My First Best Foreplay Sex In My Life

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The story I’m gonna describe now has happened to me 3years back when I was in the initial stages of my horny life :P.

Coming to the story,

My girl is thin has a sexy small ass with round boobs which I loved to suck, press and pinch. I was into a relationship with the girl about whom I’m talking. We entered into a relation in our teen. In fact, she is my cousin. So, we didn’t meet after we got into our senses.

We first met in our teens, when there was a Pooja in my home as that was done every year. I didn’t dare to talk to her at first, but somehow our talks had gone to a place where I got her number. After the Pooja was done, she left my home and was standing at the bus stop nearby our house.

I sighed her from my balcony to come home as they missed out something in my home,( Later on, I came to know from her that, the time when I called she was in the thought that I would propose her or some kind off) but nothing like that happened. 🙂

She used to stay long away from the place where I was staying so it was very difficult for me to meet her and so we made our way through chit chats.

As our pre-degree days started, I was a residential student so I was secretly using a mobile in the hostel and used to talk to my girl after our talk continued for more than 2days, she asked me whether to accept the proposal of her friend to get into relation.

I said Noooooooo, because I started thinking about her in my dreams as my sex partner :D. Then for few weeks of our chat continued, every day I was texting her on her mobile continuously.

We used to talk about each and everything in our day to day life. On one sad day, her father died, and I was shocked to know the news. I was very depressed listening to that, she was also depressed for few days, just after few days a festival came where our family has invited them to come.

My girl just the before the day of coming to my home has proposed me on texts. I was shocked after looking at her message but even I was expecting the same ;). The next day when she came to my home, our families were talking to each other about something.

My girl signed me to come out so that we would have privacy. Both I and my girl went to the porch, I have asked my girl to give her hand. It was smooth and very much soft like bread. Just after touching her for the first time I thought to fuck her at any cost.

Then for every festival, we used to meet and we make out some pleasure out of our meetings. The first meeting was at my place, only my girl came as asked her mother and she sent her as per my invitation.

The day she came, we cousins all were at one place and talking about something which normal cousins talk whenever they meet. But my girl sat beside me, and soon all my cousins started to sleep, slowly I sighed my girl by rubbing my legs to her legs as a notion to move further and then we got into the position that no air can pass between us.

We both were looking at each other with a thought in our minds like who should start first. Then I dared and kissed on her cheeks, soon after that she took my head and gave me a lip lock, as my cock got erect.

I held it with one hand and started touching all over the body including her pussy and our play was going on like that. Suddenly the door was opened and we were alert and it was my uncle, and he asked us to sleep as it was 2:00 am. Then we slept stopping it there itself.

Early in the morning at 5 AM, I have woke up and no one was awake other than me and I directly went to the room where my girl slept, dragged her pant and make her wake up.

Kissed her on lips, and slowly our saliva got exchanged and kissed her like that for some time. She didn’t have enough sleep and was asking me to leave and let her sleep -_-. As I’m a nice person agreed to her. On that day onwards whenever we get time we kissed each other, at whatever the place it may be, either on the couch or on the bed or in the hall and it continued.

One day we went on a long drive with scooty as it was my plan to make her drive and enjoy my girl’s parts though she doesn’t know how to drive. As whatever I planned was going well, I made her drive and I kept my hands on my girl’s pussy and slowly started rubbing and then held her boobs.

We didn’t bothered though people on the road were looking at us. After some time we started walking for a while, and while walking I kept my hands on her ass and walked a distance, she was hesitant to allow me to keep my hand on her ass but I managed to.

On our return journey, It started to rain and we were drenched, still riding in the rain we went further and halted at a place, when I looked at her I was able to see my girl’s parts from her white T-shirt. I was high and started pressing her boobs making her drive again.

Later on, many incidents had happened with my baby in the movie hall, her home (when we were alone), in my home(when we were alone along with my dog).

So, if you are satisfied with my language and the story then you can ping me with the compliments, and if not you can ping me with comments @ [email protected]

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