Mother And I – Part IX

Hi all. This is the 9th part of Mother Son Love Affair

July 22

Mother woke me around 4.30 am. I was sleepy, so I took my clothes and went upstairs and slept till 8.15 am, till mother woke me up.

“Come down quickly, as your father is leaving for his office and want to speak you.” She said as she quickly left the room.

I came downstairs, wearing my clothes and said hello to dad.He told me to get refreshed as he will have breakfast with me before he left for the office. I nodded went upstairs to get refreshed. After a while i came back to me in the kitchen while Mother was standing at the kitchen table.I asked her where’s his dad and I said he might be taking a shower. He then asked “where’s my breakfast?” She said “wait! It’s getting ready! Let your dad come.

” I said “not that breakfast mom!” and came to her from behind, aligned my dick against her ass cheeks, put my hand into her saree tangles and held her womanhood and said “this mom”.

She was so excited with his kinky gesture, that I thought she almost came. She couldn’t help but moan a little and said to me “you just had late night snack few hours ago! Are you still hungry?” She said rubbing her mound and my dick “Yes mother! Your food is so tasty I cannot have enough of it!” She said trying to overcome the feeling “this food legally belongs to your dad! So don’t try to eat it while your dad is around!”

“No? Not even a taste?” I said in a disappointed tone still rubbing my pussy lips thru my saree.

I was so excited; she could feel her juices coming out but tried controlling it and told him “Nop! Not even a taste! Wait until your dad is gone and you can eat as much as you want”

Before I could finish the sentence, I took his hand away from my pussy as i saw his dad coming. Dad must have over heard my sentence, he asked “What is that you want to eat son?”

I stumbled on hearing his words but she regained her composure and said “You son is very hungry! He wants his breakfast before you come!” I almost laughed at the kinky meaning of those words. She was looking at her son who by now walking into the lounge with a big smile on his face smelling his fingers that rubbed her cunt lips.

“Then you should have given him! He must be starving!” dad said. I quickly looked at mother with a lustful gaze and said “See! Dad doesn’t object!”

“I don’t object! If he is hungry you should feed him Sushila!” his dad added.

Mother turned away as she could not smile at her hubby’s innocence. I thought to myself “If you know what mother and I are talking about, you would not only object but kill us both” We cut the chat and had our breakfast. After we had enough to eat, there is still some left so she asked me if he would like another round.

He said “No mother! Not now”. I paused a while and then said “I will have my next round after dad is gone to work”. His dad said “That’s my boy! Take a break and have another round! It will make your mother happy!” I sat on the couch reading the newspaper while his dad dressed up to go to work.

Finally after 10 mins dad bid bye to mother and I and I saw him off and closed the front door. Before mother could hear his dad opening the car door, I am already naked and untangling mother’s saree. I ripped her saree off and threw it on the couch and dragged her to the bedroom while hugging her and caressing my breasts. By the time his dad pulled the car out of our driveway, I got her naked and was all over her body. I did not listen to her plead that his dad could come back. As I inserted my dick into her wet pussy, I heard my dad’s car drive away. And even before my father reached his office, I am already pounding her pussy with vigorous and long strokes.

She must have been amazed by her son’s restlessness to fuck his mother. His dad did not even leave the premises he has already made his mother naked and copulating with her vagina. Before she could come to her senses and started enjoying, I already came spurting my hot cream into her. I must have been very hot. We both were patting for breath and we are in a mess. We both were lying across the bed with I on her top. Her blouse and petticoat lying on the floor.

Her pussy is all wet with combination of our juices

“Thanks for the second breakfast Sush” I uttered while controlling my breath. “It was as good as your real breakfast”

“You have eaten forbidden food Son!”She said smiling. “This food belongs to your dad”

“You know Sush” I said squeezing her nipples “Forbidden food is always tasty…specially my mother’s…Once tasted you can never stop”

And then, dad himself gave me permission to eat” he said as we both laughed.

We made love one more time and relaxed, she packed my bags and father came around 4 pm to drop me. I bid her goodbye and was sad leaving her but happy that I have fulfilled her and my dream of making love to my mother at last.

I reached my college hostel, and joined the classes soon. From here the event took a drastic turn, which will change my life for ever.

Part 10 coming up.

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