Me And My Sweet Aunt

Hi friends. This is abhi from bangalore. I would like to narrate you a incident which was taken place in between ma and my sexy aunt in hyderabad. This is first story friends if at all any mistakes feel free to mail me so that i can do better in my further proceedings. Well coming to the story i am of 25 yrs of age right now and this incident was happened around 21 years i think. My aunt name is lucky this was kept by me and i would use the name lucky in this overall story. I use to go to her house daily in return from my college. My college will be left at 4pm in the evening and t that time i use to go to her house where her husband is working on other region. She use to live with her children and their age is around 15 and 10. They use to go to school and come home around 6pm.

Till that time i use to watch aunty acts initially.She use to wear some what transparent blouses and she is in work the saree use to slip and i can have a visibility of her boobs and nipples. From there only i use to watch her in wrong angle. One fine day in the afternoon as i went to her home i saw her husband in home and he greeted me hi and welcomed me into house and i came to know that he is suffering from fever. So he went to bedroom and taking rest. In the mean while my aunty is taking rest in hall on diwana. I went near her and slept beside her after some time i found that her boobs are pressing my back and at that time i got some tension and did not strike what to do so i finally turned to her side and next my hand from down to touch her blouse and at that time she is wearing her nighty.

As this incident ia going on my brother wake up. Here my brother is my penis i.E cock. I used to push my cock towards her and after 15 min sperm has been released in my underwear. I went to washroom and cleaned myself. After some more days she was sleeping in the afternoon on the floor. As it is in summer season the weather is too hot. I again went beside her and slept and kept my hand on her stomach from there i tried to touch her blouse. Finally after some attempts i have reached to her blouse. I tried to move my hand into the blouse from down but it is not possible so i found some gap in between the hooks of her blouse till that time i was slightly pressing her blouse and i m interested and busy in finding her nipple. That is the first touch for me to touch women nipple at that age. It is somewhat great feeling i felt. After that i inserted to touch her boobs from the gaps of hooks and the boobs are white in color and so soft.

I removed one of her hook and kept my hand inside. As i m doing all these actions she didnt said any objection or something and i know that she is really enjoying my acts. So i have proceeded boob pressing for some day like this. On other day when i went to her house the doors are kept open i rushed into the house and caught her from behind while she is preparing some dish in the kitchen in the mean while i am touching her boobs under her pallu and started pressing my dick into her ass and saw some feelings in her that she too enjoying the act.Nothing more done on that day. Like this i am enjoying her day by day.

One day we went to some tour we children are sitting in one car and our parents are in another car. Her daughter got tired and slept an my thighs and kept my hands on her and accidentally they were slipped to her boobs and i obviously pressed them they to are also so soft and i kept inside the dress and found the nipple erect and it was hardrock. I thought her mother and herself are maintaining good pair of boobs.

After lunch she come in our car and sit beside me and in the night she slept on my thighs and i continued the same act till night. So i enjoyed a lot with her boobs but its time to reach her pussy and i am waiting for chance how to proceed. Finally i reached. We are going to my village in auto and i am little bit tired and slept on her thighs but when i slept there i found her navel and i cannot control myself and kept one hand itching on her pussy and another hand inside to her saree from down and i saw her face and found she is also acting like sleeping and finally i reached her pussy and kept my hand inside the pussy and found some wetness there. At that age i did not have any idea what and how will be there. Like this we both are enjoying when ever we have a chance.

One day she has taken one tablet which she feels sleepy on that day no one in home so i directly kept my hand on stomach and lowered her saree and kept my hand inside her saree and touched her pussy and do finger fuck for 5 min and pressed her soft balloons(boobs) like anything but i did not found any reaction in her after 15 min she woke up and at that time i m watching tv. She came near me and asked what happened to me i found something wrong near my leg. I too acted nothing happened how can i know what happened to your legs. And we behave normally sfter some time.

And finally one day at 11 am i went to her home and at that time she was getting prepare for her bath. For your kind information there is no roof for her bathroom and it is attached bathroom and top open beside that there is semi furnished cupboard.As she entered into the bathroom after i heard the water falling on her body i began to search to see whether there are any holes for door to watch her but i found nothing and saw the cupboard and climb that cupboard to see full nude and finally i got and after coming out she wore a cotton saree of yellow and dark green combination and green color blouse which suits her and looking sexy too.

And after taking lunch and she feels somewhat sleepy and went to sleep and as soon s she feels sleepy i 2 felt same and went beside her to sleep.And kept my hand on her boobs and found her breathe is increasing and i am pressing her boobs and after some time she turned towards me and i unhook her blouse and raised up and suck her nipples for 10 min the nipples became too hard and her boobs and more softer than be for and i started to put my hand inside her saree and found her pussy it was fully wet and i started finger fuck for some time and raised her saree and i unzip my trouser and released my brother and kept head near her pussy until now she controlled but as the touch of my dick touched her she cant manage more by seeing the size and pushed her towards me and started to enjoy after then i released cum inside her with her permission only and asked her why she has waited till now for fuck and she replied that she got fear in herself and if it is known to anybody her marriage life will spoil and asked me not to tell regarding this to anyone.

I replied are you mad how can i tell and miss you. She hugged me tightly and we both taken bath after the sex in the washroom and had one more session.

Like this when ever we get opportunity we had enjoyed a lot and i got job in Bangalore in software and i miss her until now i have not reveled our matter to anyone.

Guys i hope you all njoyed the story and u feel honry too. Even i feel honry while writing the story and regained the incidents how i enjoyed. Any girls or aunties who has gone through the story and u too want to enjoy like this means you can feel free to call sothat i can fullfill your desire of not getting satisfaction with your boyfriends or your hubby. It will be maintained very secrecy and nodoubt in that and you can enjoy at your place.This is my mail-id for those people who can leave comments,suggestions and requests. Catch u later. Byyyeeeee

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