Mom And Masi Get Action

Hey guys I am Raj Shah, from Mumbai .. You guys have read my story of how I fucked my mom rekha, if not please read it..also girls aunties contact me via mail on [email protected] So basically me and my mom used to fuck around the entire home whenever possible, when dad would go out we would remove our clothes and enjoy the lust we had for each other… By now we used to have sex at least twice daily…It had become a habit for us to have sex, me being a student I had a lot of time so sex was our top priority…February 2017, we got the news that my mother’s sister and my vidya masi is coming to stay at our place for an entire week from Gujarat, she was my moms eldest sister and she was roughly 5-6 years elder to my mom.I never had any sexual intentions with her, let me describe her for you… She was not the hot hot looking female but she had extremely big boobs and belly fat also and she also had a big gujju ass to fuck…For those who don’t know how my mom looks she too is a bit plum but is very hot looking and has D cups and a cute ass and an awesome pussy !Me and my mom were a bit sad cause we wouldn’t get a chance to fuck for a week !I was more sad cause I had to give up my bedroom for a week ! Plus I couldn’t even go with mom for movie or any other place to fuck cause we would have to take her … Vidya masi came on Saturday.. So we had to take her to a temple and a few places which we did, she was tired and went to sleep soon at night, Sunday dad being home we went for dinner and a simple day passed, on Monday dad left home and masi was still sleeping I wanted to have sex.. But mom was very scared to so anything… So we just made out in the kitchen… After some time masi woke up ! I had to go to tuitions in the afternoon.. And that is when mom and masi were talking…My masi told my mom that she saw something this morning which according to her was wrong !My mom got freaked and she was scared and started crying… My masi asked what happened and how this all started… My mom told masi that my father’s sex drive was very bad and he never satisfied her.. So she started having fun with me her son !My masi had a similar complaint she said that her husband’s cock barely could do anything to her and he used to cum within seconds and used to fall asleep ! Mom was surprised to hear this… And then masi asked a question which made mom startle .. She asked mom if she could fuck me ? My mom took few mins and said its me who would decide.. My Mami told my mom okay.. Let raj decide, she told mom to tell me to sleep with her in the bedroom that night.Evening when I got home, mom told me to sleep in the bedroom cause masi was afraid to sleep alone ! I said alright and at night.. Since there is one double bed… We both slept on the bed ! Midnight I felt something touch my body… I just shifted my angle and slept again and the same thing happened again ! As I woke up I saw my masi was there without any clothes on and had her hands on me !, I was shocked … I quietly slept again but now she whispered in my ears and asked me to kiss her…. I already had a hard on while seeing her naked… I turned my face towards her and kissed her while our bodies were pressing against each other…She asked me to remove my clothes and I obeyed and removed them ! While all this was happening I decided to lock my room first and we continued kissing each other…in between kissing she took my hand and started pressing her boobs with my hand… I used my other hand to rub her pussy ! She decided to go down and started sucking on my dick which was already very hard ! She was shocked.. As to how hard I was ! She said she never felt a dick this hard her husband gave her pleasure when they were newly weds but even he was never this hard ! We got into 69 position and I started licking her pussy ! While she was sucking on my dick ! I couldn’t control it any more and asked her to lay on the bed ! I took a pillow and put it under her ass and now I wanted to put my dick inside her pussy !seems like she had not had sex in a long while cause her vaginas had tightened and I couldn’t put my dick inside even though she was wet, I knew she was wet cause I had been putting my finger inside her pussy! But then I decided to give it a hard pishShe screamed loudly so I quickly put my hand over her mouth..I was ramming her pussy and she had moans coming out of her mouth! After a few mins I told her I was gonna cum … She said not so soon and removed my dick from her pussy ! She made me put my dick in her asshole and made me fuck her ass for sometime !She then made me lay on the bed and got in cow girl position and started riding me ! I could see her juices flow outside cause it was all white over my legs … Then I told her I was gonna cum and she said cum inside me it won’t be a problem ! I came inside her and then we slept and pretended normally the next day ! Morning after dad left, masi and mom were talking.. I was in my bedroom watching a movie… After a while both my ladies come to my room and remove their clothes … Now I get to know about how this all worked out and now both wanted to have sex ! This made me even happier … A threesome with family… My mom was sucking my cock while I was going in my masis ass ! She lay below masi and was licking her pussy and my dick …Now when I started fucking my mom my masi was pressing her boobs on my face and making me suck them ! We fucked almost the entire day… Obviously I needed Viagra’s ! But everything was totally worth it ! Loved and enjoyed how we three had sex for remaining week as and when possible and my idiot dad never got to know about anything… But good for me ! My masis ass was one thing I’m never gonna forget !

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