From Rich Girl To Prostitute

Divya -heroineRamu – father old servantPriya -his daughter same age as DivyaRoshan – ramu son at villagePadma -Ramu kaka ugly sister

Chapter 1(Divya humiliation during childhood)Hi, I am Divya, I am a very beautiful girl, I am 18 years old, I am a reporter and my father is a very rich man. Let me define stats I am 32,28,36. My friends say to me that I kind of look like South Indian actress Hansika.

Divya (during childhood no sex scenes, only humiliation/head shave)I am 18 years old

From childhood I am an arrogant person, even though I am a bitchy girl, I would dress conservatively, I don’t show much of my skin.I would talk down to elders and all the boys of my age. My dad was a very good person, my dad was very sad that I would turn out to be a bad girl. I have beautiful hair during those days, it is up to my waist, I am very happy and arrogant about my looks.From childhood, all the boys want to be with me.We have a lot of servants and one of them is Ramu.He is 57 years old ugly guy who always watches me in a creepy way.But I have a girl friend who is the daughter of one of my servants Ramu (our dhobi/Barber).Her name is Priya.She and I used to play a lot all the time. My mother died at an early age.So my father was afraid what will happen to me if I was raised without a mother.One day Ramu Kaka entered my room looking for something, I scolded him saying that people like him should not enter the room of princess like me and I hit him with my leg.My father saw this and got very angry and said that I should apologize to him, I said I would never apologize to a guy like him.

One day I heard a conversation that my father and Ramu were talking. It was during my summer vacation.

Father:Ramu I am afraid that my daughter will be raised without principles and she doesn’t care our elders she is very arrogant, I don’t know what to do

Ramu: Sir, as you are her father u, are giving her too much lenience so that’s why she was like this, I had a sister in the village and there every year they do one ritual for the whole village for the village betterment.Its very sacred and very hard. The girls who through that ritual should be very arrogant and beautiful, and once the girl completes the ritual she will obey everyone like a dog.When I heard this I got very angry and thought my father would slap him for talking very badly about his beautiful daughter like a village girl.

Father: no I can’t do that to her, ur saying it’s painfulRamu :Sir, it gives woman pleasure that u will never imagine, u know lot of people bring their beautiful daughters from their city to make them join the ritual but only one gets selected in a lottery which my sister draws every year , my daughter also participating in the ritual, all the participants were given special accommodations and training to be good obedient girls , why don’t you send Divya and we will are her completely transformed to a nice girl.

Father: Tell me about this whole ritual then only I will send herI can’t believe that my father is agreeing to this proposal but I am slightly aroused because Ramu Kaka said it will give immense pleasure to the woman.

Ramu: nothing will happen to her but if she gets selected in the lottery they will shave her head for the sacrifice to GodFather: that I cannot agree

Ramu: don’t worry sir that will only happen if she is selected from hundreds of applicants and even if she got selected I will talk to my sister that they won’t shave her head

I was very afraid when I heard this a beautiful girl like me without hair, I am freaked out, during this whole time Priya was beside me.After my father agreed to Ramu, he called me and told me that I should go to the village for a couple of days for the ritual, I acted as if I don’t hear anything. I said ok only because I am really excited about that pleasure part.

I talked a lot to Priya about that ritual she said that the woman participants were so happy during the ritual that she was looking forward to winning this year, I don’t know but somehow that excited me. She also told me that if u got selected with your beauty u will be treated like a real princess there, of course, a beauty without hair and she laughed and I blushed.

My father called me later and told me that I should go to the village to attend the festival there I was tensed that if I get selected I will lose my hair.But I was aroused because Priya said that it will give immense pleasure to a woman. So the day came for my travel to the village, my father said he will join me later in the village.Until then he said u could join Priya and stay at the village accommodation, I said ok.

My father said that I should only take traditional clothes and should behave in a traditional way there as the village is very strict. I said ok. I the rebel rich should stay like some village girl in a remote village, I don’t know why I am doing this, but somehow somewhere behind my subconscious that I like to be tamed. May be because of that I want to do this.From childhood I had the habit of taking photos so I went to the village I thought may be I shouldn’t participate in the ritual I should simply take photos of the ritual and display it in our college for the competition. My teacher was counting on me for those photos, I was very arrogant before all my friends and classmates as I am very rich and beautiful. So I reached the village, my Ramu Kaka went few days before us, I reached the village and all eyes were on me as I look hot in jeans and t-shirt, and my hair was brown as I dye it. So Priya and I reached the Ramu kakas sister house , her name was Padma , she was very ugly woman , she was very black , she saw me and looked at Kaka and told him “So she is the little spoiled girl u were talking about , don’t worry from today on she will be completely transformed ”

I gave her an arrogant look. She took me to the room and told me that I will be sharing the room with other four girls. I said no I can’t share the room with girls like I am a normal girl, I said I am a rich girl and I need a separate room. She said no u should stay with them for the rest of the ritual. I reluctantly agreed.I was asked to wear half saree like the rest of the girls and Padma combed my hair with two piggy tails style like the village girls, and while doing it she asked Ramu kaka that something is wrong with my hair and Ramu kaka said that I need a haircut, I said no way my hair is fine , Padma madam forced me to sit in a chair and asked the other girls in the room to hold me ,and Ramu kaka took my front hair and gave me small bangs , they also dyed my hair to black and tied ribbons and I look nothing like a rebel girl now , I look I like a village girl .

My front hair has been replaced by small bangs and they also reduced the thickness of my hair so my hair looks very light, I look like a school girl with that hairstyle, Padma madam, yeah that’s what she wanted me to call her from now.Asked me that I should go out to the village heads and say to them that I want to participate in the ritual.As I went outside all the boys in the village teased me for the appearance and the aunties in the road stopped me and they also teased me by the way I have been transformed. I went to the village heads and told them that I want to participate in the ritual and they said, ok u can and from that day my life has been changed.So I used to do all the stuff like the remaining village girls I should wake up early in the morning and I has to do the house cleaning, cleaning utensils, I should do head bath and comb my hair and I should apply oil to Ramu Kaka and Padma madam.

Then I should help in the kitchen, Padma madam said that I should never raise my head while speaking to men, so I should stare at my feet while I talk to Ramu Kaka ,and I used to call him Ramu and now I am calling him kaka jr, Ramu Kaka will simple laugh at my transformation and he and Padma would laugh in a mischievous manner looking at me while I am working , the Padma and I would do all these things every day, as Padma was side to me I don’t feel that I am being humiliated and all, the day of the ritual came they say there are two types of rituals one is for the child-woman and the another. Is for adult woman, as I am a child,

I participated in the child ritual of course , the adult ritual will come later, so the lottery was taken on the day of the ritual and we all like 100 contestants were waiting for the name to come and guess what who’s name it is , the village head called the name Divya ,I was shocked to hear my name and I never thought that I would be the girl who has to shave her head. And during this ritual, I told my teacher that I would take pictures and who would take pictures now all these thoughts were rushing through my mind.I went to the dias and village priest came to me and cut my pony tail on my left completely and I was shocked by what he did and he collected the front portion of my hair and asked Ramu Kaka to cut it , Ramu Kaka came running and told me see now you will do whatever I tell you to do and cut my front hair completely,I was feeling humiliated and in the mean time my friend Priya was taking pictures of me, as I bought the camera so I can take pictures but I never that I would be the ritual girl .So they make me walk in the whole village and every small temple some one would cut little bit of my hair, like that, they cut all my hair after the walk in the village then we all reach the lottery spot , I was literally crying for what was happening to me , Priya was taking my pics and the village priest asked Ramu Kaka to shave my hair and that’s it’s he did he started shaving my head , and while doing it he said that he was responsible for the name Divya to come up.I was crying, I felt that I was cheated and punished for my arrogance.When I look up all the people were laughing at me.I passed out crying, later they said that they put multhana matti on my head and did pooja to me and later I was taken to the aunts place.

Chapter 2

When ever I had long hair and I feel like I am hot again Ramu Kaka would cut my hair, my dad died in the mean time and I was left under the supervision of my Ramu Kaka as I have no other family left.Ramu kaka stops sending me to college and I the talented and rich girl in our school would sit at home doing nothing but doing things Priya would be doing like cleaning and all. I accepted my fate.

On my 18 th birthday, Ramu kaka took me to the village for my celebration, I felt happy that Ramu Kaka liked me finally, he took me to the village and told Padma that I should be ready for my night party , I don’t know what that party would be , and he sat in a chair near by , Padma Aunty looked at me with lust and said wow u look lovely with your hair and said that u need a little hairstyle and asked one of the girls for a scissors there , the room which I was standing is a big room and had lot of girls in it ,they all look like prostitutes and one of the girls gave aunty a scissor, with that scissor she cut me bangs , I was shocked but as I can’t do anything I simply kept quiet, I was changed after my dad died, I completely became a good girl, I always listen to Ramu Kaka, do household work, u never imagine how I became what I used to be .

So coming back to the story after cutting my hair she said that she wants me to give a shower and asked one of the girls to prepare for the shower. The girls came near me and took my clothes one by one right there in the middle of the hall, there were servant there and my Ramu Kaka was watching with a grin on his face but when I resisted to the aunty that I should be changed in another room, my aunt got angry and took me scissors in her hand and cut all my clothes including bra and panty with it , I was there standing nude and all are watching me and I am ashamed of my state and I was covering my private parts with my hand , the aunty came near and took the hands apart when I am resisting my aunt asked one of the girls come near me and hold my hands so that I won’t resist anymore , she kneeled down my aunt and looking closely at my vagina and said to my Ramu kaka who is watching all the things that were going on with pleasure.My aunt called my kaka and said that I need a little trim near my private area so that I will be ready for the show in the night.

I don’t understand why I have to trim my public hair for the night party and Ramu kaka took scissors and they drag me to a table near by and spread my legs apart and this was the first time someone saw my pussy and all the girls were laughing and teasing me and saying that from now on you rich bitch will be like one of us like a cheap whore , and Ramu Kaka before trimming kissed my lips down there and one of the prostitutes said that he should take my virginity right there, right there in that cheap house and all the servants and prostitutes watching , I begged them not to take my hymen , not Ramu Kaka , he said he won’t but I have to suck his dick .

My first time sucking the dick of my gardener and all the prostitutes were teasing with my naked body, they were sucking my boobs and at that time my aunty called for the photographer in that village. He came with his assistant and they entered the room and they were taking pictures of me in that state and that’s the time I had a wonderful orgasm.While I was exhausted all started clapping and laughing.I slept all I could hear was the sound of the camera clicking.

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