My First Experience With A Girl From Jee Coaching Centre, Bangalore

This is my first story here, so I was quite scared while I was making an account on this site.

You can call me sid, with age of 20, I have a fairly good complexion and good looks but I’m really shy as fuck, I’m sharing this story as I wanted to tell the world in a confidential way that I finally lost it.

I’m from Bangalore and this incident happens in the year 2014. I had joined coaching class for my JEE preparation, I was really studious and attended all the classes with great enthusiasm, I was considered as teachers pet, I use to take extra classes to improve my physics,

So one day while I had taken extra class I was asking my professor few doubt which I had encountered, he explained me and I done for the day, I was waiting for the taxi (as I had booked it from the app Taxi for sure)

Few minutes later I was approached by a girl from my class, (I had never talked to get before) the conversation went something like this

She- hey sid hi, so you’re a nerd, how much did you score in your last test?

Me- hey, crazy? No I just want to get into a elite institute, and yeah, I got 289 on 360

She- fuck, (yes she used the word *fuck*), you are really a nerd

Me- No I’m not, …and my taxi arrived, I had to leave, I said BYE and left for my home

I reached home and she never crossed my mind.

Next day, I came early (4:45am, we have classes at 6am) and was just walking here and there,

I was alone in my class and she came around 5am,

I greeted her and we had a small chat regarding exams, later her friends came in and she got along with her,

(This moment I realised she was really hot)

After the class i approached her and asked her details,

She readily gave me her phone number,

From that day we started chatting on Whatsapp (mostly related to studies)

After about a month I took a step forward and asked her about her personal life, she was from Kashmir, and had shifted here, due to problems, she had a boyfriend there, she even said I was cute, (I was on cloud 9)

So we became kinda close friends and use to talk even in class and outside, her college was about 2km from mine,We use to meet on daily basis.

So one day after college we decided for a movie at forum mall PVR, she wanted a decent movie but only This movie ‘Sex tape’ was Available so we took the tickets and were waiting for the movie,

Me-I hope it’s not that bad

She- haha yeah, I do kinda like such movies

Me- (wtf is wrong with her)Me too

The movie started it was like a porn, I was just starting at her face and her cleavage, she noticed it, and took my hand and placed it on her left breast (I was sitting on the left), I was so freaking scared I never had touched a girls boobs before, I was acting all innocent and feeling it, later in interval we never shared a word, I took the courage and said, I liked what you did,

She- I could see the happiness on your face

Me- obviously this is the first time I felt a girls breasts

She- common don’t lie

Me- I’m serious

She- I can see your bulge as well

I felt really shy and hid it with my college bag.

I continued the same in the 2nd half as well, but with more enthusiasm

After the movie we took walked out catching our hands and went to our respective homes.

On Whatsapp (I have still retained all the messages)

Me- you’re cute and I can’t stop thinking what we did in the theatre

She- yeah, lol you spent your time on me rather than watching the movie

Me- you were the movie for me, and I think I liked it

She- you liked it so much uh?

Me- the best movie of my life, please please let’s go for another movie tomorrow

She- lol okay, but this time, I also get to enjoy the movie

Me- all pleasure is mine

Then we decided for the same movie ‘sex tape’ and and same cinema, (we bunked college) we took the last corner seats And I was quite scared, after about 10 min the movie started, Either of us didn’t take any move, then 15 min passed, I started moving my hands closer, she grabbed it and placed it on her boobs, I started the play, then she told in my ears to keep the bag on my lap, and loosen my belt, I followed her instructions, she slid her hands on my underwear, (trust me, I got Goosebumps all over my body)

I froze for a moment, as she was rubbing my boner, I lost all my shyness, and turned towards her and kissed her on lips, (the person who was sitting beside us was enjoying our movie as well)

I realized she didn’t were bra which gave me more confidence and I slid my hands under her shirt and left the skin, I wanted to kiss the boobs but i was scared. Later in interval I tightened my belt, she got a call from her friend about her whereabouts, she lied that she was not feeling well,

After the movie we went to the clothing section of the mall, and in changing room we kissed passionately and I had cum in my underwear which was visible through my pants I got scared and she got an idea and went out and purchased a pant for me, (she was my saviour)

I wore that and we went to our respective home

Later that night, we just were talking about sex and fantasizing each other, I had masturbated picturing her, I realized she was virgin as I was. We decided to have sex but we had to prepare ourselves for it

So we fixed a date (Sunday, 9th August) and venue was at her home as her parents were abroad and her little brother hardly interfered in her work.

(Well I had lost touch from my studies since 2 weeks and I had managed to just pass in my unit test)

The previous day (Saturday) I went to reliance mart and got 5 packets of Kamasutra condoms (it was scary as hell, I was acting all mature and a big guy, I had got black polythene bag to hide the stuff)

On Sunday I told my parents that I’ll be going to tuition for additional classes and I’ll be late (we had classes on Sunday also)

I reached her home at 7 am, (her home had CCTV cameras so she had switched off the DVR a day before) Her brother was in his room, the maid was preparing breakfast, I stealthily entered her room, it was really big and well furnished, She told me to hide in her bathroom, I followed her instructions, (her panties were behind the door, I was enjoying the aroma of it) she finished her breakfast with her brother and sent her brother to his friends house to play, the maid finished her work and left after an hour.

She came to her room, I was sitting on her bed and I had laid condoms all over the floor to just intensity the mood.

She jumped over me and whispered, finally we are losing virginity. I kissed her and was tightly hugging her, we were really wild and never realized that we kissed for an hour

I told her that I had got my laptop with preloaded porn, she caught my boner and said naughty fucker what are you waiting for, I played the movie and at same time we were feeling each other, I tore her shirt and started sucking her bra, (guys seriously no words can explain the pleasure you get by sucking a girls breasts),

She was moaning, which made me more excited. I started rolling my tongue all over her belly and bra, she told me to lick her underarms, it was smelly but when you’re in mood you enjoy that smell as well.

She pushed me on bed, and instructed me to strip, I was literally huffing and puffing while I removed all my cloths, she was laughing like hell and said I love you horney ass, I sat beside her bed and kissed her panties and was trying to finger the lining of her vagina over panties,

She was blushing and was giving out low moan, i removed her panties with a sudden jerk, I kissed and licked the sides of her thighs and was sucking the vaginal walls, the screamed on a high pitch which made me scared and after few minutes she pee on the bed, (later I realised it was orgasm)

I inserted my fingers and her hips moved in reflex, she pushed me, I knew it was really painful, but I tried that again, by applying ample amount of saliva by my tongue, it was really painful for her but she kinda enjoyed it,

I removed her bra, and she again blushed which increased my testosterone level and I licked her breasts and sucked it so hard that the area became red.

I kissed her entire body, then she guided herself to my dick and licked It, ( believe me, the feeling you get is completely different from that of masturbating)

She was rolling her tongue over the tip of my dick, I was really loving the sensation, then she started to apply hell lot of saliva over my dick in that process I had ejaculated over her face, it was Heavenly feeling,

She pulled me towards bed and said, your turn and directed me to put on a condom, I did that and with force I directed my dick in her pussy, her screams were really a booster (it was really really warm in there, The feeling was really amazing) I continued the to and fro motion, I realised she was bleeding from her walls, I pulled out and cleaned the area with her bed sheet, i changed the condom and applied saliva on it, I started to fuck her at my top pace, yes she was actually liking it and pulled me towards her and we were actually wild, I was talking dirty which made her spank on my butt,

There was just screams in the room, the bed was wet with her orgasm.I kissed/licked her underarms and was thumping her as same time,

After about 10 minutes, I exploded in her with a loud scream of pleasure, I had held her boobs and had squeezed so hard that she actually screamed as well …. and I had lost my virginity.

I removed the dick, she took out the condom from my dick making sure that no sperm falls down, she poured it on her boobs, it was actually really warm.

We kissed for about 15 min and took a bath, together and had a hot make out there.

I was hungry, she made Maggie noodles for me, and we were naked all the time until 3pm.

We had 4 times sex that day,

It was really amazing day of my life.

I’ll never forget it.

We happily chose our ways, I do sometimes miss her.

Well this was my first experience with a girl.

Hoping that I can get a girl so that we can share our little secrets

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