horny that she even bit and licked my neck. She all of a sudden got up from her seat and asked me to follow her.

We reached the parking lot and she smooched me there as none were there and said we are going to her house and I just nodded my head and followed to her car. We left the mall and reached her flat. Her flat was empty as she went to her hometown for vacation and her husband was in office and will be back only in the night. As now the time was only 12:30 we had a long time to enjoy. As it was my first time I was more excited. We sat on the sofa and she sat on my lap started to smooch me and in between, she bit my lower lip. It was a beautiful smooch and she was a good kisser. While kissing she removed my shirt and removed my belt. While I tried to remove her salwar top she hit my hand.

All of a sudden her behavior changed and she started to be bossy. She asked me to remove my pants and undergarment and asked me to stand in front of her. She just watched me from top to bottom and she said you are not having a great body and she abused me for that and thrashed with my belt once on my ass. I screamed in pain but she ordered me to be quiet. I obeyed her. Then she took my tool in her hand and said even though it’s not too large it’s bigger and thicker than her husband.

Then, she said that it was a dream to be a master and make a guy her slave. So then only I understood what was going on, now I also got into her play. She asked me to be on all four and she removed her dress and I saw my queen’s beautiful naked body for the first time and it was more beautiful than that of my dream. I about went near her but she stopped and she sat on me and asked me to take her in each and every room on all fours. I somehow managed to take her to every room but when I became tired and slowed down in between she thrashed me well on my ass and even kicked me on my cock.

Somehow, I reached the final destination and reached her room. There she got down from my back and she sat on the bed and asked me to lick her body from toe to head. I started to lick her beautiful body and I took extra care in licking her body and she liked it very much any she was moaning very well when I reached her thighs I licked her inner thighs very well and she was moaning and moving her body rigorously and she held my hair and pulled to her pussy. When I just kissed her and licked her pussy lips she locked my head between her legs and she orgasmed and I drank her juice, for the first time in my life I tasted the pussy juice. Even though I didn’t like the taste of it I drank them all and cleaned her pussy.

After her orgasm subsided, she removed her lock from my head. She was so happy with my performance that she came and kissed very passionately, as a reward she held my cock in her hand and started to push it up and down. I was so excited and as it was my first time and her hand job was amazing that I sprayed my juices on her hand and some on her hair. She became so angry for spoiling her hair and hand and for not informing her of time.

So for this, she again punished me my tying me to the bed and filled my mouth with her panty. I loved this punishment. She again started to excite me by taking my cock in her mouth and it stood again now she removed her panty from my mouth and then she kept her ass in my mouth and asked me to lick it. I was forced t lick her ass and she started to bounce when I was licking her ass and she fingered herself in her pussy. She became so much excited by this that she all of a sudden went to my cock and inserted my cock into her pussy and she started to jump on it at a high speed. As it was my first time it was hurting in the beginning then I also started to enjoy.

We started to moan loudly as so much was the pleasure she was giving me and she was getting. I shouted that I was going to cum but she didn’t listen to me and continued to hump on me. Then, the next second, I moaned loudly and I started to cum and at the same time, she also came along with me. It was a nice experience for me and she lied to me after that.

Then, she removed my hands and legs and she went to the bathroom, after reaching there she also called me and she made me lie on the bathroom floor and peed on me I drank some and then she opened the shower. I got up from the floor, and now I overcharged her and held and crushed her boobs from behind kissed her shoulder and bit her neck. I have so turned on again that I inserted my cock into her pussy from behind and pumped her with all my force by pressing her against the bathroom wall till I again I filled her pussy.

We came out from the bathroom all tired ordered some food, then we had it and rested for a while. Then in the evening, I left her house but before leaving I got a nice hug and kiss from her.Hope you liked my fantasy. Can share your comments of my sex story at [email protected] or you can even contact me on kik. My kik id is nithin.1. Thank you have a nice day.

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