My Love For My Mom – Part 5

I am so happy many readers liked my experience with my mom. Many asked me if it was real. And I am really blessed and loved by my beautiful mom. She loves me like a son. She is a mother and a woman, I love her for being both.

Dad was away for couple of more days. Mom and I were all free to make love whenever and however we wanted.

Today afternoon when she was watching TV she asked me to sit with her. When I went close she held me with her arms around me. I am bigger than mom and hence held her in my arms instead. She was in a good polyester saree, and I later found she wore blouse without a bra inside. She’ seldom wear panties. All her panties are fresh and beautiful. I love her clothes; sarees, panties and bras. I kept a hand under her breast and fondled it.

‘Shashank, I have heard my friends talking about incest stories put up in the net, is it true?’ She asked me.

‘Yes mom I have read them a lot’, I said.

She hit me a few times on my shoulders and my back. It was a love hit.

‘You are disgusting I can’t think my son was thinking about me as sexual object from so long’, she said.

‘Mom you hit me more like that I love it, but haven’t you read incest story before, it’s in you and dad’s porn collections. That is when I got interested in you’, I said kissing her cheek and the hair.’

‘All said and done you are a mother fucker, ammana mele ase pado poli jati nindu’ she said.

‘Mom haven’t you read incest stories that are in your porn library, tell me frankly?’

Mom had kept her hand on my pants now, feeling my erect dick.

‘I read a bit of it, but I never thought of you, ninna appa baidange baibeku’, she said squeezing my dick. Meaning I should scold you like your dad does.

‘enantha amma?’ I asked. She slapped me on my face. Again a love slap.

‘Solemaga neenu’, she said, meaning you are bastard.

‘Amma sorry it means you are a prostitute, I don’t like it’

‘Howdu matthe nanu solene, magan jote sex madodu soletanakkinta kade’ she said meaning, yes I am a prostitute only having sex with the son is worse than being a prostitute.

‘Amma please don’t call yourself like that I worship you kane’

‘It’s okay I said it jokingly’, said mom, ‘but I really want to be your prostitute today, you should fuck me like a prostitute.’

She explained me later about how we should have our evening together. Firstly we were to go to a temple. Mom was beautiful in a pink saree. She wears the sarees that’s worn by young women. She looks very young in them. Her usual large kunkum made her look very beautiful. It was very beautifully stitched blouse.

As usual her navel button was visible. I walked a little behind her to appreciate her voluptuous butts. and her back.She was, however a real devotee, who minded her own business despite knowing her own son from behind is watching her. The little flower the priest gave and the temple kunkum made her look very beautiful. I was at once very proud of her. I stood very close and kept a hand at her back during Mangalarati. Mom didn’t object to this.

Just as soon as we entered home mom said, ‘dear customer please wait here, I will get you coffee’ mom said kinkily smiling. I sat in the living room waiting for mom. I heard her get into the bedroom. She took a long time to return but when she came holding coffee in a tray I was stunned to see her.

She wore a deep pink chiffon saree and only a black Victoria secret like bra. She had made her face with mascara, eyeliner and all. Also some blush to her already pink cheeks. Her perfume smelled awesome. How can I think of this beautiful woman as a prostitute or anything when she is my beautiful mom. I love my mom, I may have sex with her she is still my mom.

‘Mom no tea nothing I just want to make love to you now’, I said, and lifted her in my arms delicately and took her to her bedroom. I started biting her everywhere right on her saree, I bit her bums first. She was moaning, Shashank haha hoooo’.

‘Amma I love you kane, nanna sundara amma’

Then I made love to her face, licking her lips hungrily. Mom loves it she plays with my tongue and teases me biting my lips and all, Once she bite me hard deliberately. And I cried.

As a tit for tat I went in her saree and bit her thighs and it was her turn groan and cry. Our game made us very excited. We made love like animals entangling each other in high passion. Firstly I bit her teats on the bra and removed it later to bite her nipples. But I made sure I didn’t hurt her. removed her saree and the petticoat to see her naked pussy which I had shaven yesterday.

I went over her cunt like a lion goes over its prey. She was moaning very loud without caring someone if heard us. After slurping over her cunt and make her cry with tears I came upon her to insert my member into her moist cunny. Tears of ecstasy still in her lips made her very sexy. fucked her looking into her face, saying, ‘Amma I love for several times’.

‘Shashnk I love you too, fuck the hell out of your mom’, she was moving rhythmically for my strokes.

‘Never stop never stop never stop,’ she moaned. After sometime, ‘I asked mom who was gasping in orgy, ‘Is it enough mom’, she nodded yes. So much we had fucked today.I collapsed on Amma. Kissing her beautiful face. We both held on to each other for a long time. Then we both bathed and dried each other. Soon I started eating her pussy.

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