My First Sex With Anandhi Aunty

So, readers. You believe it or not.It is up to you. This is a real story happened in my life.It was during my 12th-grade annual examination. It was a study holiday that day. I used to go to tuition for my difficult subjects. One day night after my maths tuition, I reached home. I heard an unusual voice in the kitchen. My mother was talking seriously to someone. It was my aunt. Our family is a far relation to hers. Though she is not my aunt, I use to call her so.

First I should tell about her. Anandhi aunt is 36.She is a desi woman, Indian white. She is 1.63 meters in height. She must have a 36 c bust. She was married in her 25th age. It was a love marriage. From then she often had fights with her husband.She had an eight-year-old girl child. She was married out if our district. She doesn’t come often. But every time she comes, I used to fantasize about her.

Now, that night, in her serious talking, I interrupted them. My aunt smiled at me and wished me. Then she continued her talking. I sat in a chair nearby. As soon as I looked at her, my thing couldn’t resist. She wore a black silk saree. It was transparent to a limit. It had golden borders. Her black bra strap was clearly visible. Her blouse was unable to resist her boobs. It was tight. Her front end of the blouse was perking through the saree. Her waist was long and clear white. I could see her deep navel through her saree. She wore a gold chain which reached until navel. I couldn’t resist on seeing this. I woke up and moved away.

That night, my parents had to go to Chennai on the bus. Anandhi aunty was completely unaware of this. She had a quarrel with her husband. She even did not inform us about her arrival. Since it was a marriage ceremony, my parents had no way rather than going. Me, my aunt and my grandma bid goodbye to my mom and dad. We entered in. My grandma used to sleep alone. My mom said an aunt to sleep in a separate room. But, later, she hesitated. So, my mom asked me to accompany her to my room. I was watching tv. My aunt took a quick bath in my bathroom. She still wore a weightless glassy transparent saree. She did not changer her inner garments.

We ate together. After my grandma went to bed, we went upstairs to sleep.In my room, AC was switched on. The light was still on. My aunt closed her eyes. I was lying with my fantasy. My cock was already wet. After some time, she moved and her navel was exposed out. I on her side started glancing at her navel. It was milky and deep. I couldn’t withstand. I put my right hand over her abs. Slowly I completely moved away from the saree. I was slowly pleasuring her with my touch.

I knew well that she didn’t sleep. She opened her eyes. I was ashamed, still, our eyes met. I started twirling out her saree. I unhooked the blouse and threw it off. What I saw two busty melons within two coconut shells. I kissed on her lips.I but her lower lips and pulled it down. She moaned peacefully. Then I made her turn around and removed the bra. It was just like the one I use to see in porn movies. It was big. Bigg enough to sleep as a pillow. It had two rigid brown nipples. I sucked them everywhere. I removed her golden chain. Then I went down to explore her

I raised up her saree and completely removed them. I didn’t find any hair in legs and thighs. She was lying, now eyes closed, only with a panty. She was big for me. I slowly pulled her panties down. Mm, I saw them. It was wet. Her pubic hair was waxed. It had only short hairs. I bent down to lick her pussy. I held her hands tightly and she was unable to move her leg. I began to take her pussy in my mouth. I saw her abs contracting to an extent. She wasn’t able to resist. But I did not move. Finally, she masturbated. I used to sleep only with shorts and tees. Now I removed them. I made her lay on me. She was really heavy. Her asses were big. She lay over facing me.We exchanged kisses. I spanked her ass. It got red and hot. She slapped me. It pained. I did it again and she again slapped me.

I made her lie down and took my cock inside. Her pussy was tight. Still, my effort made my thing inside. I started to fuck her. She shouted hysterically. I took her up in my thighs. And fucked her. It was now stronger and then in missionary style. She bit my lips sometimes or held me tight. I was shivering as my thing was coming out I cummed a little.(boys should remember u can cum two shots at a time. My cum was dripping out of her pussy. In force, I made her lie upright and put my cock in her mouth. She hasn’t done this before. She hesitated but I forced. I move up and down, holding her hair tightly. He was gagging when I took it to the throat. Finally, I cummed in her mouth. She said that she is feeling salty. I refused to take my cock out, so, she swallows.

The room was moderately cool. We were completely tired. With last stages of deep kisses and cuddle, we slept nude in my room. The next day morning…….

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