My Mom Is A Cheater – Part I

I am going to narrate my real life experience in which the central character is my mom. This is about how my mom cheated my dad for sex. My dad is a common man who works hard for the welfare of our family and is working abroad in U.A.E. He has left India at a very young age to make more earning so that his family will live happily in home.

We are an upper middle class family from Kerala. My family consists of me, dad, mom and grandpa. My mom is a housewife who always spends lot of her time and money to go to beauty spa and health clubs and maybe due to all these she looked really young and beautiful for her age. She could make any man get a hard on by her sexy curves. Now before coming to the incident let me introduce myself. I am Rahul studying in 12th standard. My mom’s name is Lakshmi and dad is Rajeev. My grandpa is a retired school teacher and is a member of local temple governing committee. My mom is now 34 but looks like a college student especially in modern dresses. She is really fashionable and anything suits her due to her well maintained body.

I always loved my mom and never in my wildest dreams that she was such a horny bitch. We have a big house and there is generator which was provided by a man called Suresh. He is a very handsome guy about 6 feet tall and also speaks very well. He knows how to tackle with people and knew many ways to impress people. That also reflected in his business as it was growing day by day. We were the first to take generator from him and since then his business was on a rise. He always tells my grandpa that it is all due to his blessings and soon became a pet for him. Similarly he also started his techniques on my mom.

He used to say she looked pretty and the dress she wears suits her like that whenever she sees mom when he comes home. But I noticed that he used to say all this when grandpa was not there. She too responded happily and had a glow in her face whenever she meets him.

Soon they became good friends and started to talk through phone. First he used to call her and have some chit chat about our family and his family. He is also a married guy and has a daughter of 4 years. Whenever she talks with him she was very happy and will talk with much eager.

Soon the frequency of calls started to increase and she used to chat hours through phone. Then one day when dad was calling she was talking with him and phone was engaged and it created a small problem. Soon after that she bought a mobile phone and a new mobile connection. Then I understood that there was something happening in between them. From then I started to listen what they were talking and then I understood they were talking like lovers. I once saw her closing the door and then talked with him for hours. When I kept my ear near door she was saying “I too love you dear” and was giving kisses. Then I understood that she is also a horny bitch.

One night our generator didn’t work and he was given a call by mom as it was exam time for me. Then he came within an hour same day and it was about 9 at night. He said all his workers have already left and so he will try to fix it himself. Then he started to repair the generator.

As there was no power it was so dark in home and only candle light was there in my room and hall. I was studying for my exams and mom instructed me not to come out and waste time. And grandpa also was asleep. He came out when Suresh came and then Suresh told him “Sir, you can go and continue your sleep. I can manage it myself and you need not waste your time for sleep”. Mom also convinced him saying that she will call me if any help is needed. Then grandpa said ok and went back to sleep. My mom then went along with him to the generator room on the backside of our home. She took a candle also along and he took his tool kit. Mom was wearing a satin material night dress which was cream in color and all her curves where very well revealed in that dress. It was really sexy and she looked like a sex goddess in that dress.

He then followed mom and I saw he was looking on her 36 size ass as it was shaking in that night dress. Seeing that I thought something might happen and decided to follow them without them knowing. He then started to praise mom about her dressing. He told “you look really beautiful in this dress and every dress suits you. It is mainly because you have such a beautiful body shape and due to her wheatish complexion.” Mom was enjoying his comments and saying thanks. He then continued “how you maintain such a good body shape even after becoming a mom. You still look like a college student in that dress.”

Even though he was flirting with her whatever he told was true. I also started to enjoy seeing mom blushing on his comments. When they reached the room he asked her “where is the gift you promised to give?” And he said he want it then and there itself. This increased my anxiety. I was staying on the other side of the room and peeping through the window hiding myself behind the bushes.

She then told she will give it later but he didn’t agree then he slowly started to compel her in a naughty manner. She then told that Rahul might come and on hearing this, my heart beat started to increase. He was in no mood to leave her and kept on compelling her like a child. She then told smiling at him “OK baby. Need not worry I will give you what I promised”. She then went near him and hugged him and gave him a kiss on his fore head and another one on his cheek. By now my cock has risen and and never in my life has got such a hard on.

He also hugged her tightly and told her that this was the best moment in his life and wished it would stand like this forever and more such filmy dialogues. But she was much impressed hearing this and then I thought what a fool she is and he stayed in his arms. Then he slowly moved his hands above and took her face in his hands and said “you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met” and gave a lip kiss to her. She was shocked at first and then she too started to enjoy the kiss and respond by opening her mouth. She then started to take his tongue inside her mouth and suck it. He then started to move his hands down and slowly started to press her lovely 36 size boobs.

She was then moaning and told him it is not the time for this and told him will give you everything but not now. But he kept on pressing her boobs. She then told him “wow darling you are really strong touching his arms”. I couldn’t believe what was happening and what a slut my mom was staying in another man’s arms and praising him. Suddenly power came and they moved apart as light came everywhere.

Then I went near mom as if I was just coming from my room and asked him whether repairing is over. He then told he just started his work and will need at least 3 or 4 hours to complete it. Saying this he winked at mom. I understood what he meant and mom was just looking down and blushing. But I acted as if I didn’t understand anything and said then better you can come tomorrow with a mechanic. He said he would come tomorrow by 10 in morning.

I understood that he told that time because he know very well that I will be out to school and grandpa in temple as he is a member in temple committee. Then she also told that will be better if you come tomorrow so that we can finish off the work we started. Saying this she smiled at him. He then said he will come and finish the work tomorrow and when he was about to leave mom asked him whether he had dinner. He said he didn’t and then mom asked him to have dinner and go. He first didn’t agree then later accepted to her compulsion.

He was then taken to dining room by mom. I was walking in front and they followed me and I could see him fondling her ass through the corner of my eye. He touched her ass from behind and she was walking with no change of expression on face. I now understood that she is a real bitch who is starving for sex. He then made him sit and made few chappatis for him. While serving the curry, it spilt on to his pants near the thigh region from her hand. She then told him he will help him clean it and asked him to go with her to washroom. I then understood that the bitch is not stopping now.

She then told me to go to bed as I have exams tomorrow. I told ok and but I followed her again to know what she was up to now. He was more confident now and he held his hands across her waist and held her close to him. He then kissed her neck from behind and she ran fast to washroom and he too followed her and as soon as he entered she made him sit on the toilet seat and took a mug of water and washed the area where the curry was spilt. She kept her hand on his thigh and moved it up. She went up and up almost till his cock and it had already formed a tent in his pant. She smiled at seeing this and said to him “someone is standing here in front of me.” He too smiled and asked her “why can’t you make him sit.” She then told will definitely make him sit but not now and asked him to come tomorrow.

After this she only gave him a lip kiss which lasted for at least 5 minutes and at last she left his lips from his mouth. Both of them were gasping for breath but his hands was still around her waist and he then pressed her boobs and she took her hand to his cock and pressed it over his pant. Then she removed his hands and told him “leave now dear and come tomorrow to take whatever you want.”

I couldn’t believe how my so faithful mom became a whore on seeing a hot guy. He then left saying good night and when he was about to leave I ran to my room and acted as if I was fast asleep. She then went with him to door and gave a kiss and he left and she returned to bed. We were sleeping on the same bed and I could see her very excited and laughing in bed thinking something. Then she called him thinking I was asleep and started to plan for next day. She told that she will give him a call as soon as I and grandpa leave home. She also asked him to get a pack of condoms. Later she gave him kisses through and disconnected the call. Then I was totally horny and we both slept.

I woke up and got ready fast as if to go to school and told her that I will be late as I have special class after test and went out. She looked really excited that day morning. She was wearing an ordinary dress but the master bedroom was well decorated and there was a mild fragrance of air freshener in room. I also took the spare key as I left. After getting out from home, I went for a round in bicycle and kept my cycle in friend’s home and came back and entered home. She was bathing as I expected and she came out wearing a transparent light blue night dress with only bra and panty inside. She also put a mild make up and also applied perfume. But to our disappointment all the setting was in vain as my grandpa’s friends came to see him. She was disappointed seeing them and later she called him and said plan is postponed. So I left home through backdoor to my friend’s home and went and entered test half hour late.

When I came back in evening I could hear her saying “not tonight. It is risk” and so on. I then came to know that they are planning for tonight. I think he didn’t agree and he had convinced her to set it for tonight. She then told that she will keep the back door open and come through that door to master bedroom. My grandpa sleeps in upstairs and mom usually sleeps along with me in my room.

But that she told she had some stitching work and will be late after that so she will sleep in master bedroom after finishing it. I understood her plan and purposefully opened a lock of window in that room and put on the curtain without her knowing it. She looked little tensed all day and it was night and she was continuously chatting with him through phone. She served us dinner and didn’t have dinner and told she is not hungry. She then asked me to go to bed early as I may be tired after long days of exams. I said good night and left to my room. As soon as I closed my room she too went to master bedroom and got ready as in morning. She wore that same blue night dress and got ready. She looked a real sex bomb. I was waiting in the bed as if asleep.

Later she came to my room and confirmed that I was asleep and then called him and told him to come to her room carefully as she was tensed because if she gets caught then that’s it. Then time was about 12.20 am I heard sound of his bike. He was well dressed in a cool blue t shirt and jeans. She too was in that same see through sky blue night dress. He entered the compound jumping through the courtyard wall and entered home through backdoor. I then peeped and saw both of them hugging as soon as he entered home and without switching on lights they tiptoed to the master bedroom where she is supposed to share bed with only my dad. They both entered and closed the room. The room was well arranged and ac was on. I then got up from my bed and went and hid myself near window of the master bedroom from outside. I also brought my mobile phone that my dad gifted me on my last birthday and started to video record everything. She never saw me recording it.

They were now inside room and she was sitting on his lap and was kissing him vigorously all over the face. While she was kissing him he was busy playing with her lovely boobs. I could not believe my eyes as the bed that dad bought for their use is being used by mom to have sex with another guy. She was enjoying every moment of it and was staying eyes closed. He then slowly made her stand and said “you have a wonderful body darling” and on hearing this she kissed him on forehead. Then he stood up and took her in his arms and took her to bed and made her lie on bed. On bed she said “wow, you are really strong man as my husband has never did like this to me in my entire life. I think he is not able to do like this. You are a real man”. For this he said “I will now show you what a real man is capable of.”

She then smiled and lied on bed. He then came on top of her and slowly lifted her night dress up to her knees. He was kissing her legs as he came up and slowly pressed her boobs and unbuttoned her top part of night dress. She was moaning lightly as he was pressing on her boobs. Aaaaaaahhhh, ammmmaaaaa, and making all sorts of erotic sounds. Then he slowly pulled up her night dress and removed it and now she was only in her cream color bra and panty which was made of satin like material. Wow what a scene it was to see my mom only in bra and panty and waiting to be fucked by another guy.

She looked really sexy with fat in right places in body. Her boobs were thrusting up like two mountains and her stomach was milky white with a deep navel. She then stood up and removed his t-shirt and unbuckled his belt and removed it. Then he slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slowly inserted her hands into it and touched his cock over his underwear. He then removed his jeans and stood wearing only his underwear. He had a huge erection and a tent was formed in his underwear due to his hard cock.

She then slowly pulled down his underwear and saw his huge 7 inch cock and said “oh my God. How can I take this monster in me” and laughed. He smiled and lied on bed with her and hugged her. Then he slowly unhooked her bra and removed it. Now I had clear view of her large boobies which were waiting to be handled. He first pressed both her boobs and said “wow, Lechu, you have really soft boobs. Your hubby is really lucky. I am jealous of him”. Then she replied, “why darling, you can take anything from my body know. I am all yours. And that fool is working hard so that we can fuck hard comfortably lying on a king size bed in an air conditioned room.”

He smiled at her reply and he then sucked her nipple and pressed the other boob with one hand. She was enjoying all these lying eyes closed. She kept on producing small moans. He kept on sucking her nipples hard and she was breathing heavily. He then circled her nipples with his tongue and was sucking her nipples like a hungry baby. He sucked both her nipples and both her nipples were erect and pointed. He slowly came down and kissed her stomach and inserted his tongue into her deep navel and she was totally out of control and kept on moaning. All these actions have made my cock rock hard and started to make my dick pain. I then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Now I was free and was recording all the action carefully.

He then came near her panties and slowly kissed on pussy over panties. She told “please don’t tease me like this. Please remove it and make me enjoy.” I felt surprised to see my conservative mom begging to another guy for cock like a slut. He then smiled and removed her cream color panty with his mouth and she too was helping him by raising her ass. She was now lying on bed stark naked waiting him to fuck her.

Then he slowly came near her pussy and kissed it. I was shocked and was thrilled to see the holy hole through which I entered this world. It was cleanly shaven and was she was in heavens of pleasure and kept on moaning as he was kissing her pussy. He then slowly inserted his tongue into her pussy and started to suck it. She was moaning like hell like ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, yessssss, suck it baby and suck it deeper. Then she kept pressing his head into her pussy and said to suck her deeper. He then was sucking her deeply and playing with her boobs also at the same time. He said “your pussy is really tasty and sweet like you. I am very lucky to have you”. She replied “you enjoy it dear, my husband is a fool and he doesn’t know how to satisfy my hunger. I know you won’t disappoint me. Please now satisfy my pussy with your long dick. I have never taken in such a long cock”

He kept on penetrating her with his tongue and sucked her deeply. Then he spread her legs and kisses her asshole. He licks her asshole and puts her tongue deep into her. He gives her tongue deeper into her ass as she was moving her head in pleasure to both sides. She was gasping for breath and was saying “you are a real man, my husband is a waste and he has never ever showed me pleasures like this. You are making me wet and I want your cock inside me now. I can’t stand anymore. Please fuck me dear like I am your slut. Please.” But instead of fucking her he took his cock and brought it near her mouth and told her to suck it.

She then made him lay on the bed and was sucking his cock like a porn star. While sucking his cock, both her boobs were in air and it was a beautiful scene. She was also saying “what a beautiful and hard cock you have got. My husband’s cock is just half of your size. You are really amazing” I was stunned seeing my simple mom sucking another guy’s cock and praising him lying on my dad’s bed. I then thought she is a real horny bitch.

She then moved the fore skin of his dick and licked the opening on his penis. She kept on rolling her tongue on his hard cock. He was lying on bed with legs placed wide and she was sitting between his legs and sucking his cock. Then she slowly started to take the penis into her mouth. She first took the crown of his penis in and was sucking it. He was holding her hair and slightly pushing her to go deeper.

She was sucking that monster and was gagging as he kept on pushing her to go deeper. Actually she was deep throating there and almost took nearly three-fourth of his cock in. He was also enjoying a lot as he was standing with his eyes closed and he was breathing deeply and saying ” yes darling, like that, do it deeper, deeper, yesss.. yessssss.. Wow, you are a great sucker. You know very well how to please a man. My wife also does blowjob but she is of no match to you. I am going to cum. Oh dear.” She kept on increasing the pace of her sucking and he finally exploded a load of his cum into her mouth. Her face was full of cum and was dripping out of her mouth. It was flowing through her neck.

Then she laid on the bed and her body was full of his cum. Then she came and sucked his cock clean and within few minutes his cock was erect again and ready for action. I was amazed to see that. She too said that “oh dear, your cock is ready so fast so why don’t you give him some place to go and play. My idiot can never fuck me more than once a day. You are a real man.” She was lying on bed with his legs spread and told him “Come on darling and fuck me like a slut. I am your slut and you can do anything you want on me. Come and fuck my pussy.”

I felt so horny to see my mom begging to another guy to fuck her hard. She was completely moved by the pleasure and now wanted a wild fucking session. He then parted her legs and came in between and kept both her legs on his shoulder and pushed his cock into her wet juicy pussy. She was lying on bed and looking into his eyes as he slowly tried to pierce her pussy to let his little man enjoy. She was enjoying each push he was doing and kept on moaning. He too was saying “what a tight pussy you have like a young girl. My wife’s pussy is now loose especially after delivery. But how do you maintain this tight?” She replied “it has only penetrated 3 or 4 inches by that fool. And I also do certain yoga exercises to maintain it tight. Now show me what a real man can do. Moreover I was also craving for something like your cock for the past few months.”

Then he pushed little more and for which she moaned, aaaaahhhh.. wowww.. yessssss.. Then she was saying “yes like that, fuck me deeper.” He then pushed hard and slowly his cock went whole length into her pussy. Both of them were moaning. Their sounds kept on increasing. He then started to increase the pace of his fucking. He was fucking her hard and the sound of his balls hitting her ass was audible even for me who was standing outside. It was like thuck, thuck, and was really making my cock mad. She was enjoying the session madly. She was moaning louder and then he came and kissed her lips to make her silent. They were kissing madly and her tongue was playing with his tongue while his cock was thumping in her pussy. Both of them were fucking hard.

Then he made her stand in doggy position and started to pump her pussy from back. She was being fucked in that position for nearly 30 minutes. She was blabbering and saying something like ” yesss, love that, fuck me deeper, please don’t stop, please I am cumming.” And she was breathing heavily. I understood she had an orgasm. But he was still ramming her pussy. I too feared whether she will wake my grandpa. She had her eyes closed and both their moans were getting heavier and the room was filled with their moans. They were in each others arms and both were exploring their body. His cock increased the pace and he too made a huge sound like “aaaahhhhhhhh. I am cumming.” She told “yes darling, cum, cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum. I need it inside me.”

He then kept on ramming and within few minutes he moaned and ejaculated inside my mom and laid on top of mom. Both of them were gasping for breath and breathing heavily. I knew they had a huge orgasm. Both of them were sweating and were in each others arms. Then they were on bed and he asked “how was it dear?” She replied “it was the most beautiful sexual experience I had. My husband has never showed me such pleasure in my whole life. You took me to heavens of pleasure. I never had such a huge orgasm in my life. I will be your slut for my entire life as I loved your cock that much. Please keep this a secret between us.” He said “it will be within us for sure darling” and they kissed each other.

Then they got up and she whispered something in his ears and he then took her in his arms and headed to the bathroom. Then they didn’t even close the door thinking that the room is closed. She then filled the bath tub with warm water and entered into it. He too followed her into it and they put soap on each others body. He was sitting on his back and she in between her legs while he was playing with her boobs and soaping it.

He was removing his own dry cum from her body and face. Then she was also soaping his hairy chest and his cock and played with each others body for more than 30 minutes. They were also kissing each other and she was holding his cock all the time. Then they came out from bathroom and she dried his body and came back to bed. She then took his dick in her hand and said “I need this one whenever I ask for. Will you give it?” He smiled and said “its all yours and you can take it whenever you want and I will be more than happy to fuck such a beautiful horny housewife.” She then lied on bed with him naked and kissed his cock.

Now the time was almost 4.30 am. That means he fucked and played with my mom for past 4 hours. By now I had recorded few clips and lots of clicks. Now this time I just shagged on my cock and within 10 strokes I ejaculated. This was the first time I am ejaculating without even shagging my cock too much. And also the amount of cum I ejaculated was amazing. I have never ejaculated such a huge cum load.

He was in no mood to leave her but she told that it is time for him to leave. As it is already 4.30 am he must leave soon before dawn. She then made him stand up and dressed him up and she was still naked and took a bed sheet and covered her body and walked along with him to the door to send him. While going she took some pill from the safe and had it.

Seeing this he asked “what was that for?” She replied “naughty guy, fucked me so hard and ejaculated inside me and asking me why I take i-pill. Who will be responsible if I become pregnant now?” And smiled. “Why you brought condoms as we didn’t even think of using it? From now on I am going to take contraceptive pills so that we need not have to use condoms anymore” he smiled and said “I will now have to convince my wife that I will have to go to many business tours from now on. She is a fool and believes whatever I say. So she won’t be a big problem.”

And at the door she kissed him and he said “but you didn’t give your ass. I want to fuck your ass.” she smiled and replied “next time baby. I will give anything you want from my body. You can fuck my virgin ass next time. I will even keep it exclusive for you. I haven’t even allowed that idiot to fuck my ass. I love you so much.” She was waiving her hands and giving flying kisses as he was leaving. He smiled and ran and jumped the courtyard wall and I heard the sound of his bike starting and soon he left. She then came back to her room and started to get dressed up.

She was looking her body in mirror and blushing imagining of all that happened I suppose. I then ran back to my room and lied on bed as if sleeping and she then came dressed up and checked my room and slept near me as if nothing happened. This was just their first encounter and what happened in their next encounters is more interesting. What happened in their next encounters will be described by me in my next post. Hope you enjoyed my narration how my mom started to cheat my dad. My next post will be only if you respond to my current post. Contact me at [email protected]. Waiting for your responses eagerly…

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