Mother And I – Part II

Hi to all, I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my story. The second part is as under:

July 15

I woke up around 8.30 am and went downstairs. I saw dad left for office. I went to kitchen and saw mother preparing breakfast. I came from behind her, held her buttocks with my hands and plant a kiss on her neck.

She moaned for a few seconds and told me to bath and have breakfast, as she wanted to talk to me about something. I went upstairs, thinking that now as dad is in office she may want to have a second breakfast with me.

I had a bath and came downstairs to have my breakfast. Mother was waiting for me on the table as I started eating, she spoke to me. Do you regret what happened last night?

She said no, I said but do you regret anything? I don’t know. But it was satisfying, as I did not had any sex for the at least past 7-8 years.” She said

Why? I blurted out it’s a woman’s thing, you see and your father was not very much interested in all these things. She said. I guessed it right, as she is 51 and you know in that age the interest in sex diminishes.

But you have treated me in a very manly way and last night I found out that. You have made love to me as only a man can do to a woman. But there are some rules to follow if we want to continue with it.” She said.

Before I could say anything, she gave me a paper with 5 points written. I started reading it:

Rule no 1: Only when we both want ‘it’ we will do it. If any one of us is disinterested, the other partner cannot force it’.

Rule no 2: We have to behave in a mother and son way in front of the society, your dad and relatives. We must not give anything away’.

Rule no 3: Night is the perfect time for doing this as I have so many works in the day time.

Rule no 4: You will treat me as a woman when I am in bed with you. I dislike oral sex. So you will not do it. Also no flirting is allowed’.

Rule no 5: I want your complete commitment in turn, I will give all which is required for a woman to please a man as I finished reading it, she told me to memorize the points and throw the paper in the bin. I did that.

So do you agree?” She asked as I wanted her badly, I consented good now we can plan everything out. She said okay, now drink this. She said, as she put a glass of juice in front of me. Which juice is this? I asked.

It is juice of ginger and will help you in getting stronger. I gulped it down but the taste was not very good. She left me to do some other work and I went to my room upstairs and started thinking whether I had done the right thing in accepting all her rules.

I also wondered what was this Ginger juice was all about? I started surfing the net and found out that ginger is used as an aphrodisiac from ancient times. It helps in building stamina and moreover it improves sexual performance.

So, she is preparing me in a big way. I thought. The rest of the day passed without any excitement as mother was busy in house hold work. Dad came around 1 pm for lunch and told us that he will be leaving for Delhi on 17th morning.

After that dad left, mother told me that it would not be possible for her to come to my room tonight or tomorrow as she will be busy in packing dad’s bags and other stuff. I was on fire when dad told me that he will be back only on the 23 July morning.

But all that fire was doused when mother told me about her inability to come. I was disappointed, but mother told me to hold on and not do ‘that thing masturbation. The rest of today and tomorrow (July 16) passed without much activity.

The only thing which mother reminded me was to take ginger juice two times a day and a glass of milk at night, which kept me refreshed.

July 17

Today is the day” I thought. Today was the day when I will make love to my mother. I will rip open her blouse, lick her whole body, lick her boobs, untie her hair, and unhook her bra and I will copulate with her.

I will treat her like a woman on bed. I will lick her pussy today. And these 5 days, I will make love to her in such a way that she will forget all her frustrations of the last 7-8 years.

But at least in the daytime nothing happened. “Rule no 3”. I thought.

However the evening passed too without any incident. We had our dinner and i went back to my room. I was getting a bit angry. As we have two phones in our house, the second phone is in my room. And the phone ranged around 10.15 pm in the night.

I held the phone and mother was on the other side.“So how is it”. Mother asked“Getting a bit frustrated.” I blurted out.“Don’t worry. The time is coming. I want you to shave and have a bath and you can come in around 30 minutes.”I did what was asked.

I entered mother’s room at round 11.25 pm. There was a night bulb which was glowing and the curtains were closed.

I took off my t-shirt and asked her why she has kept the night bulb on. So that you can see me clearly and I could see you clearly, and there is no one today who can disturb us at this hour.” She replied with a smile.

It turned me on and I said “I don’t think anyone can disturb us for the next 4-5 days”. She smiled as I said these words. I closed the door and went near her. She was wearing a sari. “Don’t you like it.”? She asked.

I said “Yes I always like you when you wear a sari and please now as I have accepted all your rules, you have to accept my one request and what is that?” She asked that you will wear whatever I tell you to wear, at least for the next few days.’ I said.

She looked at me for a while and said okay but do you want me to change right now? No, No, that is not required I said, as I drew closer to her. We were both sitting on the bed looking at each other. I found a peacock feather on the side table.

I picked it up and started caressing the feather on mother’s face. She started getting warm and slowly, I untied her hair and removed her sari. Do you like my hair? I said “I do, mother and you will tie it in the same fashion as you have done today.

Your demands are growing” She said, as I removed her blouse as well.No, No only requests” as I came more close to her and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She also reciprocated and it was an awesome feeling to smooch my own mother.

She rested comfortably on her back and I came on top of her. I started kissing her neck and I removed her bra and started gulping her boobs one by one.

She was in ecstasy after some time, I came down and removed her petticoat and underwear and removed my shorts as well. We were both naked now.

My cock was in upright position, as if saluting my mother. Mother had a look and said it’s a little thick than your father but the length is the same but I believe I can use it better and I said yes I know it from that night’s encounter.

She said now I wasted little time and moved in to position. I started licking her thighs and after that I came to the pussy. She started moaning aahhh. Son, you are just great. Do it to your mother, please and I placed a finger in her vagina and proceeded to run it in and out while eating her.

Her breathing grew ragged. I continued to stimulate her clitoris for a long time. Mother grew very wet. My fingers were drenched with her juices. Suddenly Mother stiffened and moaned at the same time. Her body then shuddered continuously as I rapidly licked her clitoris.

I knew she had just climaxed. She quickly pulled me up on top of her. Oh Son, That was good”. She whispered shyly. “I have never had an orgasm this good. Mother you are sexy and beautiful. This has been my ultimate fantasy to make love to you.”

You really think I’m beautiful. Mother, yes more than all the movie actress. Mother reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then forced my mouth open with her tongue at the same time she reached down and grabbed my penis and began to rub it up and down her very wet slit.

She grew more and more excited. Mother” I whispered. “I love you”. She spread her legs wide as if in silent assent and bought the tip of my cock and placed it against her vaginal orifice.

I looked deep into her eyes as she began to push me into her. Her vagina slowly opened like a petal. Mother suddenly pushed upward and my cock slid into her vagina to the hilt. Mother was surprisingly very tight for someone who had two children. I could feel her muscles clutching me like a vice.

I pulled out and then slid back in one fluid motion. I then proceeded to fuck Mother with a fury that I had never experienced before. Her body shook in rhythm to the fuck strokes. My penis was soon saturated with her lubricating juices. We moved as if we were made to love each other.

Every down stroke was met with an upstroke. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the mouth of her womb with each plunge. She began to breathe heavier and heavier after rutting like animals for about fifteen minutes; she suddenly went rigid and clutched my ass.

I could feel began rapid contractions about my cock at the same time I began to ejaculate against her womb. I must have spilt a load in her as I felt the semen running back out of her vagina.

We stayed coupled for some time savouring the aftermath of our mutual orgasm, and kissing each other. I started to get excited and felt my self-hardening in her.

I gently started to see saw back and forth in her vagina. This time the fuck was slow and gentle, it lasted a longer time. Mother and I came at the same time. Son” she said after the last romantic fuck. You are great; I never had it this good with your father. I can’t remember when I had my last orgasm.”

I beamed with pride. My love with Mother had been better than anything father had been able to deliver in all the years they had been married. Oh Mother, that’s only because I love you so much. Oh sweetheart this was the best orgasm so far

She remarked and thanks to your ginger juice which made me go longer I said. She smiled as we were exhausted, we soon slept. It was around 12.30 am after sometime around 1.45 am, I experienced something heavier on me. I opened my eyes and saw mother on top of me, looking at me.

Now it is my turn and she said and started kissing me everywhere. I soon had hard on. She took my cock and placed in her vagina and started jumping up and down, first slowly and then faster.

My hands were firmly expressing themselves by clutching to her boobs. I was in seventh heaven, experiencing my mother like that. Let me know, when you are cuming. She said after about 7 minutes or so, I shouted

Mother, its time and I am going to cum. I rolled on top of her and continued to fuck her with savage fuck strokes her body shook with each fuck stroke. She screamed and at the same time I buried my cock against her womb and proceeded to saturate her inner walls with my semen after the wild, ride we began to kiss and slept in each other arms. I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Part 3 coming up.

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