Mother And I – Part VI

Hi all. This is the 6th part of Mother -Son love story.

July 19 – Part 3

After this, we ate around 1 pm and relaxed a little bit. Around 1.45 pm, I again started to have a hard on.Mother wore her clothes – sari and a blouse plus petticoat, as she had to cook and had to do some other things. She was relaxing near me, when I held her by her buttocks and gave a nice kiss on her cleavage. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. At this, I gave her a kiss on her lips, and held her tightly.

“Oh Prashant, hold me like that its feeling so good.” As she said my name for the first time. It gave a new high.

We were melting into each other’s arms and my dick was hard like a rock , I was almost out of breath, my heart was about to burst I felt blood rushing from every part of my body towards my dick and it was growing harder and harder.

“Oh Sushila you are so beautiful.”

I kissed her lips again. She opened her eyes“Not like this son.”

She then placed her lips on mine and slowly slipped her tongue inside my mouth.. Her tongue was now playing with my tongue as she sucked it and pressed her breast harder and harder against me.I was on top of her. I moved my fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes. I pulled her sari from her shoulder and started removing it.I gently kissed her naval. She shivered as if some current flew through her body. I started kissing her belly all around and slowly moved up towards her breasts. I placed my face in between her breasts and begin to rub them with my mouth, with my cheek and with my chin as she slowly started turning and twisting in the bed. Now she removed her hands form her eyes as the lust took over , she grabbed my head and pressed me against her breasts.

“Ummmh…… Prashant, it feels so good.”

“Prashant, please suck them.”

She turned to one of her side and I was now lying on one side facing her. She moved slightly up and made my mouth come directly in front of her breasts. Then she unbuttoned two of the lowest buttons of her blouse, put her hand under the blouse and took out one of her breast.I was spellbound. Her breast was so big and the nipple was large and the tit was projecting out to a good extent.I was breathing heavily. She pulled my head towards it and holding her breast in one hand she guided it in my mouth just as a mother would feed her baby.

“Take it baby it’s yours; this is the way you preferred when you were a baby.”

I started sucking it, moving my tongue over it. She pulled me still closer to her and put her leg over my legs. She had grabbed my hairs with one hand the other hand was restlessly moving over my back. My dick was harder than ever and was paining. This went on for a while.

“Ohhh baby it feels sooo good.”

“Ummmh suck it, take it whole in your mouth” she pushed it a further inside my mouth.

My mouth was now filled with her breast. I was moving my tongue over her nipple and sucking it continuously.

“Ohhh honey take the other one now,” after a while said she.

“Let me finish the unfinished task first,” I said and I unbuttoned her blouse completely.

As I was struggling to get it off her body she herself took it off.

“Prashant take the other one now I can’t wait to be sucked Ummmh.”

My mother talking like that made me crazy. I frantically started sucking her breast while she was moaning, twisting and turning in the bed.The scent of her body the mild perfume mixed with her sweat was driving me mad.

“Oh its so gooood keep sucking Ahhh.”

“Ohhh Prashant you have come back to me, my baby.”

“Ohhh baby.”

And now she turned over, lying against her back on the bed dragging me on top of her attached to her breast. She started pulling my head towards her.This was a signal for me to stop sucking and start something else.

“Ummmh Prashant.”

“Ummmmh Prashant come near me dear and love me like my man.”

She was looking expectantly in my eyes and I could clearly see the lust in them.She was moving her fingers through her hairs exposing her underarms which showed some hairs as I guessed she must not have shaven her under arms for may be two weeks.I moved towards her and started kissing her she responded in an equally vigorous way. Lying on top of her I removed the strings of her petticoat and slid it down her waist and she quickly removed it from her body.She was now wearing only her underwear and I was pressing my dick hard against it although I was in my shorts I know she was already feeling its hardness as she was again and again raising her waist to press her pussy against my dick.

“Ummmh Prashant.”

“Ummmh Prashant come inside my body.”

“Remove these and get in I am already wet.” She said pointing her finger towards her panty.

She lifted her waist up so that I could easily remove her panty. As I slid her panty down she helped herself by dragging it down and removing off her legs.It was a delight to watch her naked body. She had beautiful dense and dark hair which reached right up to her buttocks. Her big dark eyes stared at me with an open invitation to penetrate her.Her neck was thin and long with shoulders a little broader for a woman. Her breasts were now showing them off with full glory, they were now looking more voluptuous yet they were firm for her age with large nipples pointing up words.

They were moving up and down with her every breath which was growing heavier and heavier with every second. Her belly was not very flat but still it was flat enough with a little flab around her naval which made it look even more attractive with the naval looking more round and deep .Her upper body sharply narrowed down towards her waist and her hips were quite wide narrowing sharply as they reached her thighs.All this gave her body a shape of a mermaid. I was spellbound and could not take eyes off her body. My dick was growing harder and harder and now I could feel the pain because of the pressure built up by the blood rushing in to it from all parts of my body.Her legs were close to each other and I could only see a dark triangle of her hair in between them. She was now too excited and closed her eyes.

“Ummmh Prashant.”

“Ohh Prashant please come inside me this is where you belong.”

While still lying on her back she folded her legs upwards and then slowly parted them apart as if to open a gate for me, heaven’s gate! Her pubic area was quite wide, the gap between her thighs must have been five inches and this is what must have made her hips wide.I thought the gap was so wide that she could have easily delivered an oversized baby without any problem. She was a perfect woman!

“Ohhh Prashant.”

“Prashant I can’t wait,” she complained.

I leaned towards her. She quickly pulled me towards her forcing me to press against her body. She pulled my hair with one hand and brought my ear near her mouth while the other hand was firmly pressing me against her.Now I could hear her heavy breathing and moaning.My chest was pressing hard against her beautiful soft breasts and I could feel her heart pounding like a drum.

She was sweating a little bit and her musky sent was driving me mad. I was rubbing my cheek, my chin and my lips on her face.I moved my mouth a little down towards her neck and I realized the musky scent grew stronger as I further moved my nose towards her armpit.This was the place where it was the most intense. I slowly moved my nose inside her armpit, and the smell was so intense that I almost came.Just then she pulled my head towards her and whispered in my ear. “Ohhh Prashant.”

“Don’t waste time. Now just get inside me I want you in there.”

“Ohh ma its feeling so good.”

The room was illuminated by the light coming from outside through the semi transparent glasses of our big windows. I positioned my dick where I thought her pussy was as I could not see anything because she was already pulling my head down towards her.I was now excited beyond any words could describe it and shaking with the thought of entering the place where I came from 22 years ago.

“Don’t make me cry for it (my dick), I just can’t wait anymore.”

My mom talking with me like that was driving me crazy. She then grabbed my rock hard dick with her one hand and with fingers of other hand slightly parted the lips of her pussy and placed the head of my dick in between them.Now slowwwly drive in,” She whispered in a very soft voice in my ear.

I slowly pushed my pelvis towards her forcing my dick a little inside her vagina.I pulled back again and this time I completely forced my dick inside her.

“Ohhh Prashant you are so thick you are going to tear me apart.”

“Did it hurt,Sushila?”

“Ahhhh Prashant it’s so good.”

She pulled me towards her with all her strength and locked her lips with mine, our tongues were sucking juices out of each other.My chest was now pressing hard against her soft voluptuous breasts.My arms around her back and her arms around mine my thighs against her thighs and our genitals locked. Her vagina was soft, wet and warm.The pleasure it was giving to my dick was similar to the pleasure you get sleeping in a blanket in a very cold night, warm and cosy.I had never imagined making love to a woman is such a heavenly experience.

“Ummmm Prashant you are going to rip my pussy.”

My mom talking like this with me was acting like pouring petrol over fire.

“Ohhh Sushila, please don’t talk like that it will make me come”

As my in and out continued, her pussy became wet as both of our love juices blended inside her.She was now more at ease as it no longer hurt her. Her vagina still had a good grip on my dick but now it was a very pleasing grip for both of us.We were feeling waves after waves of pleasure with every move of my dick. We were both breathing heavily and my mom was moaning with pleasure.With my every forward thrust she was lifting her waist to get me inside her as deep as possible. As our rhythm increased her moaning increased.

“Uhhhhhh Prashant keep doing, dig deep inside.

“Ohhh Sushila”

I started moving in and out fanatically. She was raising her waist moaning with pleasure.She had parted her legs as widely as she could. The churned love juices from her pussy were now dripping out of it. I could feel them as they wetted my balls.

“Ahhhhh Faster Prashant faster, my baby faster.”

She was now trying to spread her legs apart which were already spread to the limits.Now I started to drive my dick in and out of her pussy like a piston moving inside a cylinder.

“Ohhhh yes baby yes just like that,” she was screaming with pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhh aisehi(just like this)”

“Uiiii maaa aisehi, Prashant aisehi” ( Ohhh just like this Prashant just like this)

“Ahhhhh Prashant I am going to come, Ohhh my god Prashant go deep inside.”

“Ohhhh Prashant rip my pussy apart Prashant rip it,” she screamed with pleasure.

“Ohhh Sushila, I cannot hold now”

“Prashant fill me……. now ahhhh I am coming”

“Ahhhhh just fill it baby fill it fill it fill it.““Ohhhhh fill it now baby, it has waited for years to be filled.”

“Ohhhh Prashant just give me give me give me give me your seed.”

And she started climaxing I could say that because suddenly she arched her back lifted her body against mine and pressed her finger nails on my back.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Sush………” As I climaxed just after her.

I released myself inside her pussy while we both were holding each other as tightly as we could.She could feel my pulsating dick filling her pussy with my sperms.Waves of pleasure and ecstasy ran through our bodies. Our eyes closed, bodies shivering and genitals locked. We were experiencing the pleasure of our lifeI lay on top of her for a while.I wanted this to never end. But slowly my dick started to go limp so I tried to withdraw.

“Oh Prashant don’t do that remain inside for a while its feeling good.”

“Oh just stay in, I am feeling so much loved and protected after so many years.”

But now my dick started to go limp rapidly.

“Umm Prashant, what are you doing? Stay inside.”

“I am not doing anything Sushila; it is coming out on its own.”

“Ok then, but I wished it never ended.”

“Sushila, we have many more days to come. Today is only the 19th. Father is coming on 22nd morning, so we have two full days”. I said.

“You are right honey,” as we kissed for a long time before separating.

She was smiling at me and that was a killing smile. I picked up my clothes and went into her bathroom washed my dick and wiped it off. I dressed and came out but she was still lying on the bed.I went near her, we kissed each other and I just sat beside her. I was moving my fingers through her hair and she was caressing my back.This went on for a while then she decided to get up. As she got up my semen started to flow out from her pussy, a sticky stream started to roll down rapidly from her pussy on inside of her thigh.

“My god, look at this,” she was surprised.

“Your father never filled me like that.”

“Probably he would have taken eight-ten days to produce this quantity.”

I helped her pick up her clothes as she rushed towards her bathroom. She came out after a while and came straight into my arms.

“Oh Prashant I am so happy today.”

“You are a real man,” as she inserted her face in my chest.

“You are so thick.”

“At one stage I thought you will rip me apart,” said she.

“I can still feel the burning it (your organ) has given to me,” said she. And she again dug deep against my chest.

“Sushila, before I approached you I was really very scared.”

“Scared of what?” she asked.

“Scared of rejection. I thought if you reject and curse me, my life would become a living hell. I do lust for you but I still love you. I don’t know what I would have done then.”

“Prashant how can I curse my own son? Even if I had rejected your advances I would have still loved you. You are my own flesh and blood.

But I am glad that we did “it” saying that, she held me and gave me a big kiss. We fell asleep in each other’s arm and slept till 5.30 pm.Awaiting our comments.

7th Part coming up.

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