Unexpected Sex With My Sister

First, introduce myself my name Yaswanth and my sister name is Prardhana. This sex story happened 2 years back. Let’s come to the sex story.

At that time my age 16 and she is 19 she is a sex bomb having (34-30-36). I’m intermediate at that time first I don’t have any bad intention towards her. She is so horny girl because I saw her when she is fucking her ass hole with my uncle. I think my uncle is the reason for my sister body sizes improved. After some days in a night time, I slept with my sister in bed. I think I have sex dream on that night. I’m dreaming fucking a girl like that I’m moving front and back by holding my sister’s waist I’m giving strokes and. Rubbing my dick from the back.

She is cooperating she doesn’t speak a word and didn’t respond to my actions. After few minutes I stop stroking went to bathroom shaking my dick within 10 minutes. I release sperm and went to bedroom start sleeping without moving.After 2-3 months I shifted my home. That night all my family members sleep only in the hall. I slept with my mother and another side my sister. I have a habit of putting a hand on my mom at mid night.

I feel somebody touched my hand. I realize she is my sister she takes my hand and keeps my hand above her boobs. Start pressing her boobs with my hands I can’t expect this she pressing her boobs with my hands. I think she is in great mood. Her boobs are rock hard to press but I keep pressing it. Later she moved my hands towards her waist and guided. Me to press her waist. I pressed her waist smoothly and run my hands toward boobs pressing her boobs few minutes and I’m trying to. Insert my hand from the top but I fail to insert than once again I start pressing her boobs but her boobs were not strong this time I felt she is in fear so that I take my hands back.

After that, the very next day, I had one more chance to press her boobs. On that night the same places we sleep at mid night I felt my sister touch my hand and take my hand towards her rock hard boobs. She kept my hands above her boobs and pressing her boobs with my hands. This time I start to proceed quickly. I start pressing her boobs hard my hand is small to press her big boobs but I’m not feeling to leave. I m pressing her boobs very hard. She to enjoyed my pressing she take my hands towards her waist and guided me to press in that moment.

I don’t she intensionally slide her top from below her waist and kept my hand on her waist keep pressing. After that I ran my hands towards her boobs from inside of her top this time I directly pressing her boobs with my full pleasure she removed her hand and enjoying every minute. After 15-20 minutes of pressing. I ran my hands towards her pussy. I inserted my hand I touched her pubic hair but I felt fear take back my hand. Once again I started to press her boobs from inside of her top. But boobs are lost they’re strong I felt some fear take back my hands from her.

From that day I feel to fuck her but I don’t have a chance to fuck her after 4 months. My sister went to the bath I take her mobile without her permission watching gallery, videos at that time unexpectedly. I saw her nude body in her mobile she sent her nude video to my cousin. I never expected this I saw my sister nude body. I felt my dick rock hard inside I can’t control my self whatever I want to fuck her. I pull my pant down take pic of my hard rock penis kept her phone in the same place I went out. My brain didn’t work what was happening. Later I went back to home take her mobile and check she saw my dick or not. I didn’t find my pic in the gallery. I realized she deleted my pic.

After few days, I have another lucky chance to press her boobs. At that time my mom and dad went to marriage. Me and my sister sleep in hall. On another side my grandma was sleeping. We are sleeping on floor I keep my hand side and slept in middle I felt some weight it was my sister boob she is sleeping after very long time I have chance to enjoy with her. Immediately I start to press her boobs for few minutes her boobs start growing.

I felt she is in the mood. I pressed very hard her boobs she is enjoying. I place my hand on her waist pulled her close to me again. I start pressing her boobs I think she is out of control she take my hand inside towards her pussy. (I felt I’m unlucky boy I don’t know at that time because)I ran my hand towards her ass touched directly. She is having very big boobs as well as ass. Start caressing and pressing hard I try to insert my finger inside her ass hole but unexpectedly she take my hand a throw out. She stands and runs towards bedroom I get fear with that fear I sleep quickly. After that, I don’t have a chance to touch her private parts or having sex with her.

But after 1 year unexpectedly with some urgent work my mom dad and grandmother went to the village. I fell very happy. I got a chance to fuck my sister at that night. I sleep in sofa. She sleep down. I don’t know that my luck turns good or bad because at late night my cousin comes to my house. But I have a chance to fuck my sister.

I will tell the rest in next part of the sex story. Please email me for the feedback.

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