Unexpected Sensational Night With A Beautiful Stranger – Continued

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If you missed part 1 – https://www.indiansexstories2.net/couple/unexpected-sensational-night-with-a-beautiful-stranger/

Suddenly, I go on her right nipple, she left a shiver and missed her breath and moaned. I was now sucking licking right and squeezing left one. She was turning hotter. Now I was teasing her nipples with my tongue rubbing. Then I tried to take all her right boob in my mouth and suck it. She was going crazier. Simultaneously, I was now pulling out another boob. She loved the pain. She cried a bit. I asked you want me to stop pulling it? She said, yes. Did I ask Really? She said, No…. I asked, You love this pain? She said, Yeahhhhh baby. Did I ask, Want more? She gasped and said noo please noo… I made it harder and she screams in pain and pleasure. She held me tight and said yeah-huh baby harder Moree ee EEE…. Mmmmmmmmmm…

Now I took my one hand down caressing her pussy above panty. And I was surprised to see it was all wet and still oozing. I asked her, you are already so wet, want it sexier? She said yes baby yesses, I need you to secret me completely. Immediately I slid my hand inside her panty and rolled my fingers that warm oozing pussy lips. She really got another orgasm then, I felt. I started rubbing her clit and she was moaning badly now and fucking heavy breaths.

It went for some time. She was also caressing my penis above harder same time. She said I really want this hardy meat to go in now. I said, Shut up. Not so soon. Now, it has to check another hole of you darling. She said, Oh mahnnnnnnn.. harder..? I would love to taste it and make it harder. I unfolded her eyes and saw them wet, hungry and craving for more of it. I then laid on my back on the bed and guided her in 69 position removing her panty, fucking all wet. She unzipped my pants and removed it. When she was undoing my underpants, my penis throbbed her nose and she gasped. She looked back to me with eyes wide open. I winked her and said, cmon baby, your time to take care and spanked her ass hard…

She made a loud moan and started taking my penis in her mouth. I was having such great view of her blowing me and her hot boobs hanging and juggling. My left-hand mid finger was now fingering her and my right hand again spanked her hard. She went deeper and moaning in. I saw she is still half blowing me. I spanked her harder again and pushed myself more in her. She was getting throat choked and starting blowing faster as I was fingering her faster and deeper and now with 2 fingers inside. Her moans were getting higher but inside her mouth. She then tightened her pussy. I was squeezing her boob now and said blow it deeper or else I’m not filling your love hole with my this hard penis. She really went deeper. I then stopped her grabbing her hair and spanked her ass, asking, do you want me to fuck you hard? Yeah..? NO….

She said please EEE EEE… I beg you, please fuck me, fuck me badly. I positioned her in doggy style, came behind her and rubbed my penis on her pussy lips. She pressed more on my penis. I spanked her ass suddenly and she did ahhh.. and I put the tip on my penis in her warm wet pussy. She gripped her hard and stuffed herself still. I went more in now, she was tight. She moaned hard, aah. I pulled her hair and went half in that tight hole. I was just loving it, going inch by inch more in and listening to her moans. Aaaahhhh, babyyyyy… yeah huh…. Fuckkkkk meeeee…I was going half in and out. Suddenly without any hint, I thrived in completely and she screams louder, aaaaaahhhhhh… and she wept with pleasure. I then made my movement faster, spanking her ass harder in between. And gripping her hair hard at each stroke.

Now I wanted to lay down and see her riding me. She happily obliged. She came over and guided my penis into her pussy. Initially, she wasn’t taking it completely in but I let her do as she wants. She was riding amazing even circular. Looking at those hot boobs juggling I started squeezing them and pulling them. Now she was going wild.

I slapped one of her boobs. She screams loud. I slapped again and this time both, she moaned louder and breath heavy. I started tearing her ass apart and spanked it few times. She went more fast riding and say yeah baby spank me more harderrrrrrr. I Spanked damn hardddddd again on her ass and asked her like this? Yeah..? She, Yeahhhh baby. I said, fuck youuuu sexyyyyy, need harder..She couldn’t utter a word just nodded yes.. and I spanked it way harder.. she rolled a tear from eyes with a smile and asked for more hard. I obliged her harder and harder spank each time. She drove me fucking crazy with each spank I made. I told her I may cum anytime. She smiled and said, better you come inside me. She went so fast then, the whole room was in moans.. fuckkkk man, then I just grabbed her back and came inside her. She also came at same time. She fell over me exhausted and relaxed there sometime. And we slept then.

This session was so heavenly amazing… I won’t forget.

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