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He was my cousin’s friend and that’s how we got to know each other. At the start, we just used to forward messages to each other and one fine day some how started talking to each other and that’s how it all begin. From start only we started liking each other.The late night chats, long phone calls and no need to say we fell for each other..Neither of us really proposed to each other but we were in very much love. But our luck was not in our favor as we were in different cities so it wasn’t possible for us to meet each other. So we have to stick to the modern technology. The video calls on Skype were regular. We also used to have phone sex every day and were hoping to do so in real soon.

In summer I was going to visit his city and was going to stay at my cousin’s house for a month.When I told him he was very happy and started making plans for meeting me and also our hopes of making love in real raised. When I came to his city one day he called me as there was no one at his house so he asked me to come to his house. But the problem was I can not leave my house without my cousin and we can’t tell her our intensions of making the love of course.When I told him he was very disappointed and I can’t see him like this so somehow I convinced my cousin to go and meet her friend and let me go alone to meet him.. And she agreed on too..We both were very excited. He came to receive me.And then there I saw him for the first time. We both just kept looking at each other for few minutes. No one tried to initiate any conversation at first. The grin on his face was evident and I also couldn’t stop blushing. Then I just said hi to which he replied with a smile. I climbed on his bike. The first touch of ours while sitting on his bike sent sensations deep down to my body.We didn’t talk much till our way back to home as we both were nervous. We reached home he opened the door and let me in.. We both just came and sit next to each other without talking. I was too shy to look at him and he was also hesitant to talk. But one of us has to take first move.

I came close to him closing the distance between us. Our breathing stopped and we both move forward closing the remaining distance and kissed each other. For the first time. We kissed and kissed till we are out of breath. Then we again catch our breath and started kissing. Our hands also find their way to inside our clothes. He reached my top and slid his hands inside them. I also removed his t-shirt. He starts pressing my boobs and then he started kissing them biting them madly. I was moaning very loudly. His hands then travel down towards the south and reach my jeans he removed my jeans and put his hand inside my panty and then into my love hole. He was moving his finger inside out. I was moaning very loudly. He then leans down and starts kissing my pussy taking me to another level.. I was very wet and aroused.He continues licking me. His tongue deep inside my hole. And I just couldn’t hold myself. Then he started fingering me he put his finger inside and start to move it in and out. And his tongue also following his hand movement.. Then he put two fingers inside of me. And increased his pace. That feeling was out of the world. Then he stopped.

Now it was my turn to please him.. I bent down and start to remove his jeans. He was already hard. I removed his underwear and hold his erection. And looked in his eyes his eyes were screaming with need. But I wanted to tease him first so I just hold his erection and pressed it gently. But didn’t start sucking. I kissed him on his thighs then between his legs with one hand on his length gently pressing it in between. He became very hard. I could feel it. He was just unable to take it anymore. So then I kissed his erection over the top and start to suck it. Slowly.. Making him harder which in turn was turning me on because this was amazing to see him like this. I just sucked deeper n deeper. Then I take it more inside my mouth and start to suck more and more till the end of his length.

And continued sucking hard. He reached his climax and came inside my mouth. Spilling all his juice in my mouth. I was hesitant but anyway, without a second thought, I swallowed. He was very much satisfied after that.Which make me also satisfied. Then only one thing was remaining to do that was to break our virginity. He came top of me kissed me very hard and again with a full thrust he was inside me.I shout loudly and he again closed my mouth with his lips. He waits for some time and pulled out of me slowly.

Then again with a force, he came inside me. Filling me and completing me with his manhood. And after that, he didn’t stop he just kept pulling in and out of me. By now I also start to keep with his pace and start to enjoy the first sex of my life. After some time he stooped and still. And gently pulled out of me. And lying next to me. Then we just kept staring at each other. There was complete silence. Both had a feeling of overwhelming. After some time we both took shower together. As decided earlier in our phone sex.

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