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Hello, everyone… I’m 35-year-old Indian currently staying in Australia… I’m a big fan of IndianSexStories and this story is my first to the readers, she is also a fan of the site. This happened in Sydney. Comments and Critics welcome at [email protected]

I regularly play tennis in a club with my friends. One evening, I was sitting alone as my partner could not come at the last minute. I was looking at other courts to ask someone to play with me. But there were no extra players. I was just hitting the ball against the wall and suddenly someone called me.

R: Excuse me, are you not playing?

It was a mid aged Indian lady might be on her 35-40, she was fair, average sized good looking woman. I did not think anything bad when I met her first time.

S: no my partner could not come.R: oh that’s bad. Btw I’m Rachana.S: I’m Sam.. (shaking hands with her).. nice to meet you.R: Nice to meet you too. my son, he is 6 now, has joined this club and he is getting trained.

S: Oh that’s nice. It’s good they get trained at this age. So, do you play?R: No (big laugh). I have been seeing you every week and you have improved a lot on your game.

S: Yes, I was a beginner but playing regularly improved my game.R: That’s great. Shall we have a coffee ? or you looking for someone to play?

S: No, let’s have.. (something struck me not to miss)

I was just following her to the club cafe and she ordered 2 coffees and sat at a table nearby.

R: So, what do you do for work.S: I work as a financial advisor in xx company.. how about you?R: I’m on career break now and looking after kids.. my husband has its own company and he has clients worldwide.S: It’s good to have a career break for women. I didn’t realize you noticed me.

R: You are not handsome or good looking. I noticed your game.S: I was shocked and she read my face.R: I could have been more polite… but that’s the truthS: that’s ok (hesitantly.. I was thinking, how the hell she can talk like that.. )

We were chatting about her suburb, local traffic changes… It was time for her to leave as her son’s training was over. She took my number and told thanks for the chat. He came over and met me and they both then left.

That night I was searching facebook for her profile and I found it. But I could not see her pics or posts as she has restricted it.

After a couple of days, I got a text from a number saying.. “Don’t search me on facebook. Rachana” I was surprised how she knew it. I replied saying “Ok I won’t”. Then she did not text back. I saved her number and saw her dp on WhatsApp… wow, she was gorgeous… I pinged her “Hello” on WhatsApp.

S: HelloR: Hi, tell meS: just thought of telling helloR: don’t try to flirt… we are not teens.S: Ha ha… right… let’s be openR: What? where is this conversation goingS: you should know why you took my number

R: yes I know as you don’t have the courage to take my numberS: tats universal rule… gals can take guys number and not the vice versa.R: whatever… what’s up for the weekend?S: nothing (thinking I might get to see her).. what about you?R: I am getting guests on both the days and then school holidays for kids.

S: oh nice. .are you taking kids somewhere?R: kids and my husband are going to India on a short trip to visit families.

S: why are you not going?R: I have to help my husband with his office work before he comes back

S: Tats so good on you (thinking I might get her to meet)R: what about you?S: nothing great.. just shopping.R: ok, let’s catch up on Monday eveningS: sure

I could not spend the weekend without thinking her… Around 4 pm Monday, I texted her to ask for time and place. She told she will pick me up from the station around 6 pm…

I reached the station and bought a wine bottle and some chocolates. There she was, waiting in her car and called me by waving her hands.. she was in jeans and t-shirt showing her curvy assets. I got in and she moved as the place was just kiss and ride. We reached her place and it was nice and beautiful 2 br unit. I gave her the wine and chocolates and she said no formalities…

R: How was the day?S: very hectic.. I need a break and I’m going to take leave tomorrow.R: Oh, is it? let’s have a coffee.S: Sure thanks

She went to the kitchen to prepare Coffee… I just followed her asking any help.

S: Any help I could do?R: no I’m just preparing coffee… I can’t cook.. lets order dinner outsideS: sure.

just stood near her and I could feel her aroma.

S: what perfume was thatR: BvlgariS: Nice (moved an inch closer to her)R: Can you take sugar from there?S: Sure, I will put the sugar.R: no, I will do it (she held my hand and stopped it)S: let’s do together (i held her hand back)R: naughty

I blushed and moved my left hand around her waist.. she smiled at me. we then had coffee and she switched on the tv… and sat near me… it was playing “Hate Story 3”.. I just looked at her and asked were you watching porn… she told this is not porn and laughed.

I told her, let’s watch porn… she did not agree first but then she was ok… I was searching for Indian maid sex… she looked at me asked u dirty, what are you searching for… I said, let’s watch this… movie started and dialogues were funny and we both were laughing…

Our shoulders were touching each other… an intense scene started in the movie and she was sitting erect…. I touched her thigh and she did not react… I put my arm around her shoulder and she just leaned on me. I kissed her on head and her breathing started heavy… I moved my hand from shoulder to her armpits and then to her boobs… she just closed her eyes… I took her face with my other hand and planted a kiss on her forehead… her lips opened widely… I bit her lips and then she took control over my lips… she was just playing around with my lips… while her hands were on my chest… I could not resist and I started squeezing her boobs over her shirt…

she sat on top of me and continued the lips for about 10 mins… she was so horny she removed my shirt and took complete control of me… I was playing with her bum and boobs…. I slowly removed her t-shirt and I could see her boobs on bra… wow it was so invited… I took no time to remove her bra and took her boobs in my mouth…. they were yummy… she loved when I had both of her nipples were in the mouth at the same time…

she then removed her jean and I started to touch her pussy over her panty… she guided me to her bedroom and I was caressing her pussy while kissing her boobs…I slowly slid the panty and started to insert the fingers… she started moaning in pleasure… I was teasing her with her moan and she smiled and told continue idiot… I now completely inserted the finger… moved down there to lick her pussy while fingering…. omg.. she was on cloud nine… started to make loud noises… I was also squeezing her boobs while licking and fingering…. she started to discharge and asked me to stop…. I did obey her cos it might pain if I continued to do so….

she hugged me and told thank you… I asked are we finished? she said no but she liked it so far… she then started sucking my dick… she told mine is of average length but thick and she liked it… after sucking… she has put the condom…. came on top of me and inserted mine into her… wow… awesome feel it was… she started to ride my dick into her and she was jumping up and down … within seconds, we both cum again and she just slept on my chest without taking the dick out… we slept like that for an hour and my dick started to grow again… she sensed it and said… will have dinner…

we had dinner and wine and then spent the night and the next day at her place… we both enjoyed our company and we are still good friends…

If you like the story and if you wish to chat/meet, please email me on [email protected]… contacts will be private and confidential…

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