Mother And I – Part X

Dear all. This is the 10th episode of Mother-Son Love affair. Please see the following points before going through the story

– This is a science fiction story, containing some reference too Mother Son love and love making and incest.

– If you don’t like it, please move on.

– I have tried to incorporate some hindi sentences in this part, and given suitable translations to them for my dear reader’s sake.

– You may not find this story erotic. However, i am only building it up, so that the excitement may last a while.

– The story continues from part 9

– All characters involved in this story are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone dead or living.

Mother and I – Part 10

From the diary of Prashant Sharma……..

This is the diary to chronicle events which took place in the last 43 years of my life.This the year 2011, month of February and am 64 years old. Presently, I am sitting at my desk in my posh house in New Delhi and writing this diary.

My vital organs are failing and I could be gone within next month or so. Before, I say anything much further this diary once completed should be put in a secret shelf in my house and should never be opened. I have already instructed this to my elder son, who will carry out this duty faithfully.

Now, on to my family and myself. I am a 64 year old retired IAS officer, who served his bit in the railway ministry. I have a beautiful, sincere, courageous, intelligent wife who is 66 years old, a graduate from Oxford University and has retired from Delhi University as a vice chancellor. We have 6 kids, 3 daughters and 3 sons, and 4 grandchildren, aged 6, 9, 4 and 5. My son’s are well settled with their wives, 2 of my daughters are married happily and the remaining daughter is a doctor, practicing her art with the UN and presently posted in Geneva, Switzerland.

Now, on to my purpose of writing this diary. I wanted to tell myself and no other person about what has happened with my life and the events are quite out of extraordinary. I should not have been in this place as according to me at this year, i.e. 2011 I am/was only 32 years old and was looking forward to my life. But something happened in the year 2001 which changed my life completely.

So here I go……

When I went back to my college after making love to my mother in July 2001, for a few days I was feeling very lonely and sad. But slowly I picked up the pieces and started concentrating on my studies. I did speak to mother many times and she always encouraged me to do well in my studies and kept reminding me of my promise to get a good job and rent a house, so that she could come and stay with me. And I on my part, told her not to worry and I would be coming to meet her on my diwali holidays.

The day was 11th October 2001 and diwali was only about 10 days away. I was beginning to get very horny and had already made plans to make love to my mother, in different positions as I had already read ‘Kama sutra’ to pass time in the hostel.

On the 13th October and it was Saturday.

My college was closed and we friends went to hang out. As we were coming out of a road, I saw a shop named “meet your past and future’ (Apna atit aur bhavishya janiye). I told my friends that I would meet them at the nearby McDonalds in half an hour and went inside the shop.

The inside was dark with only a few lights. There I met a man called Venkatswamy Aiyer.

“So you have come to know your past or future or both.” He asked

“Well. Both” I said.

“Okay, then take this book. I will solve all your queries. It costs 1000 Rs.” He said.

“No discounts”? I said. You see I am a student and can’t afford that much money.”

“No bargaining. He replied. If you want it, take it otherwise please go. This book has been written from the excerpts written by our ancient rishis and munis.”

I gave him 1000 bucks and as I was leaving the shop, he said “But don’t open this book tonight.”

“Why”? I asked.

“Today is 13th and it is not an auspicious date. Moreover there is planet realignment taking place today and hence it can bring bad fortune to whoever who reads it.” He warned.

I nodded and went back to my hostel and waited for the next day to come, so that I could open the book. But the fact of the matter was that I was impatient. It was around 11.30 pm in the night, when I decided enough is enough and opened the book.

The book was a large one with more than 2000 pages. From the index I hurridley opened page number 33 to read the events of my past. The events were written in riddles, and their answers were given on the last pages of the book.

The riddle on page number 33 read:

“And victory will come to thee’

‘As your tomorrow is yesterday and everything is known’

‘Your fate calls you, go and re discover yourself again”

I read this and went to the last pages to find the answer of the riddle. The answer was on page number 2011, reference number 255. And as I was about to read, the lights went off and the windows started closing up and opening again as there was a mighty wind blowing outside. As I tried to close the window, a box fell from above the furniture and hit my head. I fell down and passed out.

“Prashant Saheb, wake up.” I heard these voices

“Saheb, you are getting late. It is already 7 am. Your chai (tea) is ready.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a man standing right in front of me with tea in his hands.

“You never sleep till 7 am’. He said. Are you okay”?

I silently watched him for some seconds and said “Who are you and is this a dream?”

He was surprised and said “Saheb, I think you had taken too much sharab (liquor) yesterday.”

“I am sanjay, your valet and please hurry up as you told me that you will go to your office a little bit early.” As he put the tea down and went outside.

I thought I was dreaming. How can I have a valet and this big house? Whose house is this? I asked myself. I went to the nearby table and saw some documents lying there. As I went to pick them up, my eyes saw the calendar hung on the wall. What I saw nearly killed me. The calendar was telling me that it was September 1968! I staggered a bit and nearly fell on the floor again but somehow I managed to control and sat on the chair overlooking the window, having tea. I tried to remember what happened last night.

I had opened this book and was reading something when the lights went off and something fell on my head. And then this…….. A valet, a house, office? What is going on?

I asked myself “But why 1968, September, why not 1868 or 1768?”

Then I remembered the page number, where there was this riddle. The riddle was on page no 33. So if you subtract 33 from 2001, you get 1968. The answer of the riddle was in page number 2011, reference number 255.

Now if you add the days in a year, day number 255 comes on September 12, if it is not a leap year.

“But what about 2011”? I asked myself. I could not figure it out.

I thought that it was possible that a time portal may have opened when I read the riddle. Mr. Aiyer had warned me not to open the book, because of planet re-alignment. But my own impatience led me to where I am now. But what is my identity in this timeline. I finished the tea and looked for some papers on the shelf. I opened a file containing some letters and papers and as I went through them, I was beginning to shiver.

Prashant Sharma, one of the papers read‘Born 19 June 1944Father Name: Mr. Anil SharmaMother Name: Mrs. Lata SharmaAnd so on……

I read the whole file and came to the following facts, some of which were quite disturbing.

1. I was born a few months before India became independent.

2. My parents are no longer alive. They met their doom on 15 March 1954 in a car accident in Mumbai (then Bombay)

3. Father was a big businessman and has left property worth lakhs in my name

4. I was taken care by my uncle who resided in London. I was in London from 1955 to 1963, when I was 18 years old and came back to India. All my schooling was in London itself.

5. I passed out my college in the year 1965

6. Passed IAS in the year 1967 and was posted in Barabanki (UP)

7. Transferred to the ministry of railways in January 1968 and posted in Kanpur

8. Posted back to New Delhi in July 1968.

9. Was unmarried.

As I realized what was happening, my head was spinning. But I held on to myself and thought that whatever has happened has happened. I don’t have the book and hence cannot go back in time and I need to make the most of what I have got in this new time line. I shaved, took a bath and came downstairs wearing my clothes which were quaint in fashion. I had a breakfast and sanjay gave me the bag of the office and said” Saheb, the driver is waiting. Would you come back for lunch?” I’ll sms you, if I intended to come”. I replied.

“What is sms sahib? He asked innocently.

I realized that this was a different culture. They had no mobiles, TVs were rare, no cable tv’s. Infact the banks were yet to be privatized. I thought myself as a relic.

“Ohhhh….. I mean…… I will come by pm.“Okay sahib”. He replied.

I waited as the car came. I was an old fashioned Ambassador, with a red beacon on it.

As I reached the office, I was in for some further things which were quite surprising.

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