My First Sex Experience With My Aunty

Hello, guys this is my first story on ISS. Let me introduce myself I am a 20year old boy with the normal physique and little more than normal penis size from Mumbai.

This story is about the aunty who lives next door and my sex encounter with her let me introduce her to you, Her age can be around 30-32 she has the perfect figure with a huge ass I guess her sizes will be 34-30-36. She’s very friendly in nature and we often talk to each other I often visit her home whenever she used to mop her floor and do some work. I usually go to her home when she mops the floor because at the time I get to see her cleavage. I used to dream to have sex with her, sometimes when I go to her home I get a chance to see her cleavage while she mops the floor, she even sometimes notices me but didn’t say anything, I also had taken a chance of rubbing her ass with my hands sometimes.

So the story begins, One day when I came home from college, I saw her cleaning her house, she was wearing a nighty and she was looking smoking hot, her boobs and ass have taken a proper shape, I was starring her for a moment then suddenly she saw me, I immediately took my eyes off she came near the door and said me what were you looking at? I blush and said nothing, she was also smiling and I went in my home and after a while, she call me at her home she said she needed some help so I went there immediately without wasting any time.

She was still in nighty and sweat near her neck make her look so lusty and so sexy, she told me to remove the bag from the top of the cupboard. I took the table and went to take the bag off, while I was removing the bag I got a top view of her cleavage as she was holding the table, I was struck for a while as she was wearing no bra, her boobs were so very visible, my penis start to became hard suddenly she saw me and said what are you doing? Pass me the bag fast, I nodded yes and gave her the bag.

I was still standing on the table watching her cleavage she caught me watching her, she said to came down after that she stood right in front of me and said what were you watching from the top? I said nothing than she said I know what were you watching my eyes became widespread and asked her what? She then came close to me and whispered in my ears “I know you’ve been watching my boobs for a long time, I notice you every time you watch me” I was in shock to hear!! I thought I was busted and she will tell my mom about all this but then she told me why don’t you feel my boobs and my body hearing all this gave me a hard boner she then touch my penis over my pants and said someones is getting hard, I was struck at that moment and I didn’t know what to do.

After a second or two I got into my senses and without wasting any time I immediately hold her from waist and gave her a passionate kiss.. she didn’t expect this but then she also started to kiss me, after kissing for a minute she pushed me away from her and then she came towards me and started to kiss me, while kissing I was pressing her soft boobs with one hand and my other hand was caressing her big round ass…and she was rubbing my penis over my pantsWe were kissing for like 15-20 minutes then I slowly start to pull her nighty and I try to remove it, she stop me there and said me we can’t do this I am married but I insist on her I again kiss her still she was resisting me but I hold her tight and pushed her towards the wall and kiss her passionately, still she was resisting me but I didn’t stop and I start to lick the sweat and kiss her on neck she started moaning then I moved my hand over her thighs and slowly went near her pussy area she wasn’t allowing me but still I continued and touch her pussy over her nighty her pussy was already wet, when I touched her pussy she gave a loud moan “aaaahhhhhhh” now she was in the mood and I knew she will not resist now, so again I kissed her and tried to remove her nighty she didn’t resisted me as expected after removing her nighty I saw her big melons I mean boobs hanging and she was looking so sexy with only her panty on she was getting shy

I stare her for 5-10minutes then she said sirf dekhogae hi ya kuch karogae bhi, when she said those words I got soo horny I went to her and pick her up and took her to bed and we started kissing she removed my shirt and started to kiss my body while kissing me she went down to my pants and started to kiss my dick over my pants and then she removed my pants and I was in my underwear she started to bite my dick over my undies and she saw the pre-cum on my underwear then she remove my underwear giving me a naughty smile and started to play with my dick and then we heard a knocking sound on the door at first we ignored it as we were totally in the mood but the knocking sound became loud….

(to be continued)

So, guys, this was the first part of my story I hope you like it, please e-mail me and let me know how was it your reviews and feedback are highly appreciatedEmail- [email protected]

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