My First Paid Experience – The Bangkok Trip

Hello, everyone, thank you for your comments on my previous sex story submissions, today I want to share something that took place only a few weeks back.

As described earlier I did my masters in the uk and then came back to bangalore. I was soon got placed in a reputed company and was working my ass off to prove myself to the company, I can say that I did well in the company and in three years’ time they made an avp and started assigning me to south – east asia. So, for work, I started traveling to southeast asia quite often (mainly singapore & japan). Things were going well until last week, they assigned me and my colleague to look at their business in thailand. We both got excited as we had heard many stories about thailand and we were supposed to stay in bangkok for a whole 1.5 months and were really looking forward to it.

Once we were in bangkok, I and my colleague decided to work during the day and have fun during the evenings & weekends. Our local counterparts were very welcoming and they made sure that we felt right at home in bangkok. They took us out to some of the famous places in bangkok and in two weeks’ time I and my colleague were roaming the streets on our own.

Around our 3rd week there, my colleague suggested that we start looking out for what bangkok is famous for. I was a bit hesitant and told him about the stories that we see in the movies or read elsewhere about stds and ladyboys, but he managed to convince me and then our search began. We did not want to ask anyone in the office and hence decided to search all information online. We came across hundreds of sites but could not make out which one would be safe or not a scam as there are many massage parlors in bangkok where you can get easily robbed.

Our search online bought us to a place called sukhumvit in bangkok, as it was risky carrying our phones and wallets we decided to keep only minimum cash plus a little extra with us and not to take any valuables or our phones with us. We googled as to what the rate would be and then we set off and were there in like 20 – 30 minutes.

It was already sundown and we could now see the bangkok we are so used to seeing in movies and stories. The whole street was filled with lights and girls were on both sides of the streets cat calling customers, we tried to remember the names of the parlors we saw online and kept looking for the sign board and finally, we were there the google reviews and the décor on the website looked good. There was a bouncer outside who looked quite formidable and he frisked us as we entered we went straight to the reception and was greeted by the lady she asked us a sort of a rate card and asked us to take the seats and once ready to let her know. We looked at the rate card and saw that full conventional sex was about 1,500 baht for unlimited shots for 90 minutes. We kept seeing the card there were all types of stuff in there like anal, bdsm, so – masochism, group sex, ladyboys and bachelor’s party orgy etc.

My friend chose the unlimited 90 min full package with a girl which was massage, blowjob, anal, and normal sex which was about 2,500 baht and I chose the same too. We informed the hostess she asked for the payment upfront and we paid the same in cash, then she took us to the next room and there were two luxury poufs there she requested us to have a seat while she went to call the girls.

Meanwhile me and friend was discussing on who should get the first pick and the excitement was evident in our voices. In about 5 minutes the hostess came back and brought with her around 15 – 16 girls with her all of them were asian and were dressed in black bikinis. We had decided amongst ourselves that my friends would get the first choice and know him I knew he would go for the one with the biggest ass as he has an ass fetish. He requested the hostess to ask all of them to turn so that he could see their butts. She asked them all to turn and their butts were exposed to us he finally chose one girl and in the meanwhile, I chose a girl with big breasts and a cute face.

We were led by our girls to the private rooms. Where there were a huge bed and a bath tub, she asked me to take off my clothes and lie on the bed face down. I immediately stripped down and laid my face down on the bed she came to me and started her massage she poured some warm oil over my back.

Her hands were soft and she really knew how to give a good massage, after two minutes she was massaging my butt and kneading them well and my hands were massaging her butt and ass crack too, after a while she asked me to turn around so that she could massage my front too. I did and my cock sprang all erect from her soft massage and her soft butts. Now her pussy was very close to my face she was still in her bikini and I started rubbing her pussy over her thong and could sense it becoming wet. She then moved her hands to my cock and started massaging the same. I was out of this world and the feeling was so good.

I stuffed my hand inside her bra and felt the softness of her boobs. Since her bra was tight, I moved my hands to the back trying to find the hooks to remove her bra but could not find anything. She laughed and told me that the hooks were in the front and I immediately unhooked her bra and she let it slide off her body and I immediately buried my face in those mountains they were very soft and had good protruded nipples at the end of them.

My one hand was playing with her boobs while she was massaging my cock and with the other hand I united her thong and made her fully nude. She then got on top of me and started rubbing her body all over me, the feeling was amazing then she reached for the side table and took a condom and put it on my cock and started giving me a blowjob which I am pretty sure would have been great but due to the condom being there I could not feel much. So I asked her to stop then she led me to the bath tub and started getting the oil of me while giving me handjob, then she took a towel and dried herself and me off and took another condom and put it on with her mouth that impressed me a lot.

She asked me what style would I like to go first for I replied missionary and she laid on the bed with her legs spread and I could see her pussy finally in completeness. It was completely shaved and the slit looked really welcoming. She pulled me towards her and guided my cock into her pussy and I began to fuck her while licking and sucking her boobs dry. As I felt the pressure build up I stopped and asked her to shift to doggy style and entered her and began fucking her while pulling her butt cheeks apart.

Her asshole was looking puckered and very inviting and I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass for which she smiled and said go ahead. I took my tool out and placed it at her anal opening and started slowly she was moaning and slowly by slowly my cock was up to her ass in full.

Her asshole was so tight that it was difficult for me to thrust her but slowly and steadily I increased my sped, then I made her lie on top of me and fucked her in a cowgirl position. Seeing her boobs bounce made me mad and I soon came into the condom she got up and took the condom off cleaned my cock with water and soap. As there was still time left she asked me if I wanted to go for another round to which I said yes and she took another condom and put it on my tool and we went for round two.

This time we tried more position. When I was coming to nearing climax, I asked her if I could cum on her face to which she said that I would have to tip her. I agreed and she took off my condom and started to finish me off by hand and I came all over her face, as my cock became limp she gave it a pecking kiss and then proceeded to clean herself. Then she helped me clean myself and by then the time was up I tipped her 500 baht for the extra service she gave me. While going out of the room I gave her a hug and squeezed her boobs and ass lightly.

I saw that my friend too had finished and was waiting for me. We thanked the hostess and left the premises. Before leaving bangkok, we went to the same place again and this time I had another round with a different girl.

Thank you all for reading my sex story, and any ladies looking for discrete sex can contact me on [email protected]

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