Mother And I – Part V

This is the fifth part of my love saga with my mother.

July 19 – Part 2

After some time, I had a good bath and came down downstairs wearing only a small towel. It was around 10 am.Mother was waiting for me at the breakfast table. She wore a sexy sari with blouse, but no bra. Her hair was nicely tangled up.

“So, you are not wearing anything. Can I ask why”? She queried. “I don’t see any need of wearing any clothes today.” I quipped, as I gulped down a glass of garlic juice.

“But you see its raining outside since morning and there is chill in the air. You may get cold.” She questioned.

“Don’t worry. Even If I get cold, there is enough warmth in my mother’s heart to warm me up.” I smilingly replied.She also laughed and after some time we finished our breakfast and moved to mother’s room.

I went up and closed the curtains of the window and the door and smilingly went towards my mother, who was sitting on the bed. Time was 11 am.We held, each other and I gave her a nice hug. I stood up and removed my towel. My cock was already up. “So he is hungry too. She said. I thought, last night and this morning may have given him his nourishment.”

“He has digested everything and is in need of more” I replied. I came near her and smooched her. I suddenly made her face towards the wall and starting licking her back, neck, etc.

“Can’t take your eyes of my butt?” she said playfully.

“Nooooo!!!” I replied red faced in defense.

“They are really soft you know!” she teased as she squeezed them in her hands.

“Want to feel them?” she playfully asked smiling wickedly.

“Yesss….” I half choked out, as my hand stretched out to touch them.

I grinned and said “They are indeed soft, but extremely firm!”

“You think so?”She asked, trying to glance at the image of her butt in the mirror, making no attempt to remove my hands.So saying she began to undo the string of her petticoat. She dropped her petticoat exposing her naked buttocks to me.I was still sinking in their beauty when her blouse came off in rapid succession. She turned to check her figure in the mirror and noticed me staring at her naked body.I could feel my flaccid penis rapidly growing. Mother instantly lowered her gaze to my crotch as my penis stood erect slightly exposing my pee slit through the opening of my foreskin.

“Somebody is feeling horny!” she giggled. I blushed and said “That’s what a beautiful woman like you, can do to a man!”

“Are you trying to flirt with me” she laughed.

“No, I really mean it Sushila” I said moving closer to her I gave her a quick peck on her cheek. Taking my chin in her hand she bent my head, returned a peck on my forehead.

Her sudden action forced my hand out and I felt her bare midriff against my palm. The skin on her tummy was supple and I made no extra effort to remove it from her belly.Instead I found myself caressing her belly, to which she didn’t react.It was immensely arousing to be naked with mother. Getting no resistance I got bolder and brought my hand just under her right breast.

She had sensed my longing to touch her breasts, but knew I wouldn’t do so without her prodding. She enjoyed being in control and spared no opportunity to tease me.

“Getting bold are we?” she said teasingly.

“You want to feel them, don’t you?” she giggled.

Grinning, I nodded.

“Ok just this one time for curiosities sake” she said knowing full well, she wanted it just as much.

I cupped her breasts, gently lifting them and feeling their weight. She moaned softly, as I touched her erect nipples letting my fingers circle her brown areolas.

Soon I was pinching and pulling at her nipples. I guess women have a high tolerance of pain and I allowed myself to get pretty rough with her breasts.

Mother just stood there amused, looking at me satisfy my curiosity.“Relax son! You can play as much as you want with them! There’s no rush!” mother laughed at my eagerness.

Her nipples stuck out like little thumbs and her puckered areolas were now smooth. I looked at her before bringing my mouth on her nipple. She let a slight moan as I violently sucked the nipple into my mouth.

“Aaaaiiiiiiii!!!!” she gasped, biting her lower lip, with her eyes shut tightly. I bit on the nipple, then sucked and gorged myself with as much of her breast as possible.

Having satisfied with her breasts, I shifted my attention to her pubic region. Unhurriedly I ran my hands down her tummy, briefly pausing to feel her navel until. As my hands slid further down, I could feel the top of her pubic hair.

I searched her eyes in approval, before proceeding.

“You aren’t going any lower are you?” she asked bashfully.

“Can I?” I asked cunningly.

“You are incorrigible you know” she said.

“Oh My God!” she gasped, as my fingers found clit, through her thick pubic hair.

As I continued tracing her labial lips, I could feel the wetness of her vagina. “Ooooo” she moaned as I managed to slip a finger inside her vagina.

“Sushila, can I take you from behind?”

I asked boldly.With a concerned look on her face she took hold of my erection in her delicate hands and said “I know you are, excited and horny allowing you to explore is one thing but intercourse is much more of an emotional thing for me.

I need to think about having you inside me from behind “.Seeing the disappointment in my face she said “But look I have something in mind that is just as pleasurable.”My heart skipped a beat when she cheerfully said “You can stick it in-between my butt cheeks, but no penetrating.”

She gently stroked my erection, as she waited for my reaction. I nodded without much thought. I didn’t want to dispute whatever little I was getting.

“I have never taken anyone from behind before and I want you to instruct me a little bit.” I said

She then took some a bottle of oil, from the side table and applied it to my penis, when she was done she asked me to apply some around her butt.

I explored all her holes, slipping a finger in, as I massaged her fleshy buttocks.

My erection brushed against her voluptuous behind as she turned round. With her back facing me she parted her butt cheeks and bent forward slightly.

Looking back with her big eyes she said “Okay come closer and place your penis between my butt cheeks, you can let the tip rest against my anus

Pealing back my foreskin, I guided my penis in between her spread butt cheeks bringing the bare tip of my penis in contact with her anal opening. Her butt cheeks engulfed my erect manhood as she let go of her cheeks.

“Son, it’s so warm, Stay still! Don’t move as yet.” she whimpered enjoying my erection press against an intimate part of her body.

Raising her hands to her hips she began gently swaying her hips from side to side. I could feel my orgasm starting to build up.

She had brought her hands up to her breasts cupping them as she clenched and released her butt cheeks in rapid successions making my orgasm nearer.

“Does it feel good between mommies bum?” she playfully giggled

“Yessss!” I managed to gasp.

I could bare it no longer feeling the urgent need to cum; I involuntarily thrust forward into her buttocks.The well oiled head of my penis easily finding her anal opening.

“Nooo! Ahhhh! Ouch! “She screamed as she bit her lips.

“Son, I’m not ready Ahhhh!” she screamed out as I felt my penis enter her tight hole.

“Sushila I’m coming Ahhhh! Please!” I begged.

“Slowly!” she hissed, in her rather reluctant consent.

It was more pain than pleasure she felt, but she managed to control her anguish in order to allow me my pleasure. I felt her anus relaxing as my erection eased into her.

“Ohhh my …!” she exclaimed squirming her buttocks and thighs to assist my entry.

Her eyes were shut, her head thrown back on my shoulder as my orgasm exploded inside her sweet bum. I could smell her shampoo as I whispered into her ears after about 5 minutes or so, “Sushila, I’m coming!”She nodded in acknowledgement, her eyes still closed as she felt my pulsating penis pump wades of semen deep into her bowls.Her bangles clanked, as she through her hands back over her head around my neck. When I was fully spent, I stood motionless for a moment, giving her time to recover from the painful ordeal.

My hands were gently caressing her sides, tracing the slopes and curves of her voluptuous body.

“God that hurt Son!” she cried out, feeling the last of my semen being pumped into her.

“I’m sorry Sushila” I said.

With motherly tenderness she said “It’s okay son, I should have anticipated your eagerness, I can handle a little pain.”

“Oh Sushila it felt so good to come inside you!!” I said.

Still inside her I could feel my penis going soft. She slowly broke my embrace pulling her butt away from my groin, as I felt my rather limp penis stretch as it slid out of her anus

“Ouch!!!” she gasped as the thick knob of my penis left her delicate opening.

She left to clean herself in the toilet, with her hand in between her buttocks trying to massage her sore opening.She came back from the toilet and lied down near me. I took my right ram and put on her buttocks.I continued to massage her back and then put both hands on her cheeks and gazed into her eyes as she looked at me and I whispered slowly “I love you, Susila,” and kissed her lips as our tongues locked, and our eyes closed.She hugged me tight hearing and whispering shyly “I love you, my son”. Then I got up and mother closed her eyes and pushed her face down to where the water dripping down my cock and rubbed her nose on my legs.

I moaned “Oh Sushila,,” and we embraced, our naked embrace so hot and I slowly slid down near her legs trying the catch the water dripping of her as she pushed my head into her cunt.

I squeezed her nipples and pulled hard at it as I shouted “Sushila, you are mine in every way”. My hard cock opening the doors of her cunt as she held my ass and pushed me inside her cunt as I started to kiss her and thrust into her at the same time all the while screaming

“Sushila, my sexy one, Sushila, my lovely one, your cunt is all mine,” as she closed her eyes moaning at each thrust.“Oh son, fuck your mother hard, fuck your mother hard”.

She cried as my hands moved all over her lovely body, squeezing her breasts and nipples as my thrusts got harder and harder as I came in torrents in her cunt as we hugged each other tight.We were still hugging and kissing each other and I confessed to mother “You were the woman I wanted to always love Sushila, my sweet Sush…As I said this I laid near her with her head firmly resting against my left arm and my hand were on her buttocks, we rested for a while. It was around 12 noon, we separated and she went to kitchen to cook.I looked outside. I was raining very heavily, with bolts of lightning. I closed my eyes and relaxed for a while.

Part 6 coming up………

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