Met An Angel In Hyderabad Pub

Hi Friends, your Night Rider is back with new encounter! firstly let me thank to all those readers who read my earlier story and appreciated me through mails.

For new readers let me introduce myself once again, I am Night Rider and i am from Hyderabad. Any unsatisfied lady or girl want to have any secret relationship more welcome, you can always reach me at [email protected], I am just a mail away from you babes.

It was a drowsy Saturday, whole day i spent little drowsy and just passed the day and in the evening I decided to visit a pub to get relaxed so I dressed up neatly and went to a pub, as stages were seen as villains in pubs and no entry for dance floor, I choose a corner and sat there and enjoying the music, there at the other corner I found an angel sitting idle, so I approached her and greeted her for which she replied by saying Hi to me, from where our conversation started.

Me: Can I buy a drink for you

She: Sure,

Me: which one would you like to have

She: Sex on the beach

Me: having sex on the beach is really a good idea but unfortunately we don’t have beach in hyderabad

She: (by Laughing) I am speaking about that sex, I am speaking about the drink

Me: Yeah, I know let me get one for you

She: Thanks 🙂

Me: Here is your drink

She: Thanks for the drink

Me: your good name please

She: Shilpa

Me: Probably god has taken so much time in creating this shilpam (shilpam referred to beautiful sculpture), you look sexy

(She started Blushing)

Me: How come this angel here

She: I am bored at home from being single so thought to relax, by the way what do you do

Me: I am a working professional

She: That’s kool

Me: Thanks, by the way what do you do

She: I am a housewife

Me: If you want me to leave I will do that but don’t joke

She: No, I am not, I am a married Woman.

Me: Ok, then what does ur hubby do do,

She: He is a busy entrepreneur

Me: I am glad that he is busy, If not it would be tuff me to meet this angel

She again blushed

She: hey I am about to leave, can you drop me

How would men reject that offer, if at all he rejected then he is not man

Me: Sure young lady but I haven’t had any car with me

She: That’s ok I do, we can but are you sure can you accompany me till my home in that case, return you may face problem

Me: facing problems for beautiful girls is luck for men which very rarely comes to one

She: hmmmm (laughed), lets go to parking

Me: sure

She: Do you driving

Me: Yeah I guess I drive good both ladies and cars

She: aha, again blushed

Now we are in car!

Me: Sorry for probing wrong question, may I know your age

She: That’s ok, I am 32,

Dammm … She just look like 28

Me: Wow, you look amazing just like a girl of age 28, If I am not wrong I guess you do yoga right

She: yupp! how do you know!

Me: I have a power of reading

She: Laughed

Between the conversation like this we went to her home

She welcomed me into her home for having some drinks and asked me to sit in sofa, and went for changing her dress and it took quite time so I was bored and went to look into the house as the interior was designed with good taste, while roaming her home got to see her changing her dress and that aroused me a lot, after that I returned to sofaOh Man, she came in sleeveless nighty, and was looking dam hot!

While drinking, I told her she has nice taste, she asked me about, I told her about the house interior and her body exterior dress

She suddenly started crying I went near to console her and asked her what happened for which she told its been long time that some has blushed her or spent some free time for her.

I have told her hey common from now we are friends and I will be there with her and can do masti

Suddenly she hugged me and since we are in drinks and I am aroused already, I hugged her too very tightly and started kissing her lips passionately, then lifted her and placed on wall and kissing her and slowly went down and started kissing her necks meanwhile my hands were on her hands

She was enjoying my act, I am kissing and sucking her with my tongue,

Now I placed my hands on her body and started removing her dress and started eating her boobs, then by bending down I started eating her navel, now I stood on my knees and was eating her pussy passionately and she was shouting like hell, come on eat me, eat my pussy very hard, I was eating her pussy.

Now lifted her and took to her bed room and placed on her bed and I went to her feet and started sucking her foot fingers and kissed on her palm this was making her more arose, then slowly I went to her knee and then thigh and was kissing them and biting them.

Now I went on to her and we have done 69, and later I made her stand on knee and then made her to suck my dick, and while doing I helped her in catching her hair. wow she is sucking very good and I am in heaven.

Now I made her lie on bed and started stocking her slowly and then raised fast. later I slept on her for some time and then I made her ride me like a cowgirl. she was good in riding me. later in the night, I bought a hand less chair and we had sex in hand less chair that chair-sex. then I took her in to bathroom and we had sex under her shower, I was keeping soap on her body parts and then again tounge fucking her pussy. It was amazing that the water from shower is first coming on her and then on to me.

Later we have many such nice positions and she always like my tongue fucking her pussy.

Hope you enjoyed my story. In and around Hyderabadi Unsatisfied ladies and girls can contact me any time, I am just a mail away from you and you can reach me at [email protected] please do mail me your comments

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