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This is Vijay from Chennai. Recently married to Radhika. She’s from Bangalore. Ours is arranged marriage. But we had enough time to get to know about each other before the marriage. She’s kinda exhibitionists and loves to try adventurous things. Her stats are 34-30-32. So after marriage, we have planned to go to Maldives for our honeymoon. So we were all set and reached Maldives. Once we reached the resort, we refreshed and went to have some site seeing. She was wearing a mini shorts and a shirt without bra. :p she’s extremely naughty in this. We explored each other’s bodies. I used to rub her tits in public places and she her nipples were provoking through the shirt.

We enjoyed when people stare at her. Finally we reached the resort around 7pm. As soon as we reached, we changed into our swimming dress and dived into the pool. Guess what? Her bikini just covered her nipples and pussy. Only few couples were there. And they were enjoying themselves.. I was caressing her back and slowly fondling her breasts. She was giving me a hand job inside the pool. Then we came back to the room. She then went to bathroom, had a bath and came back by just wrapping the towel, that barely covered her nipples and pussy. I then removed her towel. Made her lie on the bed.


As soon as I lied, he came on top. He started sucking my nipples very hard. I was rubbing his dick. And then I made him lie on the bed, tied his hands in the bed. Removed his dress completely and put a cloth in his eyes as well. I slowly took his dick, poured vodka and gave him a nice blow-job.

Then I sat on his face and made him suck my pussy. I was rubbing my pussy over his entire face. And then slowly I brought my breasts towards his lips and pressed in his face. He was craving to touch my body. And then I untied the knots. Immediately he came over me and inserted his dick in my pussy. It was tight and he inserted with full force. I was screaming in pain. Slowly pain faded and we felt the pleasure. He was massaging my breast simultaneously. He increased the phase and I came twice already. Finally he ejaculated everything inside my pussy. We were little exhausted. So we slept hugging each other nude.

I woke around 3am n the morning and felt horny. I saw his dick and it was small. Slowly I took it up and gave him a blow job.. It increased in no time. He also woke up and I gave him a naughty smile. we then decided to have anal fuck. He interested from behind. Felt very hard initially. We fucked for around 20 mins in a doggy style. And when he was about to come, I quickly grabbed his dick and drank all his cum. We then went to balcony, we were sitting nude, having vodka. What an awesome feeling it was.

We then slept around 6am in the morning. And we woke up around 1pm refreshed ourselves ( of course we bathed together ) and then had our lunch at our room.

Then I wore pink bra, panty, Jean and tees. And we went to beach for a evening walk. It’s lovely feeling by holding hands with our loved ones. We found a deserted place in the beach and I feel like diving into the beach. But unfortunately we didn’t have any extra dresses. But we then decided to remove our dresses and jump in with our inners. So I removed my tops and jeans and my hubby with just boxers. We were playing in beach water and we got completely drenched in water.

After around 30 mins of playing. We came out and removed our inners. What a feel it was, standing in beach without any dresses.

We became horny, and we hugged each other tightly. And I gave him blowjob and we went to 69 position in the beach. We saw two guys who were filming us with their mobile phone. But didn’t bother much. So we continued with our sucking and we both came simultaneously. We went back to beach and cleaned ourselves. And we dressed. Wearing tops and jeans. I didn’t wear any inners. As it was wet. But breasts was clearly visible through my tees. We walked back to our room then.

After reaching room, we then dressed properly and went to a pub that night. I was wearing a see through top and shorts. We were dancing completely and my boobs were bouncing up and down.

My hubby was standing at my back rubbing my butt and breasts. We already had 5 rounds of vodka and was out of control. So we left the pub, boarded the cab and started to our resort. But as soon as we boarded, I removed my tops and my hubby suck my boobs. Driver was having a nice show of my body. I was teasing him more. And finally we reached the resort room. We had a quickie and dozed off to bed.

Morning we woke up around 8 am and decided not to go out anywhere but to have sex full day. We fucked n various positions. And we didn’t wear any dress the whole day. He used to finger me when he’s not erect. My pussy has become red at the end of the day.

We were fully exhausted. We have fucked for more than 7 times with multiple orgasms. My brown nipples also became red. And then we ordered coffee to our room. But I was still lying nude with blankets wrapped around me. When the waiter came, he saw our position and shocked. But he had a glimpse of my cleavage. It was really great sex experience I had during my honeymoon.

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