My Encounter With An Other Man Part – 2

Hello guys, I’m Shiksha Naik back with my next story . please check on my first story to get a flow- my first encounter with an other man . This is the story of my next make out with my husband’s friend – siddharth. I’m with stats 36c-32-34, fair complexion.

My beautiful days with kishore(delivery boy) continued. He changed me from a shy lady to a slut . I used to wear salwaar and sarees while going out.I used to make sure not to reveal my assets when I’m outside. But kishore changed my mindset overnight.

Kishore: you are a sex bomb. I wonder why your husband doesn’t have interest in you. But I’m glad that I got a chance to enjoy you. I felt your dressing style is boring and that’s what making your life boring without men in your life.

Me: men? I’m happy with you.. Why other men?

K:come on Shiksha. I’m not your husband to satisfy you through out your life. Have some fun. Change your world around you. Why shouldn’t you enjoy with other guys.. I’m sure that you will love itMe:this sounds interesting.,but how do I proceed with it?K: first, change your dressing style. Change from loose dresses to body hugging dresses. Switch from normal daily bras to push up bras, from normal panties to thongs, from high neck dresses to low neck ones, from sleeves to sleeveless. Put on makeup. Accessorize.Me: aww.. Me? I feel discomfort to wear them.. No.K: you will be discomfort in the beginning. Later you will love it. I will help you with it

That day we went for shopping and bought all the stuffs needed for the make over.

Next morning, I got dressed in blue jeans and white deep neck t shirt with a lit bit of make up. I left to office as usual. Everybody started staring me especially my big breasts when I was out. My cleavage was visible. My breasts were looking more bigger and well shaped, my tummy is flat and my butts sway is visible clearly. My back is also partially visible because of low necked T. I became the most talked topic in my office in no time. Every guy in my project started coming to my cubicle to see me with work as an excuse. Im sure that my manager is going to give me a huge hike in my next appraisal. Everybody noticed the change in me except my hubby.

One day suddenly, kishore said he quit the job and going to his native as his aged dad met with an accident and no one is there to take care of him. I was sad. My life became boring without sex pleasure soon after that .

A week After this incidence on saturday, my hubby’s friend siddharth showed up in my house.He is 6 feet tall, fair, well built and has beard and mustache . I’m sure his dick is 8 inch. I had first met him in my wedding. I had crush on him for his looks, mannerism. He had come with his wife to my wedding, so I knew his wife also.

I observered that he was tensed when he came home and he pulled my hubby to the room and started talking to him . I overheard it all. He had a fight with his wife over her affair with her boyfriend. He loved his wife very much. He was crying. I felt sorry for him but on the other side I was happy too. My hubby suggested him to stay that night at our home. We had dinner together that night. Siddharth went to other room to sleep. Me and my hubby to our room. Every Saturday me and my hubby have sex before sleeping(sometimes we don’t have for months) . That night I changed my dress to sexy pink Nighty with yellow bra and panty so that I look very sexy. Knowingly I dint lock the room door. I neared my hubby on chair. I undressed him. He started playing with my boobs. I started moaning a bit louder so that sid (siddharth) can hear me and peep into our room . my idea worked. Sid started watching what me and my hubby were doing. Slowly I pounced on my hubby like a slut .

I licked his body.. gave him blowjob and we had a hard core sex on the chair with my hubby saying, come on fuck me hard my bitch and he was holding my butts tight. My busty breasts were brushing his chest when I was going in and out. I was very aggressive . he shot his load in me. He was tired and went asleep. immediately I got into my nighty and slowly opened the door where Jeeva was there. He was aroused by our act and was Masturbating. I felt happy that my plan worked. That Night I satisfied two men one by sex and the other by giving the privilege to watch a couple having sex.

Next morning, sid told that he wants to take me to his house one evening so that I can convince his wife to patch up with him. My hubby agreed to him. I felt very sad that I couldn’t get his attention even after last night’s plan.

My office and sid’s office are in electronic city, bangalore. his house is 10kms far from the office. As he had told my hubby, sid picked me up from the office one evening to his house in his car.on the way, I consoled him saying I’ll try to convince his wife to patch up with him.we went to his home. His wife was already there. I spoke to her about their broken relationship,but I failed. That night I stayed there only. In the morning, we got ready to leave for work. Sid realized that his car Tyre was punctured. So we decided to go on his bike. I was on cloud nine because of his broken married life and decided not to miss any opportunity to make him mine. My breasts were touching him on his back while riding on the bike. I used to press my boobs hard on his back at speedbreakers. He was not reacting. I told him to stop the bike by a park. I took him there and we sat on the bench. I consoled him for an hour. He was silent. Later we stood up to go. He hugged me tight and started crying loudly. I stiffened my breasts to make them harder on his tummy. I hugged him tight too. After few minutes, he realized what he was doing and took his hands off. Later we both were silent and we left to office.

after that day, I started meeting him daily for coffee, lunch in the office as he was feeling lonely and I had to console him. eventually he applied for divorce. I always wore a body revealing clothes to office to get his attention . He started scanning my body whenever we used to meet esp my boobs. I used to show off my cleavage by leaning front given a chance. Sometimes I used to wear saree and crop tops to disclose my hips, naval. We enjoyed each other’s company.

One day he took me to coffee day and gifted me with a diamond studs.

Sid :this is the gift for staying and supporting me during my bad times. I love to have you by my side all the time.

Me:(happily) it’s my duty to be on your side during your tough times as a friend.

Sid: we both love to be with each other and understood very well, then why shouldn’t we take our relationship to the next level?Me: next level means!?

Sid: I mean physical (in low voice)Me: what are you saying.. I’m your friend ‘s wife and you are also married too

Sid: I’m not saying you to detach from your hubby. We can have an uncommitted affair. I guess, you will be more beneficial than me.. I would buy you what ever you ask for and I’ll satisfy you physically too.Moreover I have already seen you naked and desperately want you in my pantsMe:naked? (innocently)

Sid: yes, I saw you having sex with your hubby that night. You were amazing. I wished I was in the place of your hubby.Me: but??? (confusion on my face, but happy inside)Sid: don’t worry. This will be kept secret especially from your hubby.Me:then fine(blushing) even I’ve feelings for you, but my married status was restricting me to put my heart out.Sid: I wished my wife loved me and satisfied me in bed. After seeing you naked and having been close to you emotionally, I felt I want you.

Me: I want you too.Sid: love you Shiksha. (kissed on my hand)Me:love you too

Sid: you know what attracted me the most..your cleavage in that pink satin Nighty and your butts being shaped up by that tight Nighty. Your big busty melons were trying

to come out of those yellow bra cups. Your huge butts and pussy being covered by netted panty. I Masturbated daily thinking of you riding on me. Everyday I met you, your tits and butts were inviting my eyes. I imagined squeezing your boobs and fucking you hard.I thought you would reject my proposal. I’m glad that you accepted me.

Me: pleasure is mine. I’m all yours. So now Will you keep on imagining them or will you get into action.Sid: sure sexy. Will go to my home now. Today is ours. I will fuck you hard to the ultimate pleasure you ever had.

We kissed deeply in the parking lot.Sid:your boobs press on my back made me horny the other day.I blushed. I sat on his bike hugging him tightly. We reached home.He pulled to his bathroom and started kissing me intensely. He turned on the shower. We both got drenched. I was wearing a white salwaar with pink bra and panty which was visible predominantly. He hugged me tight pressing my boobs against his stomach. I could feel his cock on my tummy. It was very Hard like cucumber. He took off my top and started kissing my boobs on the pink bra. I removed his shirt. We both were aroused seeing each other that way in shower. I removed his jeans. He was wearing a Grey underwear holding the monster which is desperate to go into my cunt and cum . he undressed me completely and I removed his underwear .

I touched and licked his dick. He started to stroke my cunt and fingered his two fingers. I was excited badly and wanted his dick in me. I stood in a doggy style and he got into me from my back holding my left breast and the other hand holding my butts. I was moaning out of pleasure. Finally he cumed. We took bath. He offered me his wife’s lacy satin red bra, panty and a black baby doll dress. Surprisingly it fitted me well. We slept for an hour. I woke up to see sid sleeping naked. I was aroused again. I started licking his balls and cock. He opened his eyes and was enjoying. Then I started giving blowjob . He removed my dress and made me lay in bed and started stroking my cunt and squeezing my boobs. I enjoyed thoroughly. I pushed him back to bed, sat on him and took his dick into me in a cow girl position and started in and out. It was a treat to His eyes to see my big tits dancing.

I brushed my breasts on his chest. I started rotating myself slowly to hit my orgasm and I suddenly increased the speed looking into his eyes. He was enjoying my wildness. We both cumed. Then i laid on him pressing my boobs to his Chest. We kissed for sometime and I slept hugging him. When we woke up, it was 6 in the evening. I called up my hubby and said I’ve a meeting and I’ll be late. We both were naked. I went to kitchen to prepare coffee. He assisted me there to find things. He hugged me from back at the kitchen slab. He started kissing me on my neck and was playing his tongue with my ears. We had coffee in a same big mug by me sitting on his laps on chair. He was playing with my bouncy breasts. Then we got freshed up and dressed up.

Sid: you are my sex goddess. Your hubby is very lucky to get you as his wife. Wow.. You are a slut .Me: what’s the use. Me and my hubby hardly have sex. He is not interested in sex (saddened)

Sid: (shocked) what? Don’t worry.. I’m there for you and I’ll fulfill all your needs. (smiled)Around 8,we reached my house gate. We kissed again. He squeezed my boobs.Sid: today is the best horny day I ever had in my life. You are my sexy bitch. See you tomorrow for some more shots in the office. Bye. Horny night baby.

Me: take care of big cock until I feed it tomorrow. Good night.We parted away. That night I couldn’t sleep. As always I went to office the next day. I met him. He started groping and caressing my breasts publicly(chup chup ke), sometimes fingering me. I used to play with his balls and cock. This continued daily. Theater and toilets in malls were our best places for quick shots. I go once in a week to his house. Now I am always late to my house. My responsibility has increased. I’m a wife of two men. I loved having three men in my life -my hubby, a delivery boy and my hubby’s friend. They all are caring and love me a lot. A thought of having group sex with them keeps popping in my idiot brain. That day would be my best day in my life. My sex drive steamed up day by day. I wish I’ve sex with an old man and a 15 year old boy. I dream of group sex, anal sex too.

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