My First Time With Guy Part – 2

Hello Indian Sex Stories Readers. Thank you for your such a great response to my previous story. In this story, you will get all your answers to what happened next.

Also, I would like to inform you guys that I strictly mean to post my real life sexperiences only & not fake stories like other people do. I am working hard to find people for real life sex encounters.

If you want that I should have a sex experience with you then you can email me at [email protected].It doesn’t matter that if you are gay, bisexual, transgender, girl, teen, milf, old. I want to experience with each and every person so that you guys can enjoy a great real life story.

So without wasting further time let’s jump to the story.

For those who are new here. Let me describe myself. I am Aryan, 22 years old from Mumbai. I am fair, tall, have an athletic body, handsome, rich & My dick size is 6.5 inches long.

So now, let me continue the story. When we heard the door getting opened. I quickly gave all the clothes of Kumar & asked him to get himself ready in the bathroom & I will be taking care of his mom.

Her mom entered & I was standing right in front of her. I was cool & relaxed. I warmly welcomed her & gave her a glass of water as she had to climb up the stairs as the lift wasn’t working due to the powercut.

She was happy to see me & asked me about his son. I told her that Kumar had just gone to the bathroom & will be out any minute soon. Till then me & his mom were chatting a little bit about my studies.

After few minutes Kumar came out of the bathroom. Thankfully he was acting normal in front of his mom.

I then asked him to leave & meet him at night for football. But, that son of a bitch was high as fuck. He stopped me & asked me to come with me at my place. I couldn’t refuse him. So we bid his mom goodbye & left for my home.

We took a deep breath when we got out of his house. We looked at each other & we were laughing uncontrollably.

We then reached my place & were discussing how great that experience was. Luckily, my mom went out for shopping.

I was getting excited once again as there would be no one at my house except me & Kumar.

Kumar had become crazy. As soon as my mom left, he closed the door & rushed towards me, he got on his knees & grabbed my thighs. Started unzipping my pants & took my hard erect dick out & started sucking it again. This time he was sucking it more aggressively like a pro. I enjoyed it so much that I was about to cum again in his mouth, but, he stopped. He grabbed my dick in his hand, stood up, pulled me with my dick & made me walk towards my bedroom.

I enjoyed so much that I forgot my sexuality. I started thinking that a guy knows very well to handle a dick then a girl. I then started understanding that maybe I would be a bisexual.

Then, I asked him to let go of my dick as I don’t want to get all my cum out & get the excitement out of me…… .

Then, I asked him to lie down on the bed. & started unzipping his pants.I took out his dick with my own hands & started to give a little jerking off slowly. He was liking it. It could be seen from his face. Suddenly, he grabbed my head & pushed my face towards his dick & begged me to suck his dick. My lips were touching the tip of his cock & I never wanted to get that dick in my mouth as I wasn’t gay.

He understood this & asked me to come in a 69 position. I was on top of him. Facing my dick at his face & his dick at my face.

He took my whole dick inside his mouth & started jerking quickly with his both hands. My god, he definitely knew that how to handle such a big cock like a pro.

I didn’t know what came me into my head. I agreed to suck his dick like a bitch. I took the dick in my mouth for the first time in my life. It was so warm & juicy. I could smell the soap he used to clean his 6 inches dick.

I sucked his dick & was jerking him with both of my hands. He liked it so much that he stopped jerking me & was enjoying the moment, the feel of a blowjob which he wanted to receive so badly. I was jerking him so hard & fast that he was about to cum, I could feel the cum begging to get out of his dick, but then, I stopped jerking.

I told him to relax for a while & would give him the best experience that he would never get, even with his future wife or girlfriend.

I took out some lotion, spread it all over my hands & poured few drops on his dick & then slowly I started pulling his upper skin down, as he had a full skin dick.

It pained a little bit, but he was enjoying his dick getting treated like a prostitute.

Slowly I pulled his upper skin down & started giving him a handjob massage. His face said it all that it was painful for him but very enjoyable. I jerked him so fast that he ejaculated cum all over my bed. The cumshot was very huge. It almost touched the ceiling fan & was dropped all over us. This was his first half skin dick cumshot.He was very grateful for that & thanked me by giving me a blowjob & again making me cum in his mouth for the second time that day.

After that, we cleaned each other up by taking a shower & also cleaned the bedsheets before anybody arrives.

We often did this. I also tried anal sex with him but then I controlled myself about my sexuality. & started spending more time with the girl with whom I had my first oral sex.

I hope you liked the second half of this story as well. If you want to know about more real life sexperiences of mine that email me at [email protected] .

I will definitely be uploading more stories about my first oral sex with the girl & also my first encounter with a shemale.

If you want that I should have my real life sexperiences with you guys than you can email me at [email protected] . I can meet people from Mumbai & Thane.

Thanks for your response & continuous support. Keep following for more stories. I hope you liked this one.

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