Mere Piyari Pakeza Shafia Bhabhi

Hi doston yay story hay meri bhabi aur meri. I am 24 years 5″11 smart guy. My bhai is 31 years and works as vice president in bank ..We all live in karachi.

My brother married his girlfriend from university her name is shafia . She is 5’6 having figure 36c 30 36 and is fair in fact you can call her goddess a real sex bomb. The day shafia came to our house as bhabhi since that day i have masturbated everynight thinking about her . Well shafia is a real doll she is jolly always likes to have fun prays regularly so she is the sweetest girl of whole family and all love her but i only imagine her as my whore who i want to fuck like a bitch. Anyway till 3 years i just fantasized about her and just masturbated thinking about her. Now during these years i came to realize that she is not as innocent and decent as all think as i have heard her talking real dirty giving galis when she is with her friends.

Suddenly one day my life turned and my fantasies started to come to life …One week my brother had to go on business trip to Dubai for a week and my papa also went with him to meet some cousins so it was only my ami bhabhi and her 2 year old so .. Bhabhi used to live in upper portion of the house so one day ami asked me to call bhabhi down for lunch as she was not feeling well and was going to sleep. So i went up to call shafia one 8 reached near her bedroom door i heard something strange i slowly and quietly went near her door and opened it without making any noise ..

I was shocked to see that my shareef pakeza bhabi to 5 waqt ki namazi thi aur sab kay samnay shareef ban kar rrehti thi wo haramzadi apnay 3 saal kay betay kay samnay nangi leti thi and was smoking with one hand and with other hand she was rubbing her pussy while watching a porn movie of mia khalifa in which she was fucking a man along with her stepmother.. Bhabhi was rubbing her pussy very hard and was fingering her self and after every few seconds she used to take he fingers out of her pussy and used to suck and lick them.. I also started masturbating watching bhabhi naked and smoking and rubbing her juicy pick pussy suddenly she came and her water fell on bed sheet and i also came at the same time. .

Then while finishing her cigarette she kept pressing her gorgeous boobs and was biting her own nipples .. Once she cooled down then she closed the tv but i think she then saw my shadow in the tv and quickly turned but i ran so she didnt see me.

I came down and from down i called shafia name to come down and eat food . When she came down we sat on the table and casually asked me did i come up? I said no and she just smiled and started eating and started feeding her baby.

A week went by and nothing else happened but then my birthday came and whole family went out for dinner when we came back suddenly bhabi gave me an envelope and whispered in my ear happy birthday sweety and enjoy your night and then suddenly went upstairs.

I was surprised with this that what did shafia give me so i quickly went to my room and opened the envelope and inside was a small paper on which it was written happy birthday sweety hope u enjoyed watching me last week now enjoy tonight’s present. I was surprised to read this and shocked to know that shafia knew that i was watching her any way inside the envelope was a usb i plugged it in my laptop and opened and was shocked to see that it was bhabi and shafia’s honeymoon pics of Thailand..

I started watching ans was surprised to see that my shareef shafia was wearing shorts and tshirt… Then moving forward my lund suddenly became erect i saw shafia on the beach and wearing a see-through bikini and sunglasses in front of everyone her gorgeous round boobs were visible and her brown nipples were also visible and her round gand was half exposed .. I couldn’t believe my eyes that shafia was wearing this on the beach ..

I started rubbing my cock then there were more pictures of her wearing short clothes and kissing bhai.. Ufff then i saw pictures of her and bhai with one american couple who were also on honeymoon they were sitting together and then i saw that in one pic bhabi was sitting in other guy lap and his wife was in bhai lap i was surprised then in next pic shafia was drinking wine and the guy hand was inside shafia shirt and she was laughing.

I went crazy looking at this and masturbated 3 time.. Next day at breakfast after bhai went to office bhabi gave me a wink and said did you have fun janu .. I was shy couldn’t reply so she came near me and when ami was not looking she came near me and pressed my lund and said aray kanjar tumhara time bhi aye ga. Yay bol kar wo kitchen men chali gai

Us waqt kay baad men bas yabi sochnay laga kay yay ky ho raha hay .. How is this possible she is my brother wife .. A innocent decent and religious girl how is this possible?

Anyway bhabi started flirting with me a lot and started to give me flying kisses when no one was there and then she went a step further a started sending dirty messages on wattsap Like janu kahan ho .. Mere gili hay .. Uff tumharay bhai aaj mere chut phar den gay .. Aaj to kutya ban kar tumharay bhai ka lund lun gi .. Janu mere chut par tumhara naam likha hay .. Is tarhan kay messages roz kar kay kutya mughay roz tang karna shuru ho gai

Agay next part men

Mere Piyari Pakeza Shafia Bhabhi

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